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I ate what? OMC

February 22nd 2015 1:49 pm
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Hi from me to my friends

I scared Mom today and here is why.

You see my human sisters sent Mom pretty flowers for her birthday, they are so pretty with ribbon too & a balloon.

Well Dad took Mom out to an early dinner last night while they were gone I just couldn't help myself I jumped up on Mom's dresser and munched on the ribbon. Mom forgot to put them in the pantry before she left, bad Mom & bad me.

OK we all know what happen next that's right it thankfully came out the other end sorta. Dad saw me scooting late last night so he cleaned up the marks I left. Mom got up this morning not knowing what I did, she found skid marks all over the floor. She says ok Kody or Tu which one of you did this. None of us Meowed anything we acted innocent of course.
So the only thing she could do was look at our bottoms and there it was a long piece of ribbon was hanging out of my bottom. At first Mom thought it was poop with blood. She had to put me between her legs and pull it out, Mom says it was about 2 to 3 inches long. OMC she can't believe it neither can i, I ate that thing!!!
Mom is keeping watch to see if I poop, she wants to make sure I can go and if any more ribbon comes out.

Let's hope it all came out! Moms says what next Kody? One never knows



Hello to my friends

January 27th 2015 3:09 pm
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Just stopping by to say hello to all my friends, I am still here and we continue to wait and wait for the day when catster will not have problems and we all can have fun again...we sure hope we won't have to wait much longer as time goes on there is less and less of us around and so many are loosing interest including Mom...but she is hanging in there like we are.

Not much going on here, we just hang out with Mom and Dad, sleeping in our warm beds and sun...

Well we sure hope this place will get fixed, it will make so many very happy.

Hugs to all


We Had SNOW This Morning

January 1st 2015 2:04 pm
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Mom woke up this morning looked outside and what did she see SNOW! yes that is right us desert kitties had SNOW this morning. This storm California had came to us yesterday bringing very cold weather with rain, wind and during the night it SNOWED. We know a lot of you have snow every year but us from California we don't get snow, but what is surprising is we moved to the desert and here we get SNOW.

It was beautiful to see all the desert and surrounding mountains with snow, but of course as the sun came out and it got warmer all the way to 43 it started melting. Mom took lots of pictures, I even got to go out on my leash to explore, I must say I didn't mind being in it, Zeke didn't like it and Tu Two did everything to avoid the white stuff on the ground, the dogs were not too happy about having to go out to do their business either too cold for them. Mom took pictures of me,Zeke & Tu out in it but of course with Catster being the way it is she doesn't want to put on my page because she is afraid we will lose our comments, so hopefully one of these days it will be fixed and we will share our pictures with all of you.

What a wonderpurr surprise for us this first day of 2015. We wish for this year that our beloved Catster will return to what we love about it and for health, warmth, love for all.

Kody and family


Happy Holiday

December 21st 2014 6:19 pm
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HO HO HO! It's me Kody one of the desert kitties stopping by to wish all of our friends HAPPY HOLIDAYS from our house to yours. Wishing lots of good blessing for 2015



Think Pink This Month & Believe

October 1st 2014 1:59 pm
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We are all thinking pink this month, yes even me a boy because we too can get breast cancer, but we are mostly thinking pink, wearing pink and have our pages pink to honor our sisfur Tallulah and those that we know that made their journey because of breast cancer. Yes it is breast cancer awareness for humans, but we do it too for kitties and doggies because we all know that many can and do get breast cancer.

I didn't get to know my angel sisfur but let me tell she was one brave warrior in pink she sure was, because of her being so brave we continue to fight the battle for her as she does from heaven...we wear pink and continue to spread the word and make others aware....we proudly wear our pink even if we are boys...

We also believe that there will be a cure, we have to we can't give up because our Tallulah never did.

She and others like our friend Sugar are pink warriors in heaven still fighting and will continue to fight for the cure for KITTY BREAST CANCER.

hugs to you all


My Gotcha Day 2

September 25th 2014 4:01 pm
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Thank you friends for all of your gifts for my gotcha day, we don't get on catster as much as we used too, Mom is always doing something else.

Mom almost forgot my Gotcha day like she did with Tu Two, luckily she looked on her phone in the morning and saw all my gifts coming in, but she was busy and didn't have time to get on the computer.

So I had a nice quite gotcha day, I got to spend time out in the garage, not sure if you all know but I have discovered the garage and I love going out there to take naps and in the evening looking for bugs that may come in. Then I came in slept on Moms bed.

I didn't get anything special for dinner cause I am on that special diet and I have to admit I am not always a big fan of that food...Mom has to put a little of the fishy can food on top in get me to eat it.

When Mom got our food for the month she found a new treat for us, I have to tell you we do not get the treats everyday, Mom is watching what Tu Two gets she has to loose weight...the treats are Wellness treats and we like them, I got some in the evening before Mom went to bed.

Mom always gives me lots of love as she does with all of us, but this day I think I got more because it was my special day Mom brought me home from the pet food store I was running around in.

Mom said I could have a wish for my gotcha day and you know I am wishing for? for Catster to get fixed more and more each day so we all can have fun again, and mostly for all of our friends to come back.

Mom loves me



Mommy loves me on my 2nd Gotcha day

September 20th 2014 7:58 pm
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Mom loves me more and more on my 2nd gotcha day. More tomorrow about my day.


Yesterdays DDP Honor

September 7th 2014 2:52 pm
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Howdy from me Kody now the desert cowboy, well not sure what that means, but guess I will say OK....I am a cowboy living in the desert.

So Mom was checking her mail on her phone yesterday and saw that I was a DDP, we couldn't get on because Mom and Dad were cleaning, it sure made all of us tired...watching is very tiring for us kitties. We all took a nap!

I want to thank the diary lady for choosing me or who ever does the choosing & to my friends who commented. I am honored and happy to have been chosen along with so many of our friends yesterday, ConCats to them from all of us.

So to let you know what is going on I have to say not much, too hot for us to be out in our enclosure, too hot to do much most of the day, yeah we have a cool house but we mostly play in the morning and then at night. When Mom goes to bed me and Tu Two play with each other for a short time, then I get on Moms bed to sleep with her and Zeke. I still like to go out into the garage to take my after morning meal and evening meal nap. I am out there all alone, I stretch out on the cool concrete and sleep, what a good sleep too.

I have learned where Mom keeps our bag of catnip, every morning I go into the laundry room on the counter meooow for the catnip, she sticks some of our toys in it over night and WOW does it smell so good, she also will sprinkle some on our scratching cardboard and trees, we have so much fun getting high on the nip...I have to tell you I rip all of the catnip toys Mom gets for us, she tells me I am her first cat that rips up my toys and make a mess, I tell her isn't that what they are for, us to have fun, of course I guess because I am a big boy I get carried away and it doesn't take much for me to rip them up. I have even torn or pulled my pole toys a part...

Well that is about it from here in the desert of Arizona, we are waiting for a big storm to come, we sure need some rain..Gotta go! hugs to you all



What Have I Been Up To!

August 27th 2014 4:40 pm
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Howdy friends from me Kody one of the new desert Kitties we sure hope you are all doing well and we will soon have more & more of our friends returning.

Well now I guess it is time for me to tell you what I have been up to, I have discovered the garage, yep the garage! I love going out the first thing in the morning to check it out and see if I can find any bugs, sometimes I do and then I don't...this is even before I have my breakfast. Mom leaves the door ajar with the light on so she will remember I am out there, I usually meow at the door wanting back in. Soon after breakfast some mornings I ask to go back out in the garage. Mom has put pieces of a rug and some old runners out there for me, I love to take my morning nap out there. Then after I eat dinner I love to go back out to take my after dinner nap. Once Mom & Dad are finished with dinner Mom brings me in for the night. Mom keeps telling me she is going to move me out there because I just love being out there so much, but she hasn't guess it is too hot out there and it can be dangerous if they forget I am out there. Once Dad opened the big door and I made a dash to go out, Mom got me really fast. So no she isn't going to move me out there.

Finally Mom put our enclosure back together took her like forever to do it and it was in the heat...poor Mom we watched from inside! So now me and Zeke like to go out in the mornings if I am not in the garage. Mom says soon it will cool off so we can be out there longer, she worries because it gets so very hot here. It is on the patio near the door so Mom & Dad can see us and watch over us, and the patio is covered so it doesn't get wet or too much sun.

I like to seat on my cat tree and watch the big hawks soaring over our yard and beyond, they sure are big so big they look like a plane to me. I am always watching for my lizard friends, don't always see them, but I have to tell you we have watched them get bigger, oh how they can run across our brick wall across the back of our yard.

Oh I have to tell you Mom and Dad got a new bed one that goes up and goes down...I jumped up on the bed before Mom could put the bedding on and I jumped in the air because it was not the same bed & Mom was making it go up.. we can go under the bed before we couldn't, they had to get rid of their pedestal bed with drawers...I haven't been on the bed much I am still not sure about this bed going up and down, not that it goes up and down much.

We love our new house now that all settled and I am doing well, Mom has me on natural remedy for my blockage to help me not get sick again. So far so good.

Well my friends that is about it, we are just happy Catster is getting fixed and we all have to make sure we are patient we know it will be great once they get it all fixed....we think it will be better.

OK I am off need to see if Mom will let me out in the garage gotta check for bugs before dinner!



We are happy

August 22nd 2014 4:45 pm
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OMC we are so happy cause we can now change out our backgrounds, no more holiday pages...boy are we glad. But now Mom has to remember how to do everything and try to do it on her new lap top...we just did our pages with our last years honor for our Tallulah...well I didn't really get to know her, but I know she sent Mom into that store and showed me to her. Now I have the bestest home and Mom....

Thank you HQ for working on Catster so we can be with our friends again.

We sure hope our friends will start coming back now especially since there are new owners and they have all worked so very hard to get our beloved Catster back up and running and for caring enough.

Well that is it for now, we are so excited to be back...more to come because we have so much to tell you all about living in Arizona now...


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