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Burt's Bulletins


December 10th 2012 6:22 am
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Burt died during the night. I wasn't there for him because I had to work. I hope he can forgive me.


I won!

December 3rd 2012 7:55 am
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I was picked
as Diary of the Day!
Aunty Onyx won a few days ago
now me
Mean Uncle Tigger said
that it was only because I mentioned diarrhea
& the Diary Lady likes poop stories
maybe so
but I am Diary of the Day
& Mean Uncle Tigger isn't
so there
thank you
for all of your messages
& presents
I won
this makes up
for the bath I had to take this morning
I won
the kitten


I get presents

December 1st 2012 12:59 pm
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Dad came home from work a couple of mornings ago
he had presents for me
a dinner bowl of my own
of stainless steel
that the black kits can't break
and some kitten treats
and a can of pumpkin
he says I have to gain weight
I haven't grown much
& I only weigh 2 1/2 pounds
& I have diarrhea again
the pumpkin helps that
& I love it
I make slurping & snorting sounds when I eat it
I like it better than the kitty treats
I am just now getting my grown-up teeth
but I am feeling better
the diarrhea is better
& I am eating like a little pig
& even Mean Uncle Tigger
let me nap next to him
I am feeling better & I hope
to gain more weight & grow
& I am still
your friend
Burt the kitten


Burt's First Thanksgiving

November 21st 2012 2:26 pm
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I hear that tomorrow is special
we are supposed to be thankful
& eat lots of turkey
I really like turkey
but Dad has to work tomorrow
so we don't get turkey until next Monday
or so
so no turkey for me yet
but I can do the thankful part
I am thankful I didn't die like my brother
I am thankful I get to eat lots of tasty things
I am thankful for my adopted mom,Auntie Cali
I am thankful that I have friends & toys to play with
I am thankful that everyone here likes me except for Mean Uncle Tigger
I am even thankful for the nasty medicine that Dad
squirts in my mouth
and I am thankful for all of my friends out there
on the computer machine
who help us
& Purr for me to get well
but I think most of all
I am thankful
that I am
a kitten
named Burt


I'm Burt.....

October 10th 2012 5:54 pm
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My name is Burt
I am about 3 months old,but I'm small for my age
I was very sick right after I started eating solid food
& it stunted my growth
I had the cat cold & diarrhea
Dad gave me eyedroppers of bad tasting stuff
& he gave me food with baked squash in it
I liked the squash & it helped me
I still have an accident once in a while
& I'm still a little sneezy & gooey eyed
but I'm much better
my brother died
even though I was smaller
everyone likes me here
even mean Uncle Tigger licked me once
my Mom lost interest in me after my brother died
so I adopted Aunty Cali as my Mom
she washes my face & lets me sleep with her
so that I stay warm
now that I'm not sick any more I can have fun playing
but sometimes those black kits play too rough & make me cry
so I bite them on the nose or the ear
everybody says I'm special
maybe I am
I don't know
but I am definitely a kitten
named Burt

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