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February 24th 2013 3:12 pm
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Well wouldn't you know it I spent the day around the house with Mom helping her clean, do laundry and just being her sweet little boy. Yes I love helping Mom around the house, I am always with her into everything, I think I am helping her, but I think she thinks different. I am her shadow while she works.

I was so busy yesterday that we missed me being DDP, only found out this afternoon when Mom said OK kitties lets get on Catster. MOL Mom we missed me being DDP now I am sad that I worked all day and no play.

I do have to tell you something I was in the laundry room with Mom saw her open the door to go out into the garage and I took full advantage of that door being opened, out I went. Mom tried to stop me but I was too fast and ran right under her car. I hear Kody Kody you get back into the house, what? no I want to see what is out here that keeps you going out that door. I wasn't interested in being under the car, didn't smell too good, but I found places to go and see...Mom again went back into the house got the flashlight to see if she could find me...I was hiding, so guess what Mom did she opened the garage door, all of a sudden this great big huge door was moving and I was near there, I got scared and ran under Moms car and to the little door I came from..Meowing let me in Mom, let me in. Mom was laughing, not funny Mom, but really Mom was scared too, she only wanted the door to open just a little and then stop, go back down...but it went almost all the way up. Mom thought I would run out but I ran in and wanted to go into the house.

I didn't know there were so many scary things out there and I am not sure I want to go back out there either, Mom told me that is what you get for going out in the garage after I have told you no it is too dangerous for kitties to go exploring.

Then while Mom was dusting her old buffet hutch that was her Grandma's it has all kinds of pretty kitties and pictures of all of us, I wanted to see what she was doing so I decided to jump up on top, didn't make it and slipped things started to fall and I kinda broke 2 things...Mom yelled at me, told me I was a bad boy and I wasn't allowed up there..I went running & hid for a while.

Then this morning I am at it again. You see I love laying on top of the refrigerator it is warm and I can watch Mom. She was busy making breakfast and her back was to me, all of a sudden she heard me knocking her magnets off and scratching as I was trying to not fall off the frig.. Mom caught me just in time, I felt her heart beating fast and so was mine...that was close. Mom wasn't happy but just glad I didn't fall.

So as you can see I am helping my Mom good and bad, I love hanging out with my as you can see I was having fun yesterday and missed my DDP...sorry I wasn't around...

Thank you Diary Lady, HQ and Friends for my honor again, making my day special. I think this is so fun and special to have been you all, check back for more of my adventures of this little orange boy and dreamboat in training cause you never know what I am up too...



I got out last night & what was falling from the sky!

February 20th 2013 2:25 pm
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Watching Mom let the doggies out last night at 10:30pm I just couldn't help myself, I had to sneak out in the night. Mom was ready to go to bed so when she saw the orange blurr run out she knew it was me.

Oh escape to the outdoors what a thrill, but wait what is this that is falling on me, I am wet, what! Now liking this one bit!So I hide not knowing what this stuff is that is making me all no no this orange kitty boy isn't liking this, why did I think it would be kool to sneak outside in the dark and when this stuff is falling from the sky.

Mom is calling me, she can't see me, she didn't see where I went she was looking the other way to make sure the doggies went out and did there business for the night. unlike us kitties that know how to use the litter box.Mom is worried about me being out there in the cold dark wet night, so many scarey things out there at night.

Mom has to run back into the house put her shoes on because of the wet stuff from the sky is falling hard, I am laughing because she doesn't see me, I am hiding oh yes I am, I don't like this stuff.

Then Mom comes back out, but can't see where I could be, she is worried that I might have jumped, I am the jumper & leaper in this house. So back in she goes to get the big flashlight...wait Mom I am here right in front of you can't you see me, I am not leaving this place cause I don't want to get wet..

Mom comes back out calling me and now I know she is mad cause she is all wet too and you see she is in her jammies and robe...then she sees me, I am hiding under the hose reel..not far from the patio she is really mad because she didn't have to go way out in the yard to look for me, I was right under her nose.Meoowww meow!!!!!

Now I have to say I was so happy to have Mom come get me and take me into my warm safe house. I don't think I will do that again or at least when this stuff Mom called rain is falling from the sky, I don't like it one bit, no I don't.

Finally safe now, Mom dries me off and sets me down, I sit there licking myself to get drier and content now. Soon I find myself in bed all warm and snuggling in for the night. Safe at last!

Kody- don't like that wet stuff falling from the sky


Two honors bestowed upon me today!

February 18th 2013 1:02 pm
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I am such a lucky orange kitty boy! do you want to know why? cause I am DDP again today for me being the attention getter and the purring machine.

Now my other honor is a big one ready for this one!!!!I AM #50 DREAM BOAT IN TRAINING! can you believe it, me this little orange kitty boy that Mom almost didn't see cause I was the pet store kitty running all over the place and she saw me as a blurr...little did we know that we would find each other and the rest is I am a Dream Boat in Training....

I sure am doing the happy orange kitty paw dance all over the brofur and sisfurs are looking at me like I am orange cat crazy, but then I stop and tell them I am a DREAM BOAT IN TRAINING!

Oh my in training, Samoa what do I need to go what is this training I have to do....can I live up to this honor, well only time will tell!


I am one lucky orange kitty boy and very honored...

Dream Boat in Training #50



Love is

February 13th 2013 5:03 pm
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Love is catching on that sometimes I like to show off and be the center of attention...oh yeah that is me...finding ways to be the center of attention...


Hugs and Kisses


I'm a leaper and jumper

February 10th 2013 5:06 pm
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Now that I am getting bigger, learning things everyday I have to tell you I am a leaper and jumper. Yes I am and Mom told me today that she hasn't had a cat leap & jump like me since Xena was a kitten.

Tallulah wasn't a leaper or jumper, she was tiny and just was never into jumping on the counter or leaping up on things. Mom & Dad had to pick her up and put her on things or she sat and asked them to let her though the doggie gate or she squeezed through.

Zeke can jump over things and on things Mom had to teach him how to do all of that one step at a time..Mom isn't sure but she thinks his Mom wasn't around to teach him all of those kitten things.

Tu Two isn't good at jumping or leaping, Mom thinks she doesn't see that well and we are not sure if her not having a tail has anything to do with you not being a good jumper.

Xena she was the leaper and jumper, like I am she was every where and on everything when she was younger. She still jumps over the doggie gate and on the counter when she wants to get some food.

Now there is me, yes I am a leaper and jumper big time and I have to tell you what I learned today...I learned how to get on top of the kitchen cupboards. Mom was doing something in one of the cupboards she was standing on this stepping stool and I took full advantage of the step, leaped up on top of the frig and up to the top of the cupboard. Now I am above all and I can watch everyone. This is so fun and I must admit it will be a place for me to hide and take a nap...Mom saw me up there when she was in the kitchen, she heard me jump and knew I figured out how to jump way up from the counter top by the phone...this is where she hangs Xena's bag of fluids, she had to move it cause you know what I do, I love to chew on the plastic line... that would not be good at all.

But once up there I had to figure out how to get back done. Mom says you got up there now you figure out how to get back down. Well this boy did....not a problem at all..

I go running through the house and leap on things non stop, don't let anything or anyone get in my way cause this kitty boy is not going to be stopped.

Oh this is going to be fun a new place for me to explore, watch from above and see all.

So yes I am the leaper and jumper in this house



My beautiful sunny Sunday

February 3rd 2013 7:56 pm
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Hi friends this day was so beautiful and sunny, I even got to go out and spend some trying to learn about getting around on my leash & nnot escaping from this contraption. I am not good with getting around things, Mom has to stay outside with me so I don't get out of my leash. So knowing I was being watched I was being a good boy just sitting watching flies buzzing round & round in front me, I couldn't stand it anymore I leaped up and tried to catch one of those flies, but they are too fast and too tiny for me to get. So once again I just sat and watched, then birdies flew in the yard weeee I wanted to jump up and catch one, but Mom says no no Kody, I say but way can't I try to catch just one! they are way too fast for me to catch anyway when I am hampered by a leash...just wonder what I could do if I didn't have that leash attached to me. Mom tells me cats are being blamed for killing lots of birds so I can't catch one...darn!!!!I wouldn't know what to do with one anyway....think I will just play with my toys they are safer.

So I just sat in the sun enjoying the rays and warm day eating some grass... Xena was outside too and I left her alone, I need to learn to just hang out like my big sisfur.

So that was my day outside in the sun rays, what a day for this little kitty boy...I sure enjoyed being in my yard today.



Love is

January 31st 2013 4:48 pm
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Love is looking out for your cats tail when you shut doors-especially refrigerator doors.

Yeah Mom remember my tail is long....

Kody with the 12" tail


On A Roll

January 30th 2013 8:54 am
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Yes that is right I am on a roll being DDP again, we are surprised and once again this little kitty boy is very honored to have been chosen today.

I am learning to do the kitty happy dance but I am all legs and tail, yes my long tail gets in the way, then I start chasing my tail around and around. But really I am getting the hang of it and soon I will be doing the kitty happy dance along with my furmaly.

Thank you diary lady for choosing me today my one liner entry, but oh so true. Thank you friends for helping make this day special because you all are what it is about...friendships and love.

Happy Kody



January 29th 2013 4:42 pm
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Love is trusting me when I act wild and get the "night-time crazies"--I'm just having fun and hallucinating, and I don't need a tranquilizer

Love is me Kody


Love is

January 28th 2013 3:59 pm
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LOVE is understanding that we're not being naughty or klutzy when we knock things over, we're just desperate for our Mom's attention.


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