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Adventures with Kody

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The Cat's Meow

June 24th 2013 2:20 pm
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Holly Cat's Meow, we have a new toy yes that is right a new toy and it is The Cat's Meow....Mom put it together so it would go around and around on its own...Cat's Meow...MOL

Boy are we having fun playing with the Cat's is run by batteries and there is something underneath that makes us sit there and try to attack it, is it a mouse, it is a rat...who knows but I see a tail and I gotta get it, yes I do.

MOL we are all so excited to see what is under that material all yellow and shiny...I found that I can attack it and it stops, but I can't figure out what it is a mouse or what...but it has our undivided attention, we all just watch and wait...but we figured if we stick our paws under it can find out...I love biting it and making it what can it be that goes around and around

We have the Cat's Meow!!!! MOL it is so fun...oh Mom, Mom I am ready to play with the Cat's Meow...

Mom downloaded some pictures of our new Cat's Meow!!!!


Almost 1 years old! reflecting on my life

June 17th 2013 2:15 pm
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Hello friends, I know it has been a while since I have written in my diary not that I haven't wanted to but Moms don't always let us get on the computer right?

As you can see I am getting to be a big boy, Mom doesn't know how much I weight she says we will have to wait till I go in for my yrly checkup later this year, she will be surprised.

As me and Mom reflect back since that wonderpurr day in September when she decided to adopt me and give me the best home ever for this orange kitty boy, We both agree it was a great day! We found each other, we love each other, love my family and I have so much fun.

I will soon be 1! I know can you believe it, where did the time go, I was just a small tiny little orange kitten a few months ago. But honestly every day has been so fun except the day Mom left me at the vet for surgery to be fixed...but in the end I was so happy to see her come get me, I was worried for a little while thinking I wasn't going back home!

I just love hanging out with my older brofur Zeke, us boys have to stick together, we do a lot of the same things guess it is the orange kitty thing! Tu Two and I have fun playing and running around chasing each other, we are partners in crime...always trying to figure out how to get more food from Mom.

I love eating it is my passion mostly, every time I hear a can open or plates being put on the counter I am right there, I stalk the others waiting to make my move and eat their food. Mom has to stay and watch to make sure I don't steal their food especially Zeke's and Xena's...which I would do in a heart beat.

I love to play with our mousies, they are so fun, my favorite toy Mom has to hide so I don't destroy it which she knows I will, I also have so much fun running all over the house and then jump on our cat trees, I am so big I almost have knocked down the Tallulah cat Mom had to move it and get us another one that is lower to the ground so I wouldn't make it fall over.

Me and Zeke love to sleep on Moms bed, I sometimes sleep on Mom but mostly at the foot of the bed. I loves to wake up Mom so she can give me scretches, oh yeah I still purr all the time!

I have learned all about going outside on my leash, but I must admit I sneak out all the time when the patio door opens, I don't get far before I am being scooped up and but back inside. I do get to spend time on my leash exploring when Mom is home and she can watch me. I love wrapping myself on everything I can, Zeke has showed me that if I do that and pull I can get out of my harness then go explore the unknown in the yard...I just haven't figured out of these days! maybe when I am 1.

So every day is an adventure around here for me, getting love, screctched, playing and hanging out. I am loved, I love my family...can't wait to be 1....wonder what special things Mom is planning for my special day & getting me...I have a secret I saw her ordering kitty things on the computer this I think they are for me, well only time will tell..

So as you all can see I am doing good, hanging out and enjoying my life with my Mom and family....yes that day in September 2012 was my lucky day!



Oh no fishies died in pond

June 7th 2013 8:25 pm
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Oh no you are not going to believe this!!!!! Mom came home last week and we couldn't believe what she was telling us, what happened to her clients pond and fish.

You see Mom was taking care of a black girl kitty and her owners pond with fish and all of the plants. They have big koi fish. Mom has been feeding them since they were tiny little fish and putting water in the pond when needed. She went last Sunday fed them, put some water in and everything was fine.

But Monday when she went to feed the fishie's the water was gone and all the Koi fish and some other kinds of fish were at the bottom all dead. Mom was in shocked, she told me she stood there with her mouth open in disbelief and was so upset. All she could say was OMG! OMG! then she asked herself did she do something wrong...NOOOO Mom you didn't!!!!!!

So sadly she had to call her client to let him know what happened, he wasn't mad or upset, he said he thinks he knows what happened but wouldn't know until they returned home on the 4th...Mom said it was so sad to see the fish and know how they must of suffered.

Her client asked if she could remove the fish from the empty pond, he told Mom to put some water in and wait for them to come to the top of the that is what Mom did and she went back in to be with the mean black cat....also known at the black B-t-h to her family.

So Mom didn't want to go and remove the fish...little did she know just how heavy some of them were and how hard it was to get them out of the water. The biggest one Mom told me took her 20 minutes to get out. It took her 2 days to get them out, they were smelly!!!!Mom put them in a bucket and buried them behind their yard. Mom said rest in peace and so sorry this happened. Even though Mom said they were just fish it is still sad that this happened to the fish she has watched grow big and she fed them when ever she took care of the mean kitty. They aren't cuddly, furry, but they were still God creatures that left too soon....

Now the client has to figure out what happened, try to come up with a better system to keep the water in, Mom says he needs a back up for the water to not let this happen again, because now when Mom goes she will always worry that she will go and there will be no water again. Lets hope this doesn't happen to my Mom again, she was very upset more than the owner, but it didn't happen on his watch...Mom told me a secret...she cried don't tell anyone.....

So now Moms client is sending Mom a check for going above and beyond while they were think!!!!the thought of my Mom having to do this didn't sit well with us.

Do you think the fishie's went to the rainbow bridge...lets hope so and maybe just maybe they went to Tallulah's butterfly garden and now have a beautiful pond to happily swim in, never worry about big birdies getting them, plenty of food and most important always water in the pond...

We just had to share this with our friends, not to make you sad but to say things do happen and sadness happens even to little fishies...RIP fishies...

Mom can't wait to see the new fish he gets and watch them grow...

Kody & Mom


What's up with me and how I am growing

May 29th 2013 3:02 pm
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Well now my friends it has been some time since Mom let me do my diary. You see Mom still feels sad that she lost her Mom so some days she just doesn't want to let us rude of her I say, but honestly we love our Mom and we just all hang out love to do that, we help her heal.

Now for me, as you can see I am a BIG boy, not in age but size. Mom picks me up and I am HEAVY!!!! not fat but solid. I am her biggest cat ever...not sure if I should be honored or not.

I am now 10 months old and enjoying my life as one of Moms loving kitties, I am so lucky I got adopted that day last year in September..that was the luckiest day ever for me.

Now as I just keep on getting bigger Mom is realizing that one of the cat trees I love so much, it was Tallulah's is getting too small for me to run and jump on, it goes back & forth and almost tips over. Mom has been near enough to keep it from going over. So she had to go look for another that is closer to the ground & steady so if I cause it to go over it won't go far.

Mom went to Petco looking at cat trees, some were really high, some too wobbly...problem. Not many to choose from, she ended up with one that is a lot closer to the ground. Now we have this new one in the exact place the other one was in. This way me and Tu Two can jump over the doggie gate.

Then last night the doorbell rang and all of us ran the other way. Mom says wait it's a present for you!!!! yes that is right we got another cat scratcher, it is small & a butterfly. You can see it on my page. Mom got it because yes it is a butterfly we are all about Butterflies and it reminds her of our Tallulah and she knew I would have lots of fun playing on it.

When Mom put it together I slowly walked up to it, not sure what this thing was, but soon discovered that it was something for me.. it has a fuzzy ballie on elastic...what fun. As you can see I am having fun checking it out and playing. What fun!!!!

Now back to me and what I have been up to, eating and eating, that is one of my favorite things to do besides sleeping, getting to go outside. I love to go around and eat everyone's food so Mom has to watch me close, Mom worries that I will get fat because of my obsession for food.

I love being outside even if it is on a leash, I walk all over getting tangled on everything, but what fun it is to be out in the sun chasing bugs. Tu Two has taught me to eat grass too, but I am more interested in bugs and seeing birdies flying in the yard.

I loves to hang out with Zeke and Tu Two & sometimes with Xena but I am too busy and fast for her, I have even jumped on her occasionally I can't help it.

Now that the weather is nice Mom lets us go out more, she has the windows open so we sit with our noses up sniffing all the outdoor smells how wonderpurr and what interesting smells. We watch birdies, lizards and buggies too.

I don't hang out with Mom as much now I am comfortable with hanging out in the other parts of the house, but when mom gets up and moves around the house I am right there. I still meow when I can't see Mom and I hate when she goes into the forbidden room...Kandi's room...I just wonder what is behind that door!Just maybe one of these days I will get in there and find out!

I am still a very sweet purring boy just being a cat love hanging out. I am so lucky I have a wonderpurr loving fun filled home with warm places to sleep, windows to have open so I can smell the air, a yard to hang out in, my own catio, brofur and sisfurs and most important my Mom she loves me so and I love her so too...

Well that is all for now I think I gotta go hang out on my new toys! Talk later!!!!



MOL We Missed Me Being DDP

April 22nd 2013 2:53 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it, Mom is gone on Saturday and I am chosen DDP and we missed it. That is unfair Mom, you made me miss me being DDP once again.

Well my friends I think Mom owes me big time, don't you...this kitty will have to think what I want...maybe a new toy, or some tuna...yeah tuna!!!!Ok Mom I want tuna and I think I should get a new toy too, if not a toy you owe me some major play time with Da Birdie...

Sorry we were around on Saturday but Mom told me she first had to go get Xena's medication from our vet for her UTI, then she had to go take care of a kitty...asked what kitty you took care of all of us,"well Kody I have to go take care of Riley her Mommy is gone for a couple of days so I need to give her some food, clean her litter box, some treats and try to get her to play, but she doesn't always want to, she loves sitting in the window looking out and soaking up the sun". Oh OK...but Kody I am not coming home right away, Mom isn't too far from a meditation garden on a cliff over looking the ocean that I want to go to...I asked it I could go too and she said no kitties can't go there." So Mom went to the gardens she told me they were beautiful they even had huge Koi in the pond with waterfalls. Mom sat on benches watching the water and big birdies flying over the water. Mom prayed and just took time to think about things, she even saw a butterfly...I think it was Tallulah and so does she because she didn't see anymore just that one and it was right by her. Mom says she is going back with her friend, what a peaceful beautiful place, I think I will hide in her bag so I can go with her and see these birdies, big fish.

So I stayed home watched the house, took a nap and waited for Mom to return.

Thank you diary lady again and HQ for choosing me once again for my DDP honor and my friends for sending me gifts and leaving comments...what a day celebrated here on catster and I wasn't even around..maybe next time we will be here.

Thanks again



Thank you and what I have been up to!

April 16th 2013 2:36 pm
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Well I think first off I need to thank the diary lady and HQ for choosing my diary today, of course it is nothing special just about little me or should I say big me, what I like about spring...this will be my first spring and so far I am enjoying it.Thank you to my friends for their gifts and comments,pictures, I feel so blessed I really do to have special sweet friends.

Ok now what have I been well let me see. I am getting bigger, Mom says she thinks I am going to be her biggest kitty she has had so far, I am not fat but I am big and solid.

with Mom being home a little more lately we get more play time, she had to get us a new Da Bird toy cause one of us ( I am not saying who) eat the feather on our other one and it was making the noise we love. I did break another toy that I really loved and Mom isn't sure she can find another she got it at the pet expo. She hides them in her closet and I got into the closet and my toy...think Tu Two does that too.

Zeke and I love to sleep on the bed, we fight over the same spot every night Mom has to pry Zeke off of me, he is biting my scruff hard and I am crying. Mom puts Zeke by her pillow on his spot and I settle in on my spot. In the middle of the night I roam around on the bed purring loud waling all over Mom waking her up so she will pet & scretch me. Then I settle down again till morning when I get up go to the window to watch the birdies waking up. Once Mom is up I want my food, I won't leave her alone till I get my yummy can food...oh I have to tell you Mom has given me fishie food once in a while, man oh man do I like...

Love playing, jumping and running around, finding places to take my daily naps. Getting to go outside when it is nice out and enjoying the sun.

Me and my furblings have been helping our Mom feel better, she sad sometimes cause she lost her Mom a month ago, we all have been giving her love and want to be around her. She tells us we are helping her feel better and kitties are the best medicine.

So not much else going on here, just enjoying our time with Mom.

Hugs and thank you again



My First Spring Tag Game

April 12th 2013 1:38 pm
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My friend Raj invited me to play this game. This will be my first game I get to play on Catster.

If you would like to play the Spring Tag game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours. Since so many have been tagged and some several times I won’t tag others, but if you want to play and haven’t been tagged hope you will play.

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. I love to go outside on my leash to explore and eat grass or hang out in my kitty tent all safe

2. Chase flies

3. Sitting at the window watching birdies and buggies outside.

4. Sleeping in the sun.

5. Well lets see one last thing, love it when Mom opens the window in her room and I can sit there smelling the fresh air and hear all the birdies singing.

Thanks, Raj, for asking me to play.


My Special Gift from my Sweetheart Lizzy May

February 26th 2013 5:05 pm
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What a beautiful surprise I got today in the mail. Mom called me to come see her to show me I had a envelope address to me...yes to me this orange dreamboat in training kitty...

To my surprise my Sweetheart Lizzie May sent me a magnet picture of her in a heart frame all dressed up just for me. I smelled the magnet and rubbed on it. Oh I am the luckiest kitty cause I have a special sweetheart.

Oh my friends I am doing the happy orange kitty paw dance I sure am, now I just have to get Mom to take some pictures of me with my gift and share with all of you...

Sweetheart Lizzie thank you for my very special one of a kind gift just for me. I am going to sleep with it tonight and dream of you...

happy orange dream boat in training



February 24th 2013 3:12 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it I spent the day around the house with Mom helping her clean, do laundry and just being her sweet little boy. Yes I love helping Mom around the house, I am always with her into everything, I think I am helping her, but I think she thinks different. I am her shadow while she works.

I was so busy yesterday that we missed me being DDP, only found out this afternoon when Mom said OK kitties lets get on Catster. MOL Mom we missed me being DDP now I am sad that I worked all day and no play.

I do have to tell you something I was in the laundry room with Mom saw her open the door to go out into the garage and I took full advantage of that door being opened, out I went. Mom tried to stop me but I was too fast and ran right under her car. I hear Kody Kody you get back into the house, what? no I want to see what is out here that keeps you going out that door. I wasn't interested in being under the car, didn't smell too good, but I found places to go and see...Mom again went back into the house got the flashlight to see if she could find me...I was hiding, so guess what Mom did she opened the garage door, all of a sudden this great big huge door was moving and I was near there, I got scared and ran under Moms car and to the little door I came from..Meowing let me in Mom, let me in. Mom was laughing, not funny Mom, but really Mom was scared too, she only wanted the door to open just a little and then stop, go back down...but it went almost all the way up. Mom thought I would run out but I ran in and wanted to go into the house.

I didn't know there were so many scary things out there and I am not sure I want to go back out there either, Mom told me that is what you get for going out in the garage after I have told you no it is too dangerous for kitties to go exploring.

Then while Mom was dusting her old buffet hutch that was her Grandma's it has all kinds of pretty kitties and pictures of all of us, I wanted to see what she was doing so I decided to jump up on top, didn't make it and slipped things started to fall and I kinda broke 2 things...Mom yelled at me, told me I was a bad boy and I wasn't allowed up there..I went running & hid for a while.

Then this morning I am at it again. You see I love laying on top of the refrigerator it is warm and I can watch Mom. She was busy making breakfast and her back was to me, all of a sudden she heard me knocking her magnets off and scratching as I was trying to not fall off the frig.. Mom caught me just in time, I felt her heart beating fast and so was mine...that was close. Mom wasn't happy but just glad I didn't fall.

So as you can see I am helping my Mom good and bad, I love hanging out with my as you can see I was having fun yesterday and missed my DDP...sorry I wasn't around...

Thank you Diary Lady, HQ and Friends for my honor again, making my day special. I think this is so fun and special to have been you all, check back for more of my adventures of this little orange boy and dreamboat in training cause you never know what I am up too...



I got out last night & what was falling from the sky!

February 20th 2013 2:25 pm
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Watching Mom let the doggies out last night at 10:30pm I just couldn't help myself, I had to sneak out in the night. Mom was ready to go to bed so when she saw the orange blurr run out she knew it was me.

Oh escape to the outdoors what a thrill, but wait what is this that is falling on me, I am wet, what! Now liking this one bit!So I hide not knowing what this stuff is that is making me all no no this orange kitty boy isn't liking this, why did I think it would be kool to sneak outside in the dark and when this stuff is falling from the sky.

Mom is calling me, she can't see me, she didn't see where I went she was looking the other way to make sure the doggies went out and did there business for the night. unlike us kitties that know how to use the litter box.Mom is worried about me being out there in the cold dark wet night, so many scarey things out there at night.

Mom has to run back into the house put her shoes on because of the wet stuff from the sky is falling hard, I am laughing because she doesn't see me, I am hiding oh yes I am, I don't like this stuff.

Then Mom comes back out, but can't see where I could be, she is worried that I might have jumped, I am the jumper & leaper in this house. So back in she goes to get the big flashlight...wait Mom I am here right in front of you can't you see me, I am not leaving this place cause I don't want to get wet..

Mom comes back out calling me and now I know she is mad cause she is all wet too and you see she is in her jammies and robe...then she sees me, I am hiding under the hose reel..not far from the patio she is really mad because she didn't have to go way out in the yard to look for me, I was right under her nose.Meoowww meow!!!!!

Now I have to say I was so happy to have Mom come get me and take me into my warm safe house. I don't think I will do that again or at least when this stuff Mom called rain is falling from the sky, I don't like it one bit, no I don't.

Finally safe now, Mom dries me off and sets me down, I sit there licking myself to get drier and content now. Soon I find myself in bed all warm and snuggling in for the night. Safe at last!

Kody- don't like that wet stuff falling from the sky

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