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Ginger Greatness

Our House and It's many wonders.

October 28th 2012 12:33 am
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Yes, today was BOILING! I don't know why Bebo was outside.. it was much better inside with the air con on.. but it was boring. The humans were all so reckless, they were totally oblivious. I went into the kitchen first. Jumped on the table, but sadly that delicious vanilla custard wasn't there but there was something.. HAM! Now, I shouldn't really be eating it as I had to go to the vet a few months ago and was just taken off my veterinarian diet, but it looked so yummiee!! I took some onto the floor and munched away but the humans somehow caught me. I was tooken outside. I followed the big human around. He was cleaning up and opened up a storage room.. it had stacked boxes and I immediately thought FUN! I climbed up and put my head through bags. After dinner I found a comfy looking space - between the cupboard and the computer. The human put a cushion there and I peacefully sat there while they watched a movie. 28/10/12
My name is Buckley and I am now attached to this house. :D


Diary of the Day?! - FUN! :D

October 26th 2012 6:56 pm
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So I got diary of the day! (Woopee?) I'm not sure if it is a great accomplishment but.. Yeah. On Thursday me and Bubbles woke up early while Bebo was sleeping. We moved the boxes and the tunnels. We had a tiny bit of help from the people in the house. Putting treats and toys everywhere. It was all over the table!! Me and Bubbles made a cave out of blankets on the couch. There was delicious plates of food on the table, but we weren't allowed to eat it until Bebo woke up (What?) It was a double birthday too. Bebo and the smallest girl in our family. They had a giant chocolate cake.. It looked delicious but none of us were allowed to eat - not even Bebo! D;. But of course we had a great time. My Favourite spot in the playground we made was in the tunnel. I got a mousey for Bebo, it ran across the room when you pulled it's tail. Cutee! XD So yeah it was great.. and yesterday was a normal day except for.. well I caught a fly! :P Sorry for missing out 2 days of diary entries! Tata! 27/10/12
My name is Buckley, and I can definitely catch more then a fly!!


Daily Update..Mmm?

October 24th 2012 2:44 am
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I'm not saying anything about Bebo's birthday and I told Bubbles not to post anything about it so it is a total surprise! I will post all about it tomorrow though, after bebo has had a full day of excitement!! Its been kinda cold for spring.. and its pretty wierd because last post I was complaining on how hot it was.. Haha XD Yeah so I didn't post yesterday, quite tired. Oh yeah my favourite song is Meow Mix Tender Centers! I love that song! Meowmeowmeowmeow...ect.. :P Find it on Youtube if you want. So last night I had some yummy crunchy biscuits.. Meaty! That's all I guess. 24/10/12
My name is Buckley and I think bebo will love his surprise!


Sleeping and Sweets. :>

October 22nd 2012 12:09 am
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Today was an awfully hot day! xo I feel sorry for Bebo with his long fur.. But I heard he got wet! Hehee!! :P I stayed outside our house sleeping on the concrete under a bush. It was nicely shaded but also warm and I did not get muddy! ;) I went inside for dinner and was pretty hungry.. Leftovers.. I ate the leftovers from my snack and leftovers from Bebo and Bubbles' food bowls. I think they were already fast asleep! Still totally hungry I went up onto the table and there it was, some delicious looking vanilla custard. And it was as delicious as it looked - even more.. But I only got a few licks because someone came in and saw me and I got straight away sent to my bed in the living room. 22/10/12
My name is Buckley, and I don't enjoy hot days!


Cat Wash?!

October 20th 2012 8:00 pm
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They think they can do that to me?!?!?!?!
All I did was get a little bit dirty. It was so totally fun though.. Bubbles told me that baths are fine - SONOTTTRUE..!!!!!
Hello, Buckley here. The Oldest out of the 3. I got soaked with freezing cold water and some disgusting smelling thing on my fur. And as I said, I was hardly dirty!! Well not really, Bubbles and I went to the neighbours, News Flash, They were just finished play in the sprinklers and it was totally muddy. Bubbles went over to catch a bird but missed. It flew over to their big mud slide. I slid in the mud and still missed the bird!! My owners at least gave me a warm bath, but they did put on that horrible smelling thing on me. 21/10/12
My Name is Buckley, And I am never getting muddy again - EVER!

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