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Adventures with Kody

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I am doing great but......

January 27th 2016 2:46 pm
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Well hello to you my friends! I know it has been some time since we last did a diary entry, you see it is all Moms fault, well I don't blame her, she has been so warn out and still having issues with depression. I finally convinced her to let me get on here and tell you all knoq how I am doing.

I am doing great but.....I have a bare bottom and everything is exposed and gets cold. Boy I can't wait for my fur to come back in so I don't have a bare bottom...

I have been very good with having to wear that collar of shame, had to wear it for a month, yes a month. You see Mom had to keep me a a large cage I couldn't have anything in it to jump up on so I was on the bottom with my litter box and we all know what that means.....big messes!!!!and I was laying in it after making messes during the night. Mom tried to keep my bottom and cage clean, some of the litter got inside me and made abrasions where I had my surgery.

When Mom took me back for my recheck I had to keep my collar on for 2 more weeks, now it is a collar of shame....

Mom had to give me medication, which I did not want to cooperate at all, fight fight fight, she even had to syringe water into me because I would not drink water while I had the collar on and she even put some in my food which she does anyway.

So finally I got my collar off, I don't have to be in the cage and I am free to roam and be myself, it has taken me time to get used to being able to roam, but let me tell you I am so much happier. Now Mom just has to make sure I get plenty of water, eat my prescription food so I don't get an infection. I do get other food mixed in with my prescription food so I will eat it. I am one happy boy now!!!!

Mom has some pictures of me she will have to get on her computer so she can put them on here for you all to see.

Me and Mom want to thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and love, gifts while I was sick, had my surgery and recovered. It means so much to all of us to know you are here for us.

Love and hugs



December 28th 2015 3:49 pm
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As each day passes my boy is getting better, luckily the ER told me to stop giving him clavamox, I also stopped giving to Xena when I realized it was bothering her. Now I know I will make sure none of my kitties get it again.

He is now urinating on his own, eating almost like he did before the surgery.
The only thing he hasn't done yet us drink water, so I still give him water with the syringe and fluids.

He is getting lots of lap time with me lots of scritches too.

Soon my baby boy will be back on the run and enjoying life again. We take him back to see his doctor at the ER for them to check his incision and hopefully remove the outside stitches. Then off comes the collar of shame.

Downside of him having the surgery he may get urinary tract infections. Let's hope he doesn't.


Kody is doing well

December 27th 2015 3:30 pm
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Kody is doing well, he still isn't eating much, been giving him food stimulant it helps a little. Not drinking water on his own, I have to give the water with a syringe, we also give him fluids, that is a chore in its self. I gave to hog tie him.

He is going potty now, he wasn't, it worried us epecially not peeing.

He has to stay in my big cat cage, have in my room by the window, during the day he spends his time on top of the cage so he can see outside and sleep. At night he is locked up so he won't jump up or down.

It's going to be another long week for us keeping watch over him & now Xena not feeling good.
Will update when I can.


Kody is home

December 21st 2015 7:34 pm
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Kody is finally home, we got him late afternoon .
He is doing ok, on lots of medication.
Will update when I can will be busy being a nurse to my baby.
Thank you for caring, your purrs, prayers and gifts.
Kody & Peggy


Kody came through his surgery

December 19th 2015 1:53 pm
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Kody did great, he came through his surgery and being put under. They were great with him and me, they knew I was very worried.
He did have a little damage from having catheters in otherwise it was a routine surgery.
He is still groggy, and not a happy boy from having to wear the collar.
Now we have to wait to see how he does over night and if he can pee on his own. He has to stay at least 2 nights. Now it is up to him!

When we picked him up to take him to their other ER, he was groggy and not hapoy, he had 2 catheters in him and a collar.

Once we got there I had to give my boy love, he just wanted out and he was very determined to get out.I gave him lots of love, rubs and kisses before they took him back into the cage area. We talked to the dr., she explained everything to us, of course we did our research. They knew I was very worried about him especially being put under, they were great with me and kody.
When we bring him home that will be the hard part for me, will have to watch to make sure he is using the litter box, he is healing and he keeps the collar on all the time for 3 weeks.
I sure will be happy to have my boy home, I have missed having him here helping me heal too.
Will give you update after we talk to the vet tomorrow morning, next 24 to 48 hours will be hard for him.
Thank you for praying for Kody
Peggy Kody's thankful mom


Update on Kody

December 18th 2015 1:23 pm
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It isn't good, after getting fluids to flush him out, they took the catheter out this morning to see if he could urinate on his own. He can't he is blocked again, so we have no choice but to have the reconstructive surgery. He will have the surgery tomorrow morning.

We have to pick him up from where he is now, take him further away to their other ER where the surgeon will be we have to be there by 8:30am.

We really don't want to do the surgery, everyone we see have been pushing for us do it. I don't like being forced but now we don't have a choice.

Please pray for my baby and keep him in your prayers that he will be OK. I am besides myself, I just can't believe what we have been going through with our babies,since we retired.

I will try to let you know how he does and he is doing.
Kody's mom


Kody is at vet ER

December 16th 2015 3:45 pm
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Kody is in the ER, he is blocked again. Will have to stay till Sat. or Sun. depends on him and if he can pee on his own & is clear.

I will be taking him to our other vet further away so if this should happen again it will be less money and easier

We found out they raised the prices at ER 10% since the last time he was there over a yr. ago.

Vet called he was waking up from being under so they could get the catheter in him. He had a small Grady matter 1/2 cm. that came out. With the catheter in him they got his bladder empty. Hopefully he will continue to do well but we still can't bring him home, needs fluids for up to 48 hrs..

Will keep you posted on how he is doing.
Kody's mom


Oh oh I bit mom

November 30th 2015 2:10 pm
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Oh oh I did a no no I bit mom in the wee hours this morning. She was sleeping, well kinda, she moved her arm under the covers and I bit her really hard. She scream scared me, I scared her and she said some not so nice words, I can't repeat I will get soap in my mouth, not really.
Honestly I didn't mean to bit her, my teeth went through 2 blankets & a sheet. I hurt mom cause I bit her really really hard. She was bleeding I made her have to get up in the cold, she immediately washed the puncture wounds with soap & water, spray
antiseptic, neosporin and band aid. Mom told me I made her arm hurt. Mom was worried her arm would swell up and she would have to go to human vet. Thankfully it hasn't swelled up, but she is being careful & keeping watch. She told me I am a bad cat because our bites are really bad. Poor mom I didn't mean to bite her and she knows I didn't

Mom I am so so sorry, I love you! You are the best mom... kitty kisses



I have a secret

November 16th 2015 2:36 pm
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I have a secret, you see Zeke talked to me after he came home from the vet and got so sick. He told me he knew his time on earth was coming to an end, he didn't want to go, he hated leaving Mom and our family, but his body was sick and very tired, his quality of life was not the same as it once was. He said he really really tried to get well so he could be with Mom, but he knew it was time to go, God was calling him home to be with the angels and wait for Mom at the rainbow bridge...he was crying and so was I, but he said it was important to talk to me.

So here is our secret....Zeke told me I was Mama's only kitty boy now and it was important to step up and be the man cat of the house. He told me my job was to watch over Mom, be there for her, become her lap kitty and sleep with Mom from time to time.It was also my job to be with Xena and Tu Two. He wanted me to take over his duties on earth, Mom needs me now.

You know I took all of his requests to heart, I am with Mom, I do get on her lap sometimes and every night I sleep with her for a while. It puts a smile on her face knowing I am here with her and spending time on her lap and sleeping with her.

I have been spending lots of time with Xena in Moms closet, we are even eating together now, I love sleeping in the bed Mom put in there for me it is on the floor under the bench near where Xena sleeps, Mon is happy to see I am with Xena so she isn't always alone. When Mom is brushing Xena I even get brushed a little, not big on getting brushed, Mom hopes in time I will like it as much as Xena and Zeke.

I spend time with Tu when she goes into the other bedroom, we sleep in the bed together, Mom put out our kitty heating pads to keep us warm, we are playing together with Mom when she pulls out our fishing pole toys, we play chase too. I am being a good brother.

Yes I am being the man cat in our house now, I am sure Zeke is smiling because I am stepping in and taking care of his family. Zeke I am so proud to be your brother, even now that you are a very special angel watching over us.

Yes I am the man cat of this house and proud to say I am doing a good job, hope Zeke is proud of me too.

That's my secret!



Another blockage, but I avoided having to go to ER

October 28th 2015 2:06 pm
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Yes that's right, I started getting blocked again, it has been over a year since my last one, Mom thinks it was because of all the stress with Zeke being so sick and his smells from being at the vet and him missing the litter box. Guess Mom won't know for real what caused this....

Mom got me into to see the vet because Xena had her appointment on Monday, thank goodness she had that appointment. They checked me right away because they know how critical the time was. So after the vet tech checked me, I was frantic, trying to find a place to hide or so that is what they thought. I managed to jump on top of Xena's canvas carrier, it was unzipped, guess what I did, yep, I peed on the top and in the carrier, zeee wizzz I had to go so what is a kitty to do.

They were happy to see that I did go,but they felt I was still blocked some. So they decided to give me fluids right there, gave me a shot that made me so high and care free. By the time I got home I was very loaded, I am finally coming down from the high. All I wanted to do is get loved and scritched since Monday. I am feeling so much better, so happy and so is Mom that I didn't have to go to the vet and have to stay there.

I am also getting a pill to help me relax so I can pee,they Mom talked to me about making sure I eat my prescription food, it is so important for me, Mom hopes I will continue eating it now, after a while I refuse to eat it. Vet also talked to Mom again about surgery for correcting my problem so I won't have the blockage....Mom is still not keen on them doing that surgery, it will be the very last resort.

Mom asks when is all of this going to stop, it just never stops, it is one thing after another. But if I get sick and not better Mom says she will take me to our new vet and have them keep me for a day or 2, less money and still the same care.

I feel better, eating and doing good. Mom is still watching over me to make sure I don't get blocked again. Pray that I don't, I don't want to go to the vet ER...

hugs to you all

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