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This whole new world!!!

October 7th 2012 3:00 pm
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What is outside of this invisible wall? What is that weird, green stuff that I smell after it gets it's fur cut? What is this thing... that looks like it is leading to a new, warm, cozy, and super bright room? Why doesn't Mom want me to see this world when ever I try to?! Is it just my imagination toying with me? What is... it?
Wait... this... just a dream?!? Mom, what is this??? What... your, your, your letting me do this... dream of a cat, now, today? It smells so... fresh!!! That smell, it's back, but even stronger than before! And, and, these GIANT, GIANT green and brown cat trees all around me! Mom, your letting me go out... here?! Man, I really, I mean really need to adjust to this smell! Ok, I think I'm all adjusted up, now, time for some MAJOR EXPLORING!!! First, I'll rub my face on everything here. Then, I have to, I HAVE to go into this jungle!!! Next after that, I will rub my head AND body all over the ground!!! Then, then, I will... will... oh, whatever, let's get started!!!
OH, MY, GOD, what in the world!!!! What is this weird, weird feel on my pudsters (paws)??? Now let me start this fun with my... FACE (dun, dun, duna, dun!) Ok that is really weird, there are all these odd bits on me, it looks like they came from the ground! Now, now is the perfect time to start exploring the jungle!!! Ok, I'm done exploring the wilderness of that jungle, now I must... Wait what's that reaching around my stomach, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, don't take me back in... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why, why do I have to go back in... there, uk! That was a whole new world, and, and you toke me away from it!!!


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