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Adventures with Kody

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I have a secret

November 16th 2015 2:36 pm
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I have a secret, you see Zeke talked to me after he came home from the vet and got so sick. He told me he knew his time on earth was coming to an end, he didn't want to go, he hated leaving Mom and our family, but his body was sick and very tired, his quality of life was not the same as it once was. He said he really really tried to get well so he could be with Mom, but he knew it was time to go, God was calling him home to be with the angels and wait for Mom at the rainbow bridge...he was crying and so was I, but he said it was important to talk to me.

So here is our secret....Zeke told me I was Mama's only kitty boy now and it was important to step up and be the man cat of the house. He told me my job was to watch over Mom, be there for her, become her lap kitty and sleep with Mom from time to time.It was also my job to be with Xena and Tu Two. He wanted me to take over his duties on earth, Mom needs me now.

You know I took all of his requests to heart, I am with Mom, I do get on her lap sometimes and every night I sleep with her for a while. It puts a smile on her face knowing I am here with her and spending time on her lap and sleeping with her.

I have been spending lots of time with Xena in Moms closet, we are even eating together now, I love sleeping in the bed Mom put in there for me it is on the floor under the bench near where Xena sleeps, Mon is happy to see I am with Xena so she isn't always alone. When Mom is brushing Xena I even get brushed a little, not big on getting brushed, Mom hopes in time I will like it as much as Xena and Zeke.

I spend time with Tu when she goes into the other bedroom, we sleep in the bed together, Mom put out our kitty heating pads to keep us warm, we are playing together with Mom when she pulls out our fishing pole toys, we play chase too. I am being a good brother.

Yes I am being the man cat in our house now, I am sure Zeke is smiling because I am stepping in and taking care of his family. Zeke I am so proud to be your brother, even now that you are a very special angel watching over us.

Yes I am the man cat of this house and proud to say I am doing a good job, hope Zeke is proud of me too.

That's my secret!



Another blockage, but I avoided having to go to ER

October 28th 2015 2:06 pm
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Yes that's right, I started getting blocked again, it has been over a year since my last one, Mom thinks it was because of all the stress with Zeke being so sick and his smells from being at the vet and him missing the litter box. Guess Mom won't know for real what caused this....

Mom got me into to see the vet because Xena had her appointment on Monday, thank goodness she had that appointment. They checked me right away because they know how critical the time was. So after the vet tech checked me, I was frantic, trying to find a place to hide or so that is what they thought. I managed to jump on top of Xena's canvas carrier, it was unzipped, guess what I did, yep, I peed on the top and in the carrier, zeee wizzz I had to go so what is a kitty to do.

They were happy to see that I did go,but they felt I was still blocked some. So they decided to give me fluids right there, gave me a shot that made me so high and care free. By the time I got home I was very loaded, I am finally coming down from the high. All I wanted to do is get loved and scritched since Monday. I am feeling so much better, so happy and so is Mom that I didn't have to go to the vet and have to stay there.

I am also getting a pill to help me relax so I can pee,they Mom talked to me about making sure I eat my prescription food, it is so important for me, Mom hopes I will continue eating it now, after a while I refuse to eat it. Vet also talked to Mom again about surgery for correcting my problem so I won't have the blockage....Mom is still not keen on them doing that surgery, it will be the very last resort.

Mom asks when is all of this going to stop, it just never stops, it is one thing after another. But if I get sick and not better Mom says she will take me to our new vet and have them keep me for a day or 2, less money and still the same care.

I feel better, eating and doing good. Mom is still watching over me to make sure I don't get blocked again. Pray that I don't, I don't want to go to the vet ER...

hugs to you all


What am I up to

October 5th 2015 4:51 pm
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Hello friends or should I say friends that are still around, we sure miss all of our sad most have left because catster is the best.

Anyway Mom says I can come here to let you all know I am doing really good, love living here. I haven't had any health problems like I did when we moved...hooray Mom says she has enough kitties and doggie being sick and spending more time at the vet or vet ER than she likes.

So I am just hanging out, sleeping, looking outside, oh yeah I even get to go out on my leash when Mom lets t he doggies out in the morning when it is still cool out, sometimes I get to go in my enclosure for a while before it gets too hot. I still love to spend time in the garage, Mom doesn't get it, like to look for bugs and sleep on the cool garage floor. We play and I love watching all the birdies, butterflies, lizards and the big birds flying in the sky.

I am doing well, got a lot bigger I am almost 15lbs. now, very solid I hear Mom say.

With Mom getting up during the night to feed Xena and Zeke, I am always there just waiting, if Mom doesn't give me food I try to steal their food, so now I am getting a very small amount just to keep me from getting their food...Mom keeps telling me they need the food because they loose weight, I don't need it, who is she to tell me I don't need food I am a growing boy.

Anyway I am doing good, sorry we are not around as some of you know Mom has been dealing with Xena and Zeke being sick especially Zeke right now his kidney numbers are very high, and our doggie Mia has been very sick in the vet ER, we now know she has takes a lot out of Mom..

But we are all hanging in there, barely Mom says, she wants to know when things will get better for us all and Zeke will feel better.

So as you can see I am doing well! thank you to all my friends for my gifties for my gotcha day, Mom forgot with all that is going on here...

Hugs to you all


Thank you all!

July 13th 2015 3:33 pm
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Howdy my friends, what a special day it is I am 3, oh yes I am 3. Mom sure can't believe it, she says where did the time go.

I must say I have a wonderful life so far, not only did I get a wonderpurr home and a loving Mom & Dad, furblings to boot, but I even got to move to another state and new home.

Mom says I am a big boy, she is now seeing freckles on my nose, oh yes I am getting the orange kitty freckles, Mom wonders if they will get bigger and cover the front of my nose, well we will just have to see.

So far I am having a wonderful day, just hanging out and sleeping, we sleep the day away. I did get to go out on my leash for a very short time this morning, I got to eat grass that Mom grows for us to eat, had a good breakfast. No new toys we have enough, but I will get a very good dinner tonight.

Mom finally opened up the room where Kandi used to be in, so now Tu Two and I hang out in there, of course Mom cleaned it good and rearranged everything, so we didn't smell Kandi. We love being in our room, it is still called the Kandi room.

I also hang out looking out the back window watching the lizards on the wall, the birds flying all around and even the big birdies called raptors.

So thank you to all my friends for remembering me today and sending me gifts today. Love you all and you certainly have made my day.

Hugs and love


I ate what? OMC

February 22nd 2015 1:49 pm
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Hi from me to my friends

I scared Mom today and here is why.

You see my human sisters sent Mom pretty flowers for her birthday, they are so pretty with ribbon too & a balloon.

Well Dad took Mom out to an early dinner last night while they were gone I just couldn't help myself I jumped up on Mom's dresser and munched on the ribbon. Mom forgot to put them in the pantry before she left, bad Mom & bad me.

OK we all know what happen next that's right it thankfully came out the other end sorta. Dad saw me scooting late last night so he cleaned up the marks I left. Mom got up this morning not knowing what I did, she found skid marks all over the floor. She says ok Kody or Tu which one of you did this. None of us Meowed anything we acted innocent of course.
So the only thing she could do was look at our bottoms and there it was a long piece of ribbon was hanging out of my bottom. At first Mom thought it was poop with blood. She had to put me between her legs and pull it out, Mom says it was about 2 to 3 inches long. OMC she can't believe it neither can i, I ate that thing!!!
Mom is keeping watch to see if I poop, she wants to make sure I can go and if any more ribbon comes out.

Let's hope it all came out! Moms says what next Kody? One never knows



Hello to my friends

January 27th 2015 3:09 pm
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Just stopping by to say hello to all my friends, I am still here and we continue to wait and wait for the day when catster will not have problems and we all can have fun again...we sure hope we won't have to wait much longer as time goes on there is less and less of us around and so many are loosing interest including Mom...but she is hanging in there like we are.

Not much going on here, we just hang out with Mom and Dad, sleeping in our warm beds and sun...

Well we sure hope this place will get fixed, it will make so many very happy.

Hugs to all


We Had SNOW This Morning

January 1st 2015 2:04 pm
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Mom woke up this morning looked outside and what did she see SNOW! yes that is right us desert kitties had SNOW this morning. This storm California had came to us yesterday bringing very cold weather with rain, wind and during the night it SNOWED. We know a lot of you have snow every year but us from California we don't get snow, but what is surprising is we moved to the desert and here we get SNOW.

It was beautiful to see all the desert and surrounding mountains with snow, but of course as the sun came out and it got warmer all the way to 43 it started melting. Mom took lots of pictures, I even got to go out on my leash to explore, I must say I didn't mind being in it, Zeke didn't like it and Tu Two did everything to avoid the white stuff on the ground, the dogs were not too happy about having to go out to do their business either too cold for them. Mom took pictures of me,Zeke & Tu out in it but of course with Catster being the way it is she doesn't want to put on my page because she is afraid we will lose our comments, so hopefully one of these days it will be fixed and we will share our pictures with all of you.

What a wonderpurr surprise for us this first day of 2015. We wish for this year that our beloved Catster will return to what we love about it and for health, warmth, love for all.

Kody and family


Happy Holiday

December 21st 2014 6:19 pm
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HO HO HO! It's me Kody one of the desert kitties stopping by to wish all of our friends HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our house to yours. Wishing lots of good blessing for 2015



Think Pink This Month & Believe

October 1st 2014 1:59 pm
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We are all thinking pink this month, yes even me a boy because we too can get breast cancer, but we are mostly thinking pink, wearing pink and have our pages pink to honor our sisfur Tallulah and those that we know that made their journey because of breast cancer. Yes it is breast cancer awareness for humans, but we do it too for kitties and doggies because we all know that many can and do get breast cancer.

I didn't get to know my angel sisfur but let me tell she was one brave warrior in pink she sure was, because of her being so brave we continue to fight the battle for her as she does from heaven...we wear pink and continue to spread the word and make others aware....we proudly wear our pink even if we are boys...

We also believe that there will be a cure, we have to we can't give up because our Tallulah never did.

She and others like our friend Sugar are pink warriors in heaven still fighting and will continue to fight for the cure for KITTY BREAST CANCER.

hugs to you all


My Gotcha Day 2

September 25th 2014 4:01 pm
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Thank you friends for all of your gifts for my gotcha day, we don't get on catster as much as we used too, Mom is always doing something else.

Mom almost forgot my Gotcha day like she did with Tu Two, luckily she looked on her phone in the morning and saw all my gifts coming in, but she was busy and didn't have time to get on the computer.

So I had a nice quite gotcha day, I got to spend time out in the garage, not sure if you all know but I have discovered the garage and I love going out there to take naps and in the evening looking for bugs that may come in. Then I came in slept on Moms bed.

I didn't get anything special for dinner cause I am on that special diet and I have to admit I am not always a big fan of that food...Mom has to put a little of the fishy can food on top in get me to eat it.

When Mom got our food for the month she found a new treat for us, I have to tell you we do not get the treats everyday, Mom is watching what Tu Two gets she has to loose weight...the treats are Wellness treats and we like them, I got some in the evening before Mom went to bed.

Mom always gives me lots of love as she does with all of us, but this day I think I got more because it was my special day Mom brought me home from the pet food store I was running around in.

Mom said I could have a wish for my gotcha day and you know I am wishing for? for Catster to get fixed more and more each day so we all can have fun again, and mostly for all of our friends to come back.

Mom loves me


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