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Changing Territories.

January 12th 2014 9:53 am
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aparently the humans wish for me to change territories. strange. the humans are packing things into boxes. Hey,wait a miniute those are MY boxes! okay now they've gone too far! MY BOXES! MINE! thats my food dish and my water bowl. what are they doing? they're taking my stuff! MOM DID YOU FORGET TO PAY THE BILLS AGIAN?!

~ Nightstar


Daily Diary Pick!

December 13th 2013 4:08 pm
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hehhehheh looks like you do recognize your leaders talent after all. as my royal subjects have made me daily diary pick! okay but first i want to make this clear.. this isn't a diary its an evil log. *cough* obviously.
anyways this is still quite the honor. it truly is.
it makes me feel like all of my plotting and scheming has paid off.
well anyways i'm afraid no one can take over the world on an empty stomach.
time to bust out that new bag off treats!

till' next time,


Tis' the season!

December 11th 2013 11:20 am
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Ah its that rime of year again! winter ... the time for hot coco and noodle soup ... for you humans that is. for us cats kibble and water. so hungry... need... soup ... come on! Please?! Just a lick?!
i don't care if you have the flu! i want some soup!
ugh selfish humans.. there better be extra treats in my stocking after this!
oh sorry got a little off topic um let me start over.
Ah winter, the time for dangel-y ordements,tinsel,mocking dogs,holiday cat treats, and overly festive humans.

~ Nightstar


No new puppy.

October 8th 2013 5:25 pm
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today mum got the picture that a new pup would be a BAD idea. finally!
I mean DUH! are all humans this stupid? seriously.
why waste your money on puppy chow when you can spend it on that new cat fountain I want ever so badly? foolish human.
now for even thinking it would be a good idea you owe me two no three cat fountains and some new toys. yes, that's a good price for an apology. now while your out shopping I'll go take a nap.

~ Nightstar



October 6th 2013 11:09 pm
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ugh i heard mom and gramps talking. they want to bnring ANOTHER pup into MY kingdom! as if we don't have enough dogs to deal with! oh and HELLO how are they supposed to pay attention to yours truly when they have a pesky puppy on their hands! it makes me meowing mad! COME ON MUM WHAT HAPPENED TO BEING A CAT PERSON!?!
of course a kitten wouldn't be a picnic either but STILL!
now now Nightstar breathe. no one likes an angery leader. *takes deep breath*



my first mouse!

October 1st 2013 9:28 pm
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I think its about time i started acting like the warrior cat i was meant to be! so i went and caught a mouse! yes, a mouse! mom was so proud she practically shrieked!ok fine she did shriek. but she was still proud!
i think...

~ Nightstar


got the air fixed

October 1st 2013 9:16 pm
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FINALLY the airs fixed. its about time! how was i supposed to rule the my kingdom in 80 degree heat! yay! no more pathetic fan!
now i can get back to ruling the way i was meant to! scratching any dog that gets in my way! i'm back and better then ever!
well i have to go engoy the the nice cool air!

~ Nightstar


Broken A.C.

September 18th 2013 5:32 pm
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my kingdom its never been this HOT! my fur is boiling! its terrible all i have is this puny fan and some ice water! ugh just no! i can't take the heat! i know i'm hot but this is ridiculous! how am i supposed to rule my entire kingdom when its 80 degrees! INSIDE! i need this fixed.



1 year??

June 22nd 2013 5:06 pm
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has it realy been a year? already? it doesn't seem like that long ago i was with my cat-mom. she was telling me how great it was going to be having my own human. and she was right. ruling my kingdom has been great! i have four amazing servents i mean staff i mean humans! yeah thats what i mean! i have four wonderful humans! who love me and take care of me. i have an entire kingdom with a warm fireplace. i have good high quality food. what else could a cat ask for? this truly has been a great year and there's many more great years to come!




April 25th 2013 3:14 pm
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i can't believe it! Mom actually left my kingdom! she left the whole territory! she went to a place she calls "Petco". i wasn't sure i liked this Petco at first but a whole two hours to myself. nice and quiet.
well theses the peasants DOGS I MEANT DOGS! Meow! why do i keep messing that one up? oh whatever heres the best part when mom comes back she has new treats,new toys i think mom should go to Petco more often..


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