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Adventures with Kody

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August 17th 2013 7:40 pm
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Angels encourage us by guiding us onto a path that will lead to HAPPINESS and HOPE


Our Enclosure is put together!

August 16th 2013 4:48 pm
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Howdy all and happy Friday!

Well Mom actually had the day off so she had time to get our enclosure put together, yeah I know Mom put it together. Me, Zeke and Tu Two watched Mom try to figure it out, putting the right parts together, thank goodness they had stamped every part and the directions were easy.

As we watch she slowly got the fronts together, then the backs and finally the sides...thank goodness for battery screwdrivers...we didn't want to see Mom suffering and getting blisters on her hands.

Next came the selves for us, once she had them on the back she stood it up, then finished the front...well I just couldn't wait I had to jump on one of the selves and you guessed it, it came down on a pieces of Moms furniture, it made a mark, luckily Mom didn't get mad because she should have known that I would get on the came the sides, once that was all put together Mom had to move it all outside on the patio.

Now I just sat at the patio screen wanting out, I hated not being with Mom I wanted to help I patiently not really watched her.

Now she had to put the sides to the back and finally the front on, then the roof...yeah a roof for shade! Then all the little things and done...
after 3+ hours it is done....Hooray! MOL Mom did it and we all are so proud, especially Mom...and just think it didn't fall apart.

Mom had to move it, but couldn't move by herself too far she was afraid it would bend or something else...

Next it was time for me to get the honor of getting into our new enclosure first, me the low kitty on the picking order got to be in there first.

Sniff sniff up and down...Oh how I love this new place for me to hang it will be a question if my sisfurs and brofur will they like to hang out there as much as I do!

I think I am going to like my enclosure watching the birdies, lizards and sniff the air...sleep in the sun

Mom did take some pictures, she downloaded them and now she will put them on my page for all to see...

Mom is happy with our enclosure, even though it isn't as large as some, it is big enough for us to be outside without her worrying about us we are in a safe enclosure...and she is amazed how well it is made and went together easy...only problem was one of the latches was a hair off and she had to fix it so our door would be secure and we couldn't push it open and escape.

Now we will share our enclosure with you...Mom says she will have to put everyone else out there for a try...even Kandi will be able to go out and enjoy as well...

Have a great rest of your Friday and weekend!


Mom got us something special

August 15th 2013 4:57 pm
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Howdy my friends,

Mom is all excited she got us something very special, she says we will enjoy it for sure...something for outside! Can you guess what it is!!!!


Mom has been looking and looking for some kind of enclosure so we can be outside, she doesn't have to stay out with us, she doesn't have to worry about she went to Petco to get Xena and Kandi their food...she wasn't really looking but walking to the check out she saw the box there in the shelf never seen anything like it in Petco and it was on sale, almost $100 off...of course she stopped and looked...she wasn't sure she should be getting this, but she knew it was meant for us to have and enjoy. Most are very expensive and she would have to pay she never got us one.

She actually had to come home, get the last of the money from her Mom and go get it...she knows her Mom would want her to use this money for us because now Mom knows she can put little Kandi out there too so she can enjoy being outside...

Of course Mom had to have someone help get it out of the store and get it into her now sits in the garage waiting for Mom and maybe with Dads help put it together...we can't wait...well I can't, not sure how the others will like it, but this boy will be so excited to spend time outside and not on a leash...

Mom says she will take pictures of our enclosure once she gets it put together hopefully tomorrow or the weekend...




We Got Freaked Out

August 14th 2013 4:06 pm
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Howdy friends you would not believe what happened last night.

As the evening was starting and we were all settling down for our quite time after dinner, something happened!

Mom was watching her TV, Dad was sitting outside, I was in the room with Mom looking out the window, Xena in the kitchen, Tu Two was out in the front part of the house on the cat tree looking out the window, Zeke was heading to the laundry room where the kitties boxes are, Kandi in her room...all of a sudden there is loud noise like something guessed it we all freaked out and all of us flew everywhere, except Kandi.

Mom got up and saw me fall from Dads dresser I was between the dresser and open window & everything all over the floor, then I flew up & ran like crazy to hide under the chair. Mom started looking all over the house to see what happened, even Dad came in cause he heard it too. Mom saw Xena run under the table to first Mom didn't see anything until she went out front where Tu Two had been. She realized the 2 containers that has Zeke's asthma mask and inhaler in, the other Xena's fluid bags, needles etc.. they fell on the floor from the little table they were on, note why they fell.

Then Mom saw that the curtain was down and all the rugs were messed up and under things. Zeke had a look on his face from being freaked out and peeking out from the laundry room frozen in time. She had to look for Tu Two and found her all freaked out with crazed eyes in the computer/office, she wouldn't even let Mom touch her she ran.

Mom started to laugh not because we got freaked out, but the sight on all of our faces and to see us flying all over the house.

Mom put everything back, made sure she gave us all little pets and hugs to make sure we knew it was OK and that we could come out...of course we finally came out but were very cautious...

So we all settled down except Tu Two she still had a freaked out look on her for a while and wouldn't go out front. What a night that was Mom has never seen all of us react like that and freak out because of a noise.

Mom didn't think about it this morning as our routine got started, then she went into the laundry room, she cleaned the litter box in there, went out to do the others, went back in and that is when she saw the pee all over the floor...the is right pee all over the floor...then it clicked last night Zeke in the laundry room...

She thinks that Zeke was on his way to use the box when he heard the noise, got so scared and freaked out it made his pee come out all over the place.

Mom wasn't mad or upset that there was pee on the floor, at first she was concerned that one of us 2 boys was having problems or sprayed, but then when she thought about it, that was not it at all my poor brobur zeke got the pee scared out of him....just in case Mom is keeping an eye around the litter boxes..

Well I have to say we are all OK today we are acting like nothing ever happened...guess you had to be there to get freaked out like we did and to get a good laugh like Mom did...Mom wishes this is when she had a video camera going all over the house...really Mom...

Nighty Nite my friends


I love food, mine and everyone else's too

August 5th 2013 3:02 pm
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Hello my friends it has been a little while since I have been here to do my diary, so many birthdays here so unable to write about this subject!

I love food yes LOVE food, I am passionate about can food, Love it! every time I hear Mom or Dad go into the kitchen I am right there, I can be asleep in another room and I come running to the counter hoping I will get some food! I am always ready to eat.

When it is breakfast or dinner time I am right there, I get into the sink to get all the little bites of can food from the cans, plates and lids. Mom is always getting me out of the sink, she is afraid I will cut my tongue when I lick the cans and lids....I have to get in there and lick everything. When she turns her back I steal food from each of our Mom get mad at me!

I eat my food like there is no tomorrow, lick my bowl clean, I look around and run to the nearest dish and gobble...Xena and Zeke just sit there watching me eat their food, so way not...Tu Two not so much cause she usually eats hers fast too, but she leaves little bites of food, I think she does it on purpose.

I was getting lots of Zeke's food but Mom caught on and now she has to stand by us and make sure I don't get his food. Zeke is the slowest eater, believe he is why wouldn't I try to get his food...Mom says Kody you can't have Zeke's food he has medication in his, besides if you keep this up we will have to put you on a diet and call you big butt! What don't know this diet thing she talks about and I certainly don't have a big butt....

I hear Mom talk to Dad telling him she has never had a kitty that eats as fast as I do and eats everything, I am not picky...but I do love getting fish food my favorite.

When Mom came home before I turned one she would give me a very small amount of my can food...I know when she comes home I know what time it is and I will get food....but now that I am 1 and a big boy Mom won't give me anymore can, she gives me a dehydrated piece of chicken or turkey or tuna flakes instead...if she doesn't I headbonk her and rub all over until she does.

Mom gets upset because she just doesn't know what to do with me, one of our friends here had to be put in prison (grate) because he was doing the same thing, Mom says maybe that is the solution...NOT...won't stop me so sir it won't!!!!

I do love my food and no one can stop me from getting my food, licking as many plates as I can, the cans and lids in the sink...obsession & enthusiasm for food continues. I think Mom should be happy I love to eat because all of my sisfurs and brofurs are picky and sometimes don't want to eat what Mom gives them...not me!



What a great week I have had

July 19th 2013 3:09 pm
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Hello my friends, this has been a great week for me.

I turned 1, oh boy, I am a big boy know! then I have been Cat of the Week in my group Orange Kitties Rock and now DDP...what more could this sweet loving orange kitty want...not much because this has been a great week for me.

I am so loved, have lots of friends, my loving home and family...yes a great wonderpurr week...

Thank you HQ and dairy lady for choosing me again, I feel so lucky and happy.

Well it is time for me to go celebrate with my family, think Mom owes me a very special dinner tonight....she went to her favorite special pet store and got us some yummy can food...fishy now that is the way to end the week.

Hugs and love to you all



July 15th 2013 3:42 pm
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Hello my friends,

I want to take the time to thank all my friends for helping me celebrate my first birthday! thanks to all of you I had one great birthday.

I got a special dinner, I might add that I was served first and Mom sang happy birthday to me, I just sat there looking at her meowing "Just give me my dinner"!!!!LOL it was yummy tuna with prawns in it...yum!!!!!!

Mom was gone part of Saturday, she had to go to the Zoo to see other animals, not that I was happy she was leaving me home, but she told me "Kody when I get home you will get your surprise" oh how I hate to wait and wait.

Finally Mom came home and I got my surprise, it is a Kitty Tunnel...looks just like a orange kitty....and I got new mousies too! Me, Zeke and Tu Two had so much fun playing in my tunnel and playing with my mousie....I was a happy birthday boy.

With Mom being off for part of this week and her having her friend in town she hasn't been able to let us on the computer much, so we did miss birthdays, gotcha days for our friends, we all now take the time to wish you all happy days and all of that.

Now drum roll......the biggest news from me is I have been chosen Cat Of The Week in my Orange Kitties Rock Group....I am shocked and very thrilled and honored to have been nominated by my good friend Marmelade!

So my friends I thank you for a wonderpurr first birthday and my very first honor in a group! this has been a great week for me.

Hugs, love from me Kody


Mystery behind the door & my birthday gifts

July 11th 2013 7:31 pm
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For as long as I have been living here there is a door that I hear a kitty behind there, she is a mystery for sure...I don't know who this cat is, but Mom goes in there all the time. She will open the door but she put a portable screen up and at the bottom she blocks it so I have never see this cat...I will sit at the door meowwwwing for Mom to come out or let me in.

I want to know who this cat is, wonder why Mom won't let her out...Mom says "Kody boy her name is Kandi, she doesn't like other kitties, she will chase you and you two might fight..she has attacked Zeke, now do you want that to happen to you" "No I don't think so, but I would like to see her and maybe talk cat talk to her"

Well Mom decided that she could use the doggies corral she has in the garage, fold the screen to put on top and that way we can see this mystery kittie Mom is always talking to.

Guess what I sit their watching her, she likes to sit on the other side, she hisses at me, I just sit and watch her. Well now there is no mystery behind the door I can see her...just wonder why she won't be nice to us!!!!

Now for the other mystery...Mom has a gift for me, it is in the garage and she told me I can't have it till Saturday for my birthday, oh how I wonder what it could be...guess I just have to wait till my Birthday!!!!



Thank you for my gifts

July 5th 2013 12:31 pm
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Hello friends sorry I wasn't around yesterday, Mom was busy taking care of her clients kitties while they are out of town...she took care of 5 kitties, one she goes 2 times she has to give him his insulin shots...Mom was tired and decided to rest when she was no computer for me! can you believe it, no computer so I could have fun with all of you..

I thank you for all of my gifts you sent to me and all your wishes for a happy & safe 4th of July.

Needless to say our day was very quite, Mom closed up the house before the fireworks so we wouldn't get scared and hide. We were all safe and not afraid at all, our windows were open earlier in the day so we all just hung out and slept.

Hope you all had a wonderpurr day and you were all safe, especially not so scared so you had to hide.



Let Freedom ring!

July 3rd 2013 1:59 pm
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From every mountain side let Freedom ring!

My first 4th of July, Mom has told me about our freedom because of those who fought for us to be let our freedom ring today from every mountain side....

We will climb that mountain and sing God bless America and take time to thank those that made us free...

Celebrate oh yes cause we are free to be us and to be me..we are so lucky to live in America cause we have the right to be free!!!even us kitties have the right to be live, have food, love and be happy!


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