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My beautiful sunny Sunday

February 3rd 2013 7:56 pm
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Hi friends this day was so beautiful and sunny, I even got to go out and spend some trying to learn about getting around on my leash & nnot escaping from this contraption. I am not good with getting around things, Mom has to stay outside with me so I don't get out of my leash. So knowing I was being watched I was being a good boy just sitting watching flies buzzing round & round in front me, I couldn't stand it anymore I leaped up and tried to catch one of those flies, but they are too fast and too tiny for me to get. So once again I just sat and watched, then birdies flew in the yard weeee I wanted to jump up and catch one, but Mom says no no Kody, I say but way can't I try to catch just one! they are way too fast for me to catch anyway when I am hampered by a leash...just wonder what I could do if I didn't have that leash attached to me. Mom tells me cats are being blamed for killing lots of birds so I can't catch one...darn!!!!I wouldn't know what to do with one anyway....think I will just play with my toys they are safer.

So I just sat in the sun enjoying the rays and warm day eating some grass... Xena was outside too and I left her alone, I need to learn to just hang out like my big sisfur.

So that was my day outside in the sun rays, what a day for this little kitty boy...I sure enjoyed being in my yard today.



Love is

January 31st 2013 4:48 pm
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Love is looking out for your cats tail when you shut doors-especially refrigerator doors.

Yeah Mom remember my tail is long....

Kody with the 12" tail


On A Roll

January 30th 2013 8:54 am
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Yes that is right I am on a roll being DDP again, we are surprised and once again this little kitty boy is very honored to have been chosen today.

I am learning to do the kitty happy dance but I am all legs and tail, yes my long tail gets in the way, then I start chasing my tail around and around. But really I am getting the hang of it and soon I will be doing the kitty happy dance along with my furmaly.

Thank you diary lady for choosing me today my one liner entry, but oh so true. Thank you friends for helping make this day special because you all are what it is about...friendships and love.

Happy Kody



January 29th 2013 4:42 pm
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Love is trusting me when I act wild and get the "night-time crazies"--I'm just having fun and hallucinating, and I don't need a tranquilizer

Love is me Kody


Love is

January 28th 2013 3:59 pm
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LOVE is understanding that we're not being naughty or klutzy when we knock things over, we're just desperate for our Mom's attention.



What is going on with pictures

January 25th 2013 5:21 pm
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OK HQ what is going on with pictures, we tried yesterday to download a couple of pictures and nothing showed up and now today we see others are having the same thing pictures showing up.

Please fix we love seeing our friends pictures...a sad little kitty boy...Mom had a picture of me with my heart and we wanted to be it on catster..

Friends don't load pictures they will just be blank....wait till we know it works again. Just wanted to let you all know.


I have a sweetheart for Valentine's

January 24th 2013 3:12 pm
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Oh oh this little boy it so happy I am doing the happy kitty dance! I asked a very sweet special little girl kitten to be my sweetheart for Valentine's day and guess what she said yes, YES can you believe it.

Do you wanna know what beautiful little girl kitten said yes, it is Lizzy May #1282655, she is the new little sisfur of Orvis, Marvel Ann, Joey, Gomez, Alma Jean and "Poco Taz, Lizzy May is so beautiful and so very cute, she is a little younger than me by less than a month and I am so very very pleased she said yes.

I will be sending her a lot of love and beautiful things for Valentine's day. Oh this is a happy day for me, I just can't tell you how much!

I have a valentine sweetheart and I am one happy little kitty boy. I have given her my heart and she has given me hers today for valentine's.

Now I must go visit with her and give her a special gift just from me. Thank you Lizzy May



I love hanging out with my family

January 21st 2013 7:21 pm
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As you can see in my new photos I love hanging out with my sisfurs and brofur. We do have fun and we all get along. I love play fight with Zeke, he is my sweet orange brofur. Tu Two and I get into lots of trouble all the time, I get time out and have to go into my cage when I won't stop doing what Mom doesn't want me to do. I watch Tu Two all the time, Zeke too, they are teaching me so many things, one that Mom gets mad at us. We all use the furniture to sharpen our claws, not good from what Mom tells me. We have all kinds of scratching posts, even cardboard, we do use them, but for whatever reason we like scratching pieces of furniture.

I just learned from watching the doggie Milo to use my paws at the door, I think maybe I will find a way to get the door open and out I will go...I do that when Mom is outside with Xena and Zeke and/or the doggies. I want to be out there too. Yesterday I was out a long time in my tent so now I think I want to be out all the time. Mom worries I might get out and her not know it, because I am a jumper she thinks I will figure out how to jump over the vinyl fence.

I also love to watch Mom do things around the house, I watch her clean all of our litter boxes and get on top of the top like a king on his throne...then of course I just have to go in and dirty the box after Mom cleans it, it never fails I do it every day.

When Mom goes in to the room where the mean cat stays (Kandi) I sit at the door and I started to go in when the door opened and what a surprise I got...CAAAAT, MEAN CAAAT! almost scared the poop out of me luckily I just went. I ran so fast!

Also I cry when she goes into the garage and I try to open the door. I have gotten out in the garage a couple of times I hide under Moms car. So funny to see Mom try to get me out from under the car cause she can't reach me. She says OK you want to be out here stay out here in the dark cold garage...bye...I do come out and Mom doesn't leave me, I just want to be with Mom all the time.

I want food and to eat so bad that I pester Mom when she is getting our can food ready, she feed me first I have to be locked up in my cage while everyone else eats, I must tell you after I eat I protest.

I am now out of my cage all the time except of course time outs and feeding time. I have done really good for the most part, but I love to start around 5 am harassing everyone to get up. Last night I kept wanting to play with Zeke, Mom got mad at me...I wonder why I just want to have fun.

Being in my new home for awhile now I am so happy Mom saw me in the pet store and brought me home, cause I have the best home, family and they all just love me so much and I love them too. I am one lucky kitty

Purring Kody


Growing up I am!!!

January 20th 2013 2:20 pm
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Growing up and getting big. Mom told me I am getting heavier too, but still slim. I love love love to eat, I am always trying to steal everyone's food and scam my Mom into giving me more food. She has to put me in my cage when I get my food and when everyone else is eating cause I go right up and still their food cause they do not push me out of their way, but Mom does. She gets mad at me I am crazed when it comes to would think I was starved.

I even know when Mom and Dad give Xena her fluids, I get on the counter where Xena is laying on her fuzzy being a good girl. I know she gets can food for being good and then I make my move for her food, but really Mom is right there and she puts me on the floor and says no Kody! but that doesn't stop me I leap right back up on that counter and right in there....guess I show Mom, she now gives me a little can food too, just to keep me out of Xena's face and her food.

I love love to be out on my leash, I chase things around and bask in the sun with Xena. Mom doesn't let me out much but she puts up our tent puts me inside that way I can be out so she doesn't have to worry about me and I won't bother Xena. I love being in my tent so much fun, but I do have a complaint I can't chase insects!

As Tu Two said in her diary we are partners in crime, we are together all the time getting into trouble, we love to play and chase each other around the house. We do go after Xena and boy do we get into trouble, we get the time out. But you all must know I am really a good boy, I am just being a kitten and of course a little boy. I love spending time with my brother Zeke too, he is so sweet to me and I love him boys have to stick together.

I love spending time with my Mom too, I follow her around, I have to tell you I don't like when she goes into another part of the house I can't see her or the door is closed I sit by the door and MEOOOOWWWWW! I am her little shadow now and sweet boy.

I just discovered the battery operated laser light, I sit in front of Mom giving her the look, she knows I am asking for her to turn on the laser light so I can chase it and have fun.

I have learned too that sleeping on the bed is great! I sleep on Moms legs and next to Zeke. Sometimes I sleep on the bench in a warm pet bed...come 5am I get back on the bed, attack Zeke, Mom & Dads feet trying to get them up to feed me...sometimes it works and then sometimes...not.

So I am getting big,growing up fast and having a good time.



Growing and getting bigger

January 3rd 2013 3:20 pm
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Hello my friends, sorry I haven't been around to let you know what I have been up to and what is going on with me...but Mom controls the computer and she has been busy as all of you know. She is finally not busy, just has dog walks during the week...this is her slow time so guess what....we have our Mom back!!!!yeppeeee.

So yes I am growing right before my Moms eyes, she swears I grow everyday. I have to tell you all too that Mom says I have a long tail, she measured it 12" long and I am not quit 6 that long? Even my human sisters I met on Christmas say I have a long time.

I am always chasing this tail all around, every time I turn around there it is...I grab it, lick and chew...what is this thing called a tail....I also do the poofy tail when I see something I am not sure of or get scared....yes this boy gets a little scared at times.

Oh I love to follow Tu Two around the house and I do everything she does...most are not good like scratch things I am not suppose to, constantly get on the counter looking for food, if Mom doesn't lock me up in my big cage I steal everyone's food even if she is right there. I chase Xena and even jump on her, I get into big trouble when I do that. I am all over the house and I get the zoomies all the time.

Mom isn't sure how much I weigh but she knows I am getting heavier, she is trying to keep me from eating too much because she is afraid I will eat too much & I will get fat...she has never had a fat of her grand kitties weighs 23lbs..

I love to sleep on Mom and purr, boy can I purr! I also find all kinds of places to sleep during the day like in the front window in the warm beds & hang out with my buddy Zeke. I try to sneak outside, sometimes I manage to get out and both Mom & Dad grab me right away because I am a jumper Mom says it is because I have that thing called a tail and it is long....well that is about all I have been doing....this kitty with the long tail has to get out of here and go play then I think I will sleep on Mom my favorite spot for sure.


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