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Tails of a pretty princess

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today's my birthday! (I think...)

August 10th 2014 1:04 pm
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Well efuryone, as you've seen on Catster, today is supposedly my birthday. Of course, since I'm a former street kitty, only God knows my real date of birth, so mama chose this day as my "unofficial" birthday. I am now 3 years old!

At the shelter, they had me listed as 2 years old (in 2012), but when I went to my vet fur a checkup and meds on acct. of my having a URI she said I was probably about 1 year old instead. She said she could tell by my teeth. Sooooooooo, since that was 2012, I am now about 3 today.

Mama did try to give me some cooked chicken (just one small piece) but I didn't want any. I sniffed at it but decided I didn't want to eat it. Mama was home all last week on vacation so me and my siblings got to spend time with her. It was so fun. Tomorrow she has to go back to the bad place as she calls it (humans call it WORK). I'll miss her, but I know she'll be home at night. :)



my latest

June 3rd 2014 6:54 am
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Hi efuryone :)

My brofurs have posted some long diary entries, so if you can, go and check them out!

Recently my brofur Solomon got hurt by my other brofur Daniel. Since they posted all about it, I will spare you the details. I feel bad fur Solomon. But let me tell you this: I won't let Daniel touch me. This morning he tried to come near me and I swatted him to let him know he better back off. He may think he's the boss but I'm not a wimpy scaredycat. MOL I'm a princess and I deserve better treatment by him!

While you're at it, please keep Daniel and Solomon & their situations in your purrs and purrayers.

OH befur I (and mama!) furget - I'm going to have mama post all the piccies you sent from my DDPs soon.


DDP again! ME!

May 18th 2014 2:36 pm
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Wow can you believe Catster made me a DDP again?
I sure can't!
I want to say tank you to all of you who sent me gifties, notes, treats and make me so happy!

I am so happy to be among the daily diary picks. Mama says I sure have come a long way...from being on the streets looking fur food one day, then being a shelter girl (but not fur long!) the next...then meeting mama and having a furever home! I still miss going outside sometimes but mama takes great care of me and I get treats and food and love and cuddles...

Speaking of cuddles, I discovered how fun it is to get under the covers of mama's bed! It's like a whole other world in there...I like to poke at mama's feet efur so gently....then I trill....and poke again a few times....oh it's such fun! I also am learning how fun it is to sleep with mama. Mama moves around so I can nefur stay long on the bed but me and my brofurs try to surround her so she stays put! MOL

OH! I think I hear mama...gotta run...
Princess Serena


DDP again

May 13th 2014 7:40 am
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I am thrilled to report Catster made me a DDP again!
Being a princess, I expected no less of course. MOL I am royalty so I need treats. Lots of treats.

You may leave me treats and gifties and rosettes. MOL ;)

Thrilled to be
Princess Serena


I was DDP on May 9 too!

May 11th 2014 2:17 pm
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Hi efuryone!

I want to tank efuryone - kitties and humans - fur your paw mails, gifts and rosettes fur my being a DDP this past Furiday. Mama tried to post a diary entry fur me but wasn't able to do so. That's why I'm a little late.

We three kitties here have a big job in trying to make mama happy. She takes such good care of us, we decided we need to get togefur and cheer her up. (Mama's been really depressed lately.) We take turns sleeping on her bed, we wake her up at mealtimes (mama says she doesn't need an alarm clock when she has US, MOL) and we each take turns spending time with her. We need her as much as she needs us!

OK I need to go and look out the window!


Yay I'm a DDP!

May 8th 2014 7:36 am
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Tank You Catster! I'm a DDP today. :)

What a fun day this will be!!


love being loved

April 29th 2014 2:51 pm
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Mama's been so depressed lately....but I have been comfurting her. She loves to pet and kiss me...and I love her kisses. In return, I've been showing her more love back. I have really become attached to my mama.


Merry Catmas!

December 25th 2013 5:01 am
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To all my human and furry furiends...
Merry Catmas!

Tank you fur making me feel so special this year!


new piccies added

December 1st 2013 12:30 pm
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Hi efuryone!

I know you haven't heard from me in ages. Mama has been stressed out fur a while and I'm trying to help her as much as I can. :)

I was able to convince her to put up some new (and somewhat older) pics of me to my page. All but one are on my live page, the last one is in my photo album.
Mama was telling me about this ofur kitty she had many years ago named Sugie. She sure sounds like a nice kitty. She went outside a lot (lucky girl) and she had a pretty coat. Mama said she wishes could adopt a calico girl someday...somebody did try to offer a calico kitten but she said she couldn't take her because she's already at her lease-ordered limit of 3. Ofurwise, I would've had a new sisfur weeks ago. Oh well....
Mama's been sick too, she keeps getting something humans call migraine headaches. Are those pretty bad? They sound it from what mama tells us. She keeps saying she wishes the headache would go away completely and she feels sick all the time. That's no fun! Maybe one of you can explain to me about this, because I don't think I understand, and I want to help mama if I can.

Well I need to go and bug mama to feed me, I'm hungry!
Princess Serena


Wheee! I'm a DDP today!

September 16th 2013 2:39 pm
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I am just SO thrilled! First was my Gotchaversay on the 13th (a lucky day fur mama and me), and today I'm a DDP!

I just love this place called Catster. My huge tankies to all of you who have sent me paw mails, gifts, and treats!

I've been having so much fun. Mama got me my own "scratch pad" (made of cardboard) so I can play with that and give my claws a good workout.
I think I'm gonna go zoom around now!

Princess Serena

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