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The Adventures of Bubbles! (Me)

Go Kart? Or Car?

October 28th 2012 12:44 am
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I was outside watching bebo in the paddle pool.. it looked fun but I didn't want to get my scar from an accident wet. I was feeling totally sloppy! X.X.. Oh! the party last night was amazing! I guess I had a bored look on my face so the human decided I was allowed to have a ride on the big fast thing. I clawed onto the seats, we only went around the block. It was very interesting! I'm not sure what it is called...Go Kart? or a Car? Whatever it is, its great fun! After the ride I went along the street.. there was a new kitten! I went to go say hi when it just ran away. I saw this peculiar plant in their property.. wait it's not peculiar.. it's catnip! I sniffed it and got all crazy! I was rolling around their driveway and everything! After it wore off I ran back home and had some food..Mmm! 28/10/12
My name is Bubbles and I wonder if there is any other properties with catnip!



October 26th 2012 7:37 pm
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I have found that there is a secret party going on down the road! Wee! Can't wait to go! Thursday was great fun. Me and Buckley did up the Lounge and had a delicious breakfast, Lunch AND dinner! Mmmmm! I went down to the Crazy Cats Store and bought Bebo some Catnip - Yum! Well we didn't eat it but all of us got so crazy! Hehee.. Lilac told me that the party is for selected cats - and I was invited! I hope Lizzie is there - She is my Kitty Cat Crush.. I guess.. Hehe.. :3 We did a whole lot of competitions, me, beebes and buckley. We did running, hunting, jumping, obedience.. it was fun! I am so tired.. I have been running around but now.. I am fitter.. I guess.. :P Anyway there is much to talk about.. But I promise to Post a diary entry for 7 days in a row.. no more missing out! :) 27/10/12
My name is Bubbles and I cannot wait for that party!



October 24th 2012 2:50 am
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I don't know what to write about except that I feel hypo! Yes I was away yesterday on a trip around the block with Misty the cat who lives across the road. We almost reached the park when we had to go back because dogs run freely there!! Eek! >.< Too busy to post! (Sorry) oooooo its Bebo's birthday tomorrow but buckley told me not to say anything thing so just pretend I didn't say anything about Bebo! 24/10/12
My name is Bubbles and I think that the house around the corner looks a lot like our house.


A Totally BORING day.. xo

October 22nd 2012 12:17 am
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Something wrecked my plans of going out and having an adventure - The weather made me all sloppy! I mean I'm always energetic but today he sun shone so hard.. Ugh! But I did help my owners pick some lemons.. but that is boring.. except that when she was making lemonade I licked some.. POH! >.< It was sour! DX And sprinklers were going on where I was sleeping. I hid in the shade but oh Bebo! hahaaa.. :P We had broth for dinner. Yaknow, the new ones? It was all with seafood and even though I like crunchy it was totally yum! Skipping Ropes are fun to chase.. Hehe :p Anyway, tomorrow, even if it is crazy hot again I am going to have a REAL, BIG ADVENTURE!! :D 22/10/12
My name is Bubbles, and today, WAS BORING! ;(


What? hehe.. :) Evil Smile..

October 20th 2012 8:07 pm
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So last night was the best, Me and Bebo jumped on the roof of someone's shed and caught a bird and a mouse and ran around the block - so far I visited Granddad! It was totally not fair, me and Buckley played in the mud but I didn't even get a bath! Ok so maybe Buckley was slightly muddier... I'm totally getting special treatment because last week I was exploring when someone accidentally locked me in their shed. My owners made sure I didn't go on another adventure - WHAATT?!?!?! But they went shopping so I sneaked out with Buckley, and they also forgot to lock the cat door so that's how I managed to explore. 21/10/12
My name is Bubbles and I'm planning to go on more sneaky adventures. :)

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