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This is MY inner wall!!!

February 9th 2013 5:01 pm
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So, Mom got a new bookshelf in her room which has "cubby" holes in it, more importantly, it also has an open back. Being the very handsome and a smart cat I am, I noticed that there is a fairly large hole in the that wall that early this day was covered by a pretty ugly dresser. So, without hesitation I jumped in through this mysterious hole... and what I "discovered" was a VERY small wonderland!
Surely, your thinking that a little "room" in the wall isn't that awesome, and annoyingly your right. The only great thing about it that I can taunt my know-it-all sister with out Mom giving me this big, long lecture about how I'm "too playful" and she's "too shy". Which is pretty much a lie. Like, how dumb can you get Mom? I see that cat going at MY mice ALL the time! I don't mean to brag, but I am WAY better at killing those green and pink rodents then her! So she'll be attacking, with horrible style, and I'll come lifeguard running into the scene to show her the right way to kill the mice, and to show her overload of happiness she will swipe at me, hiss, then run away, thanks!
Well, back to the point. There is ONE bad thing out of this discoverery of mine, and that is that Baby Junior thinks she can just walk in there and taunt me! Yes, she may think more "logicly" then me, but really I'm the one who's on the honor roll, not her. So, she'll just come over when I'm in this room of mine and try to kick me out! Seriously, when I'm the one sitting in the rain wanting to come in, I can't. Mom says I take a "too direct" approach and harass her, but really, I got a feeling that she's talking about me getting harassed! So, to show my anger when Mom picks me up, I bit her. Then, to show her anger, she doesn't try to bit me, but takes it all too serious and throws me outside of her bedroom. What a temper! If Mom/other cat's bodyguard isn't around I yell straight into her face: "This is MY inner wall"! I'm not sure if it worked because she just hissed in a untolerating tone. She also has anger issues.
After talking about Mom and Baby Junior having anger issues, I discovered that I have nothing but a loveable personality! So, when you go saying you don't have anger problems Baby Junior, check again.
To all the world's other man cats, I hope this inspired you and helped also. Sincerely your friend, Mr. Meow


What is going on?!

October 10th 2012 3:43 pm
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What is going on?! Mom is being awful weird today, she has been really excited and on this weird machine that she calls a computer..... and I have seen a little bit of cool looking things on it, something looking like one of the carpet trees that I have. And she kept doing something that looked kind of cool but I just couldn't think what it was. She keeps talking about this thing called a birthday that is coming but I don't know what that is. Do any of you have an idea?

She has been jumping up and down in looked what to be excitement when she got this "birthday" thing. She keeps saying this thing is going to be here in a few days. What is going on?!?!


This whole new world!!!

October 7th 2012 3:00 pm
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What is outside of this invisible wall? What is that weird, green stuff that I smell after it gets it's fur cut? What is this thing... that looks like it is leading to a new, warm, cozy, and super bright room? Why doesn't Mom want me to see this world when ever I try to?! Is it just my imagination toying with me? What is... it?
Wait... this... just a dream?!? Mom, what is this??? What... your, your, your letting me do this... dream of a cat, now, today? It smells so... fresh!!! That smell, it's back, but even stronger than before! And, and, these GIANT, GIANT green and brown cat trees all around me! Mom, your letting me go out... here?! Man, I really, I mean really need to adjust to this smell! Ok, I think I'm all adjusted up, now, time for some MAJOR EXPLORING!!! First, I'll rub my face on everything here. Then, I have to, I HAVE to go into this jungle!!! Next after that, I will rub my head AND body all over the ground!!! Then, then, I will... will... oh, whatever, let's get started!!!
OH, MY, GOD, what in the world!!!! What is this weird, weird feel on my pudsters (paws)??? Now let me start this fun with my... FACE (dun, dun, duna, dun!) Ok that is really weird, there are all these odd bits on me, it looks like they came from the ground! Now, now is the perfect time to start exploring the jungle!!! Ok, I'm done exploring the wilderness of that jungle, now I must... Wait what's that reaching around my stomach, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, don't take me back in... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why, why do I have to go back in... there, uk! That was a whole new world, and, and you toke me away from it!!!


Mom has been "kidnaped" ... now what can I do?

October 6th 2012 6:48 am
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Meow...Meow...MEOW!?!? Mom where are you? Maybe she is still asleep? Meow...Meow...Meow...Meow...MEOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Maybe she is just cuddling Baby Junior, somewhere? I'm gong to sing for the "long" trip to the basement... MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW MEOW MEOW, MEOWWWWWWWWWWWW, MEOW, MEOw, MEow, Meow, meow... Ok I'm in the basement... not here either!!!... Man, all this walking around has made me tired, I'm going upstairs to end this... SLEEPINESS for good!!! But, first I must take a HUGE big stretch. 5 minutes later... ok, done stretching... for now... now for that nap. WAIT, you... You are the one who... ATE MY FOOD!!! Cat fight:( (elevator music for the wait)... well... that didn't work the way I wanted it to!!! Ok, time for that nap, once and for all!!! 4-5 hours later, YAWN... wait... wait, what was I looking for? What ever... wait, what's that... a mouse... wait I mean mice! Imma kill them!!! HIGH-YAH, karate chop!!! They just won't die!!! What the heck!! I give up... ca-king... oh, hi Mr. Meow. How was your day? What... the... (error)!!! Your back!!!

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