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Surgery tomorrow

November 8th 2012 3:14 pm
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I heard Mom this afternoon talking to my Vet office, heard my name and her saying yes to no food, only water and I will be there in the morning for surgery by 8:30....the snip snip surgery for boy kitties...

Mom said I have to have this done because she doesn't want me to spray in the house because I smell a girl kitty or to get out run off find that girl kitty and make baby guess I don't have a choice, time for the surgery. Please boys help me!!!!!

I don't think I am going to like being left at the Vet office most of the day and Mom doesn't want to leave me either but it has to be done.

Good thing about my Vet is they use human grade anesthetic called Sevoflurane which will help me wake up faster, it is safer too, only thing is my surgery will cost Mom more but to her it is worth it..luckily I have insurance that has wellness it helps in the cost of my surgery. Mom is going to worry about me all day!

Mom says I will have to spend time in my cage while everyone eats in the morning, What no food for me not fair! I sure hope they will have cage service at the vet so I can get a little food, if not boy will Mom hear from me...and I just might tell everyone she is starving me.

Well my friends I will be eating a lot of food tonight, Mom says she will make sure I get more food just before she goes to bed...I sure hope I sleep tonight I think I am going to have catmares!

Wish me luck & purr for me, we will let you know how I am doing after I get home but first Mom has to feed me.



Thank you & You made my day

November 5th 2012 9:02 am
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Meow Meow MEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW!!! that is all I can say to Mom she made me miss my DDP on Saturday 11/3....OK I do have to tell you Mom decided to not do any of her computer things this weekend, you wanna know why? Well I will tell you Ok here goes.....

She will be working everyday the rest of this month and most of December too, ya even the holidays, she doesn't get them off she is taking care of her clients pets while they are away having a wonderpurr holiday!

So Mom wanted to rest and spend time with all of us, Zeke slept on Mom a lot of the time, I did too, but I was busy playing and having fun .Mom brushed us and clipped our claws, she played with us with our fishing pole toys, now as I wipe the tears from my eyes cause I wasn't here to thank my friends & HQ for choosing me as one of the DDP'S. I am having a good day celebrating today guess it is better late than not at all.


You Made My Day
I appreciate your kindness
More than words can say;
The very nice thing you did for me
Really made my day!

Now I am off to play and enjoy the warm weather we are having we have windows open and I see all of the buggies flying around..I think I will try to catch a fly.

You have made my day



Could Be Halloween

October 30th 2012 1:25 pm
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MOL these last few days have been so scary and Halloween isn't even here. The nasty lady Sandy is bad bad bad....she has left so many without homes, water every where and so much more...the winds are howling so scary for sure...but honestly we are not near there, but we know how scary it is for all of our friends. We are purring and praying that they are all safe. They are all in our thoughts and prayers as this nasty lady leaves a mess everywhere.

Yowling, prowling, growling cat
Why do you switch your tail like that?
Why do your eyes flash gold and green?
Could Be Halloween
Could be--must be--Halloween!
Slinky, inky, blinky cat,
Why do you arch your back like that?
What scary creatures have you seen?
Could be--must be- Halloween!
No it isn't Halloween it is Nasty Sandy leaving her mess everywhere....

Hugs and love to all of our friends


On The Counter

October 25th 2012 4:26 pm
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OK I have to tell you all I have figured out that getting on the counter is so much fun & I can help Mom get my food, get into the other dishes. This morning I was all over the place while Mom was trying to get our food on the plates I was getting into the can food. I discovered tuna today too...yummy! but I didn't get that for breakfast I got shredded chicken oh so good.

While Mom was putting in our supplements, me and Zeke's liquid immuno whatever that is I decided to get on the stove, Mom goes no Kody you don't get on the stove luckily the stove isn't on, now I left my paw prints all over the stove. My tiny cute paw prints.

I can't wait anymore to get my breakfast so I am sampling everyone's food even the doggies I have to admit not too bad chicken!

Oh I do think this counter thing is going to be fun, if I want my food first just get on the counter and bug Mom and get into everything. Mom even put me on the floor several times but I was right back up there...oh yeah Tu Two was up on the counter too, she is the one that taught me to jump on Dads chair and on to the counter..

Mom it is all Tu Two's fault!!!!you blame her not me for giving you a hard time.

Well I am off time to get on the counter again, soon it will be dinner time and I want to be first to get mine...I wonder what it will be...chicken, turkey, fishy no no fish for me too little, but one day I think I want fishy like my sisfur and brofur get.



Thank you again

October 24th 2012 1:52 pm
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MOL I think I am on a role what can I do next to impress the diary lady...let me see!!!!!!

First thank you diary lady for honoring me once again, thank you friends for stopping by, reading my diary, your comments and gifts...sorry no poo flying story this time...this is from Mom about me...hope you like her welcoming me to my forever home...

The soft Orange kitten climbs out of his carrier,
cautiously stepping into the room,
alert in this new place.

No matter where you have been in the past,
sweet one, your future comes
with a promise of food, shelter, safety,
comfort, and love in this your forever home.

From the pet store you came into my life,
now I think I will call you Kody.
I rescued you from that store because
I knew I could give you a better life,
a forever home.

Look at you my sweet Kody so soft & orange,
you fit right in now you belong in your forever home.

You are a purring machine for sure,
love to be scritched and demands to be fed,
now you have discovered how to climb
up to the counter to find your food in your forever home.

You have toys & beds all over the place,
you leap, run and chase your sisfur in your forever home.

You are exploring and learning each day as you grow,
you don't like your collar but like your harness because
it means you can go out to chase the flies in your forever home.

You are winning our hearts by leaps & bounds,
you my new little orange purring machine Kody
welcome to your family and to your forever home.


Me the cutiest little pumpkin is DDP

October 22nd 2012 3:45 pm
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Look at me I am on the community page and I am one of the DDP today! Yipee to me....this is a surprise to all of us, then we go and look at the other diaries and to our surprise again Queen Tallulah our angel is DDP today too..double the surprise! yippee yippee for me and my angel Tallulah!

Wow I have heard if you write about poo the diary lady picks you to be DDP! now I believe what I heard. Now talking about poo I am not having anymore flying poops! but Mom is still watching me cause I am still on my antibiotics...what is a boy to do!

We took a break this weekend from being on the computer and that is what Mom gets for not letting us here to be with our friends...but I got lots of sleeping time on Moms lap and got to be out all day playing and having fun.

Thank you Dairy lady for my honor and our Tallulah's and to our friends for the comments, pictures and gifts you sent to us. Mom is still catching up and reading everything so it may take a day or two to thank you all..

Oh have to tell you that I got to go out for a short time today of course on my leash and I got to case flies...maybe I should do a diary about nasty fun flies since it is almost Halloween...

Well I gotta go and see what I can find to play with! thanks again from me to you



My flying Poo

October 19th 2012 4:44 pm
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Mom got a good laugh this morning and I didn't know she was laughing at me. I was very busy trying to find the purrfect spot to poo and I really needed to go...I was turning and turning like we all do to get the purrfect place in the litter box. Well I have a small box in my cage luckily it is in our kitchen/dining area. My butt was facing outwards and while turning all of a sudden a poo came out & flew out of me and the cage. Mom was standing there making sure I am going potty since I am on antibiotics...well she got her answer...and you know what I didn't even realize I had a flying poo..Mom is lucky too it didn't land on her foot.

Mom was laughing and I was finally pooing and she continues her laughing, when I was done I turned looked at her and meowed "what is so funny" can't I have some peace, quite & privacy while I am doing my business really...

Then Mom told Dad and I knew why she was laughing I saw the one little poo by her foot, she said if I was tried to do that again I couldn't have gotten the poo to fly out of my cage & land by Moms foot..really just watch out cause Kody can and will have another flying poo...

Moms says she is going to put a sign on my cage "BEWARE OF THE FLYING POO" Oh really that is so funny, I don't think so, if you weren't watching you would have never known it was me doing the flying poo....

Oh yeah I am doing better every day, Mom even let me out and I have been playing some & running around. I sure hope I never hurt my leg again cause this boy needs to be moving, running and playing.



Update on Kody

October 18th 2012 5:13 pm
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Kody is doing better, his fever finally broke and he now wants to run around and play. Having to still keep him from doing to much, he did a little too much this morning and he limped a little. He is here rubbing on me cause he wants his dinner...

So thank you for all your purrs and prayers..

I have a call to our Vet to see if I can get Zeke some medicine cause he is still not feeling good...cause he gets URI from time to time I am hoping I don't have to take him in, it will just stress him out more...She will be calling tomorrow, if she does let us just get the medication Mom will get it Saturday morning...

Well that is all from me and Mom...hopefully in another week I will be back to myself.



I am feeling a little better

October 17th 2012 4:37 pm
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Well I have to tell you all that I am feeling a little better today. I don't like the medication Mom puts in my mouth...

Mom says I am still feeling a little warm and she isn't letting me run around or play much. But I have to say I am not in the mood to do any of that right now. Hoping as the days go by I feel better and will soon be back to myself.

I just asked Mom for food so that is a good sign because I haven't been asking the last few days and I even was on Moms lap watching the so see the butterflies!

Well I gotta go get my food and rest, take to ya again.



Update from my Vet visit

October 16th 2012 3:48 pm
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I am back, I am back what a relief it is!!!!Stressed out and MEOWED all the way to and back, even there too.

Mom got there early so they took me in right away. The Vet tech took my temperature first in my ear 104, she told Mom that was a little high. She talked to the Vet in the back and they told her to do the other way to make sure, well I have to tell you this little orange boy was not happy at all no way more MEOWS loudly and Mom had a hard time keeping me still cause I fought them I sure did, again I am running a fever.

Mom and I met the other lady Vet she is nice too and Mom likes her. I was purring and purring loudly that she couldn't hear my heart, she even ran the water to get me to stop purring, but I wasn't having anything to do with water, no way man......

My Vet lady looked me over, asked Mom questions and then felt my front left leg and paw. She didn't see anything, she said usually with a hurt leg/paw and fever that means a puncture wound. No sign of punctures, but she felt that my upper leg is a little swollen. She said there were no broken bones so no x ray for me...oh goodie! She took me in the back to talk to my regular Vet and have her confirm the swelling in my leg and to make sure she didn't want to do the x ray...she agreed.

So I am now on 2 medications one for pain Buprenex yuckie nasty! and the other for infection Clavamox, Mom says that is the good ol stand by for everything....I haven't had that one yet, Mom will give to me later cause I get that one every 12 hours, the other 3 times a day.

I am now resting in my cage, I will fall asleep as soon as I get down dictating to Mom. I will be on my medication for 10 days.

Mom had to move my appointment to get fixed to November 6th, they want to make sure I am healthy again and my leg is all healed...Mom is the one that asked to move it back and they said no way would they do my surgery next week, I have to all well.

Thanks for all of your purrs and well wishes, we will let you know how I am feeling tomorrow....hoping I will be running around soon, but in the mean time I am stuck in my large kitty cage at least I am out where I can see all...

Kody the not feeling so well little orange kitty boy!

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