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Adventures with Kody

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Oh my Human

January 8th 2014 3:58 pm
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Oh human, my human I love you so much!
You give me my catnip, my toys and such.
you lend me your lap and brush me each day.

You lie on the floor, and with me you play.
You give my bowl, full of yummy food.

And you fill my heart with love,
So to show you I love you for all
that you do, I will love you always
and purr while I am on your lap.

Mom lend me your lap, I am ready for
your loving touch and in return I will
purr while I take my nap!



Thank You

January 3rd 2014 9:25 am
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Thank you
for your lovely




January 2nd 2014 1:28 pm
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Sometimes, the best things in life
are not things at all....
but our friends who make you feel
loved and cared for.


New year

January 1st 2014 5:20 pm
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Accept the simple
wish from me,
A happy New Year
may yours be,
wish every gladness
in your heart
that life can bring,
and heaven impart.




December 31st 2013 2:34 pm
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Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises
A happiness buffet.

Happy New year to you
and when the new year's done,
May the next year be even better.
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.

Happy New Year!



The scoop on Me!

December 16th 2013 3:53 pm
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Howdy friends, Kody here well Mom is letting me give you an update on me!

Here it is----I peed late last night so Mom got to see and she was so thrilled and clapping. Can you believe it, my Mom clapping because I peep! How humiliating!

Well that is a relief because she told me, Kody now you don't have to go to the Vet in the morning or possibly stay all day or peep Kody Mommy is so so happy!

Yes Mom I know you are happy but not as happy as I am. Mom kept giving me a little can food, mixed with water all day, some cosequin too, she also let me be it worked I feel better and I am not at the Vet and didn't have to go.

Guess what I got to do this morning and again this afternoon, you got it I got to spend time out on my leash. Of course I figured out how to get out of my new harness by wrapping myself around things in the yard. I didn't go far I was laying on the patio sun bathing because today it is very warm outside. Mom wasn't happy that I got out of my harness so now she has to tighten it in hopes I don't get out again.

Well I had a good day after all sun bathing and exploring in the yard, No Vet hooray!

Now I am off to get more can food and water...this kitty boy is doing the happy dance all the way to the kitchen!

hugs to you all


I got to spend time outside

December 15th 2013 3:13 pm
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Howdy friends,

I am being a good boy and trying hard to continue to be good cause I hear this Santa Paws guy brings good kitties goodies...I sure would like a goody. Well I do have to tell you we got 2 new toys this week, the flick and Smartycat Loco Motion....I am having fun playing, but it isn't like being outside.

Mom actually let me spend time out on my leash today, I have a new harness one of my Catmus presents, this way I can't get out of it. So I am checking out the yard and having a good time, but I tangle myself all up around bushes, rocks and shelves....I try to get out but it isn't working.

I also spent time in my enclosure which I do love by the way. I lay in the grass, eat a little of that grass and watch all of the going ons around here, I listen to those chickens behind us, trying to figure out how I can get over the fence and catch me one of them....Mom says no they are big chickens not little birdies.

OK now for the reason I have been out most of the day...Mom thinks I might be trying to have my blockage issue again, she read that sometimes it is Environmental stress....not being able to be outside doing what kitties should be doing....exploring the outside now in the morning Mom will be calling my Vet and will take me in just to make sure...she wants to ask them about giving me fluids like Xena gets...oh this ought to be real FUN...NOT!!!! she knows that with all that is going on around here I am bound to get stressed so she needs to find things to keep me from having the blockage and spending time at the vet and more least I am insured!!!!and we have already met our deductible...what a relief Mom says....

So even though I had fun outside today I may be getting sick again, we will let you know when Mom gets on the computer again....for now she has to run off again to take care of 2 kitties and I have to go find a couple of boxes to play in and then take a nap...




Dear Santa Paws

December 13th 2013 3:45 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

I've been a good kitty all year but come quick.

I can't stay good much longer!



I am doing good

November 27th 2013 4:28 pm
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Howdy my friends from me Kody with a K and the soon be be a desert kitty!

Sorry we havent' been around as you all know Mom is busy going through everything in the house, MOL what a lot of stuff with her living here for over 30 stuff, parents stuff and of course mom and dads stuff, oh ya kitty stuff.

So I have to tell you I am doing well, no more issues with me peeing, I actually go in our potty boxes now too.

I am eating my special can food, Mom says thank goodness I love to eat because I am her first kitty that likes special diet food. I am now getting a little of the special diet dry that makes me happy too...but Mom has to watch me like a hawk because I will steal food in a heat beat.

Everything is going good here, but what a mess, we have things everywhere as mom tries to get things done for our move and selling our house...I have discovered boxes and what fun they are...we love helping Mom go through things, we are her little helpers...this is so fun.

The other day Mom got me and put this thing around my neck and girth what ever that is, she told me all of us kitties & doggies will have to wear this contraption while we are driving over to our new home in Arizona...wonder why that is Mom...well Kody it is for you all to be safe if we have to get any of you out for any reason or we let you out to walk on your see it will take us 6 to 7 hours to get over to Vail, Arizona...maybe it will be nice to stretch our legs and mark.

Mom just hopes I will be OK and not get sick again, she worries about me, Xena and Zeke, soon after we move there Mom will take us to our new vet, unless one of us gets sick and needs to go right away...just hope my new vet is as nice as our vet here, we loves her and we all hate that we won't have her anymore, she is very sad too....

Loves to you all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING



Mommy & Daddy are leaving us again

November 7th 2013 7:18 pm
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Howdy my friends, well I have to tell you Mom and Dad are leaving us again, yes that it right they are leaving us tomorrow afternoon.

This time they are flying over to Arizona because they have to go pick out all of the things for inside our new house. They are excited to see all of the choices, but not the prices. Mom doesn't like to fly she hasn't flown for 20 years after their long flight when they returned from living in Italy. Hope Mom will be OK good thing is she told us it is only about an hour flight...Poor Mommy if she would take me I would purr for her and that will help her relax...but I can't go!

Now for me, Mom sure hopes I will be OK and not get stressed and have the blockage again. She has told our sitter to watch over me and make sure I am using the box..I will be in an area all alone because I would eat every ones food can & can do!!!!!and Mom wants to make sure I behave myself and I go potty. She also told my sitter to check the sink & tub around the drains just in case I decide to pee there and not use my box.

Xena and Zeke get to stay in Moms room so they will have peace and quite, also so the sitter can find Zeke, last time he was hiding every time she came to the house. Xena just spent her time in the closet, came out to eat and go potty. Lucky them they get Moms bed to sleep on if they want.

Tu Two and the doggies will be in the same area, but haa haa doggies have to stay in their corral so they can't roam around the house and go potty while no one is here to let them out. They will be in the kitchen!!!if I was out there with them I would be sure to tease them and jump into their corrals so I could steal their food.

So we will be around but can't get on the computer...boy if only I had way to get on the computer what fun I could have.

Wish me luck, we all hope I will be OK and the rest of my fur family too...Mom and Dad leaving us is stressful to us we hate for them to leave us.

Well nite nite friends talk after Mom and Dad get back from Arizona!


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