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Many thank yous for my DDP today

July 27th 2014 10:50 am
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OMC I am being honored again guess HQ likes me, well I am likeable after all. But honestly I am very honored and happy as well. Thank you for picking me as one of the DDP'S.

Mom can't use her lap top for now dad is transferring all of her precious things from her old lap top to her new as we are typing this on her phone. We might say it just isn't the same so please forgive us if we have mistakes darn phone. Now Mom has to figure out how to do everything everything all over sure hope she can learn and most importantly everything transfer. Luckily she put her important items on her external hard druve. But we still worry.
I have to tell you Mom & Dad slept in past our breakfast time so I decided to wake them up you all know what I did yep I jump on them and demanded Mom get up and feed me. IT WORKED!!!

So my tummy is full and I am content, this k it is time to ask mom to let me in the garage, but first I need to thank all for helping me celebrate.
And Finally Mom got new glasses so she was having eye & headaches last week so we couldn't visit catster land. Mom says we will catch up soon.

Time to go too hard to do this on the phone we will be back cause we love you all and catster land.



Thank yous

July 22nd 2014 12:08 pm
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MOL all in one week I have been DDP and then my birthday! well we didn't miss them, we saw them on our email notices, but Mom didn't want to come here not because she didn't want me to thank my friends for my gifts and comments, but as we all know just too many problems getting on and being able to do things here in our beloved catsterland . So we have been taking a break.

Now that we have said that I personally want to say thank you to all my friends that managed to get on catsterland to give me wonderpurr gifts, love and are all the best and I love you all.

Now that I am 2 Mom says I am a big boy, you got that right I am big. I am big enough to try to jump the brick wall, Mom had me outside so I could explore she was right there with me and I just took a leap onto the top of the wall before she could react. Mom panicked and was able to get me before I figured I could jump down into our neighbors yard. I wanted to explore and see what was on the other side of our brick wall. Mom grabbed me and in the house I went. Now I can't be out, If I go out it is on the leash and no where near the wall.

I love getting to explore and I don't understand why I can't go explore, Mom has said something about wild animals out there, I sure haven't seen any just birds and lizards.

I love going out into the garage now even if it is hot out there, I walk around and then I lay on the concrete roll a little, then I take naps. Of course I don't get to stay out there for long Mom worries about me getting too hot so she comes and brings me in. She doesn't mind that I go out there she wants to keep my stress free and if this a way for me to be calm and sleep good then she is fine with me being in the garage. She calls me her garage kitty...

I love getting to sleep on Moms bed with Tu Two, sometimes Zeke, also sleeping on my cat tree next to my window, so if something is happening out in the yard I will be right there to see.

My birthday well it was just another day for me, Mom has given us so many new toys and catnip she said that we didn't need anymore for now. I did get to have a little fishy for dinner last night it was on top of my special diet, she said I have been such a good boy that it will be OK just to have a small amount of yummy fish for my bithday, I also got to have some tuna flakes.

Besides getting lots of hugs and kisses for my birthday it was a normal day around here.

Thank you all for remembering me and taking the time to wish me a happy birthday what wonderpurr friends you are...and one even thinks I have grown into a handsome I blush!!!!

Sending my love and hugs to you all, gotta go take my afternoon nappy!



My 2nd Birthday

July 13th 2014 4:16 pm
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MOL today is my 2nd birthday, we can't believe I am 2 now, where did the time go. So much has happened in my 2 yrs, the best is my Mom adopting me and giving me my home.

Today I woke Mom up Mom, Mom it is my birthday today, let's get up so I can get my gift and my breakfast. But first things first let me out into the garage. You see now I love going into our new garage I explore, sniff the car tires to see where Mom and Dad have been, then I lay on the piece of carpet they have on the floor I clean myself and I fall asleep. Mom doesn't let me stay in there for long because it gets way too hot, I enjoy being in there no matter what. So while Mom was getting my breakfast ready I was exploring and staying out of her way.

Soon she was getting me and giving me my birthday breakfast, nothing special, well yeah special alright, my special diet. Sure wish I could have fish!!!! I did get some tuna flakes

So as the day went I waited and waited for my gift, Mom was busy cleaning our boxes know what I mean!!! Finally she comes to me and gives me my new pouch filled with organic catnip, boy I have to tell you these are the best smelling catnip! and I also got a new mousie, it is small and hard the kind I love. I played and played having a good ole time. Now I am taking my afternoon nap on Moms bed...she is typing my dictation for I can sleep...

Now I am a big cat, no longer a little kitty boy! I am one happy kitty and I love life.

Mom told me I could have 2 wishes,if I wanted to share my wishes with you all it was first is too stay healthy no more blockages...sure hope not! and the other one is for Catster to return again like it was or close to what is was so we all can have fun again. So hope my wishes come true!!!!

Now I have to say thank you to you all for my gifts and well wishes, Mom has been trying to thank all my friends, it doesn't go to your pages or it is taking please forgive us for not thanking each of you personally..

I love you all, you have all made my birthday so special, yes friends are what make our special days so wonderpurr!!!

hugs and love to you all


Enjoying life in the desert

July 12th 2014 2:44 pm
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Now that we have been in our new house for several months I have to say we are settling in; getting used to living here, not scared like we were, I love so many places to hang out, my cat tree (formly Tallulah's) I look out the back watching my lizard grow bigger, birds small and big, butterflies too. Mom and I watch the storms coming too it blows the trees poor trees!
I have discovered a whole new area the garage, I love spendinG time exploring, sniffing, rolling on the concrete And Taking A Nap Only To be awakened by mom telling me time to come in to the cool house.
Yesterday mom got out our pet stroller she put me in & we went out the front that was so Kool a new view from our house.

I am having fun & loving my new home now, I am not stressing out great news. Sleeping on mom's bed in the afternoon and playing what a life being a desert cat.

Well I gotta go need to take my nap now...

Kody the desert cat


Feeling better today, sure took a long time though!

June 16th 2014 12:18 pm
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Hello my friends, thank you for your comments, purrs and prayers for me while I was having trouble with my medication.

I have to tell you that Mom was there with me and didn't sleep much either, she was watching over me to make sure I wasn't going to have any other issues with taking my medication.

So as the morning came and we woke up I was still very tired and so was Mom. I did get up and play, ate my food, but I eyes were still dilated some and I just wanted to be lazy and sleep. Guess what so did Mom! so both of us just hung out in Moms room and we slept.

Today I am doing so much better and I back to myself. I am so happy that is over, never do me or Mom want me to go through that again. Mom is just happy I didn't get any worse during the night and I am a happy boy again enjoying life.

Mom is waiting for the vet to get back to Mom so they can talk about giving Mom medication for me to have on hand just in case I start showing signs of stress or getting blocked. Mom hopes the vet agrees with giving me the medication I had when I came home for the ER....I did fine with it and there were no side affects either.

Again thank you all for being here for me and Mom, Mon felt so bad that she happened to me, she told me that she won't let that happen again unless I have surgery or need to be knocked out for any reason...hope not.

We all purr for those in need of our and hugs


My medication made me not feel well

June 14th 2014 9:24 pm
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Well Mom has been watching me this evening and she wasn't sure if I was starting to have a problem with getting blocked or not. So she decided to give me my medication she has on hand just in case in hopes it will help me and I won't have to go to the vet.

Well a little while after she gave me my medication Tramadol I was in her room playing with my laser light when I started to feel funny. I went into the other room then to the laundry room where I thought OK I will go to my box.

All of a sudden my pupils dilated and I started meowing loudly sounding weird. Dad was there, Mom heard me and came running to see what was wrong thinking I was having trouble peeing....

I was acting like I was going to throw up but not! Mom came to me looked at me and said my eyes were dilated and I wouldn't move. Finally I moved into the front room and when Mom tried to check me I moved and was facing the wall. Mom told Dad that isn't a good sign.

So Mom hurried and looked up Tramadol for side affects and she thinks I am having side affects from getting this medication....Mom is so mad because she wanted something to help me not make me act weird and funny. She is watching me like a hawk now and is afraid to sleep.

I was getting Prazosin urethral relaxant after my stay at the ER. Mom is going to call my new vet Monday morning and tell her she isn't going to give me this medication again and she wants the Prazosin...I had no problems at all with it.

Mom can't believe this is happening, it scared her and it sure scared me I didn't know what was going on. So now I am just laying on the floor with dilated pupils, when Mom pets me I meow loudly...guess I am telling her you think!!!!!

Mom will just give me my homeopathic medication and not give me drugs, she feels like she OD me with this drug...and she isn't happy with the vet, Mom did ask for the Prazosin but the vet felt this would be better....NOT!!!!

We will let you know how I am doing tomorrow unless Mom is at the ER with me...we can't believe this is happening to me, I was doing so good and had a good day

Kody and a sad worried Mom


I am Home Finally Home

May 18th 2014 2:17 pm
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Howdy, well I finally got to come home yesterday, boy was I happy to be home, rubbing on everything and checking out the house. I am very dopey because they have me on medication still to help me relax and pain meds.

I didn't eat much while I was there so Mom thinks I have lost a little weight. I have slept mostly since I have come home, still not feeling too good, but better now that I am home.

Dad has to hold me so Mom can get my capsule down me, sure hate that yes I do, Mom keeps telling me it will help me get better. I get a treat of dried shrimp because I shallow my pill

This Morning I wanted my food, yes I even got 2 helpings of my food, I was so hungry and once again I got my medication. Then I came to Mom's room to lay on my favorite cat tree and look out the window and there it was the lizard sitting on the wall...I watched and watched as it moved around and ran across the top and back.

Then Mom comes in with another favorite place for me to hang out on, the over the door nap and play tree, I got on it and have been there ever since sleeping, yes sleeping, I am too tired to do anything else.

Oh and I have to tell you I almost forgot, I decided to play in the water bowl this morning, it was so much fun, I had both paws in it just standing there, then I was splashing it all over the floor and licking my paws. Mom didn't mind because she knew I was having fun and I was getting water with the licking of my paws. What fun I had and afterwards Mom had a big mess to clean up.

I am so happy to be home and away from that place, they were nice, but it wasn't home, too much going on all the time, some very sick doggies and kitties there.

Mom is hoping to keep me from getting stressed, she will give me some Rescue Remedy next week because there will be landscapers working to fix our backyard so it won't be all dirt...she sure hopes I don't get sick again.

Yeah I heard them talking about this surgery I might have to have if I keep having these blockages, I know Mom doesn't want to do it so she is looking into what else she can do to help me not stress so much, but you all know how good us kitties are at hiding the illnesses and that we are stressed...

Now I have to thank you all so very much and from the bottom of my heart for purring and praying for me...the POTP does work and we sure hope it works for me to help me not get sick again and have the surgery....

I am tired now so I need to close my eyes and take a nap before Mom has to give me my medication again. Love you all!

Hugs from Arizona desert cowboy Kody



May 16th 2014 2:02 pm
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Howdy my friends, well I am still at the vet and I continue to WOW all the girls here, they love me and think I am so cute...well of course I am!

I have to tell you it was very busy here last night lots of emergencies and it was scarey for me, not knowing what was going on, I just wanted to go home.

So my very pretty and nice Vet called Mom this morning I will let her tell you how I am doing! Take over Mom...

Well Kody is doing better, he is peeing as much as he is getting fluids put in him. He ate very little this morning, so hope he is eating better he loves food.

They are continuing the fluids, he still has the catheter in him, if he continues to do well all day they will remove the catheter and see if he pees on his own. If he does well over night he may get to come home, it is all on Kody when he gets to leave. I know he is in good hands and they are taking very good care of him.

He is still on his special can food and he drinks reverse osmosis water only.

Got an email from his vets in San Diego, they agree that surgery is the very last resort, they said he would more than likely get UTI's after surgery and he has to be on meds for pain...So I will do surgery only if I have no other choice, I will do anything to not have to do that to my sweet Kody...I just can't imagine doing that surgery and cutting him like they would have to to make the opening bigger so he doesn't get blocked, it is just beyond me that is the only way. Luckily they have specialists and he has already seen Kody and knows his history, he has done this surgery....

I just hope with time and things settling here soon he will be OK...I am not sure how to keep him from being stressed, he sure hides it well

OK Mom my turn, I want to thank you all for the comments, the suggestions and help. Also for your purrs and POTP...we know it is working and now we just have to pray that I won't need surgery down the road..maybe shorter road than we all want..

So for now hugs from me to you all

Kody and Mom


I am Vet ER

May 15th 2014 4:52 pm
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Howdy friends from Arizona,

Well here I go again, I am all blocked again, I only have a few minutes to let you know I am at the Vet ER and will be for at least 2 days maybe longer. Mom caught me trying to pee in the kitchen sink this morning, it was to let her know I was having trouble peeing, then I tried in the potty box for at least 5 minutes, then I went into their bathroom and pee a very small amount on the bath mat...Mom had already called the new vet, they are a smaller vet and just couldn't fit me in today, not even if they left me there, Mom was a little upset, but understood...they recommended the Southern Arizona Veterninary Specialty & Emergency Center 20 miles away. So Mom & Dad drove me there, I was not a happy boy at all. They took me right away, Mom didn't get to say good bye to me, but they knew I was coming and wanted to get things started to help me pee.

So I am there and not happy at all....of course Mom isn't either but she will do anything for will be more expensive for me to be there and get the care I need.

Meowing lots and unhappily too...but boy do I smoosh the vet ladies they are all loving on me and I am loving on them...hate having the catheter in me, but now I know it will help me..

Kody's Mom here: yes Kody is at the ER for his blockage, I may have to find another vet that is larger, I can't always be taking him 20 miles away to get unblocked...The vet asked if we have consider the surgery to correct his blockage, I told her say but we don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary and the last resort...

He is doing well I am waiting to hear how he did this afternoon, of course they are all falling in love with my sweet loving boy. They told me that i could keep pain killers that will relax him on hand to give to him, so I will have to talk to the vet to see if I can get some and of course the cosequin.

I know that he can't keeping this up and I will eventually have to make a decision but I don't want to do the surgery....had any one else done the surgery!

We are getting more settled, but I am afraid that we have more to do, have to have our backyard landscaped, someone do some window coverings for a couple of rooms. So I will have to try to keep the stress level down for him which is hard to do because he acts normal and he seems that things are not bothering him....

So hopefully soon my boy will be home and we will be more settled so we can spend more time here...I will let you all know how he is doing....purrs for him are always welcomed..

hugs from all of us

Kody and Mom Peggy


We made it to Arizona and I am doing good!

May 8th 2014 12:48 pm
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Howdy my friends, well we are in our new home, what a drive it was for us, it really went smoothly. Mom had to make sure I got fluids while we were driving so every time we stopped Mom gave me water in a syringe. I got to get out of the car and only stuck my head out of my carrier of course Mom had me in my harness and leash so I wasn't going anywhere.

For 2 days we all were hiding in Moms big walk in closet, I was the first to go out and see where we were...I have to say to get to where the food is I have to walk further. We are still exploring all the new areas, but at least we have all of our belongings which Mom made sure was out ASAP so we would feel more comfortable.

We are now all settling into our house, I love being able to finally have my favorite cat tree, Mom put it right in front of my very own little window so I can look out the backyard, I get to see birdies fly by and oh yeah I got to see a big lizard sitting on our brick wall...last night I heard the coyotes scared me and Mom.

With the move and the drive over thank goodness I didn't get sick, I am doing well and back to doing all my favorite things, sleeping on Moms bed and stealing food when I can.

Thankfully I didn't get sick and have to go to the vet right after we moved which Mom thought, fooled her I such really I am doing well and we are now Arizona cowboy kitties...Mom says we live out in the wild.

We are so glad to see we can get back on Catster, Mom is still very busy getting everything settled in the house and organized so we will be here on and off when Mom has time and isn't tired...

For now bye from the new Arizona Cowboy kitty


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