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Home:Boston, MA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

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Maddie,Madapuss,Kibbler, the Mush, Musher,Noodle, Ham-a-lot,Meow Tse Tung, Maddieburgers,chunky butt, Jabba the Hut

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:

October 18th 2004

Silver-Patched Tabby

Playing with her da bird and fish scratcher thing, her crinkly tunnel, rolling around on our rug like a dog, watching birdies, drinking from cups instead of her water bowl, being scratched on her ears and under her chin, "mushing" us at 5am, SLEEPING!

Taking medicine,the vacuum, strangers,being kicked out of the refrigerator

Favorite Toy:
Da Bird, cat dancer, hair elastics, straws, cough drop wrappers, our shoes, her new baby sister Lucy

Favorite Nap Spot:
in her carrier bag on the windowsill (see picture),her "throne" made of pillows, in our bed, the "inbox" on our desk, curled into tiny spaces like dresser drawers and cubbies

Favorite Food:
prosciutto, tuna, chicken, greenies. Oh, who are we kidding - EVERYTHING!! She can smell the pizza delivery man from miles away!

Playing "hide and go seek", making bird noises when she plays, staring at us like we're crazy. Finding new ways to look even cuter than she did the day before.


Arrival Story:
Madeleine is the first cat we've ever owned. We saw her picture online and fell in love with her at first sight! We brought her back from sunny florida in the middle of a snow storm and after meowing at us all night long, she climbed into our bed, cuddled up between us and fell asleep. The rest is history.

She came from Cindiluvs cattery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ex.html

Forums Motto:
Maddie the Musher

The Groups I'm In:
Scottish Fold Cats, Soft on Cats. Hard on Fleas.

I've Been On Catster Since:
March 11th 2005 More than 11 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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The Adventures of Madeleine

I'm so confused

August 25th 2005 6:35 pm
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Hi everyone,
I am so totally perplexed, I just don't know what to do. Every day for about a month now, I have been living in shambles. There are huge boxes everywhere, with paper, and this strange krinkly stuff I've heard my humans call "bubble wrap." There are rolls and rolls of delicious sticky tape, but my mommy won't let me eat it, even though it tastes so good! Every time she catches me trying to pull the tape off the boxes so i can munch, so yells and claps her hands until I stop.

All my favorite hiding places have been taken away. The dresser drawers no longer have cushy sweaters for me to curl up on. My favorite cubbie is gone! And all the furniture is pushed into a corner so i can't hide under it. I just don't understand! Why are they torturing me like this! Did I do something bad?

Mommy keeps telling me that I will be much happier when we move to my our new home - but what's wrong with this home? She says we're going to take an airplane, and that all my favorite things will stay with us and go into our new home. But I dont want to take an airplane. I've already done that, and it was not my favorite thing at all. No.

I have decided to rebel against this so-called "move." Evey morning I wake her up early by meowing really loudly at her, and wapping her on the head with my paw. Then i lay on top of her chest, sticking my paws in her face and up her nose so she wakes up. Then I "mush" her with my paws and sometimes drool on her too. (okay, i admit. I drool on her when i'm happy too - i like to drool).

I thought maybe it would work, but she's always so nice to me when i wake her up. She doesn't get mad at all. She just keeps calling me cutiepie and falling back asleep. I need to be BIGGER! Yeah, that's it. I need to GROW. Then i'll be so heavy and loud that she'll take me seriously. Hmm... how am going to do that?


I got my mommy back!

April 22nd 2005 8:49 am
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Hi Everyone,
I am in the best mood today - because i got my mommy back! All week long she's been ignoring me, and i just dont understand why. Did i do something wrong? I know she keeps talking about final exams - whatever that means. She's been staying up all night and working at that machine thing that has the screen i like to bat at, and the typey thing i like walk across. She hasn't slept very much, so we haven't had time to cuddle in the mornings like we always do. I missed her!

I kept trying to get her attention and show her that I'm a good kitty. I tried to sit on the desk with her to be near her - I didn't mean to knock over the cup of water onto her homework. I followed her around, I meowed, I squeaked, I looked as cute as I possible can! I even crawled up her leg underneath her jeans, but she just told me that she had to get her work done. I was feeling desperate, and didn't know what else to do. Finally, she got into bed to get some sleep, and i was so excited that I crawled on top of her and purred and purred until she woke up. But instead of scratching my ears and saying nice things to me like usual - she just rolled over and went back to sleep. So then i took a drink of water from the cup on her nightstand - and decided to try to wake her up again. Maybe she just didn't hear me! I didn't mean to drool all over her with the water - I thought I had swallowed it all. Oops!
So finally i just gave up and went to sleep.

Somehow, I must have finally done something right because this morning when I woke up, she was petting me!! We played in bed for a whole hour and a half! and then she chased me around the house with my favorite feather toy. I pretended I was scared and ran away, but then i come back and want her to do it again - i love when she chases me. Then we sat down and had breakfast together and she scratched my ears again. I am so happy.

Well, i have to go now - i have very important things to get done today - like chasing my tail, using my scratching post, and meowing at the birds from my windowsill. Then, definitely a long nap.


I survived getting spayed and all i got was this lousy- t-shirt...

April 6th 2005 12:27 pm
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Well, today was quite a day. First I noticed something strange when I went to eat some food and my food bowl was gone! And so was my water bowl! I couldn't understand it. I walked around the house looking for something to eat or drink, and i even meowed at mommy to ask her to bring my food back, but nothing worked. Then the next morning, Mommy and Daddy woke me up very early and wanted me to get into my carrier. I didn't want to go for a ride - so i ran around the house and made them chase me for awhile.

When we got to Dr. K's instead of my mommy taking me into the room with the big table, the lady with the pink clothes took me away from her and into the big, cold, scary back room. I was NOT happy - but just when I was about to complain, I got veeery sleepy.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up and the people were telling me I did a good job. I didn't know what was going on. I kept trying to wake up and run around, but I was just so sleepy, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Then finally the strange lady brought me back to my mommy and daddy. I was so excited to see them, but i was still sleepy and feeling a littly funny, so I curled up in their arms and stayed there. Well, at least until we got into the car - then all of a sudden i had LOTS of energy and wanted to crawl all over the place and sit at daddy's feet under the two pedals. He didn't like that very much.

When we got home, all i wanted to do was clean myself - to lick and scratch at myself like i always do. And when i was licking, i noticed that I had something new on my tummy - it was a scar. Well, I wanted to lick that really bad, but every time i tried, mommy and daddy yelled at me to stop. But i kept trying, because i like to get my way. I thought they had finally left me alone, when all of a sudden mommy put this strange plastic lampshade-looking thing on my head. I did NOT like it one bit. I hated it so much that i tried to get it off, and kept bumping my head into the furniture and the walls so they would take it off. I got it off once, but then mommy put it back on. I think she was made at me for that. Finally I fell asleep, and i stayed asleep in bed with mommy and daddy the whole night!

The next morning I was so happy to see mommy and daddy still lying in bed with me that i purred and purred and purred. I didn't even mind wearing the stupid lampshade. I knew they weren't mad at me anymore because they kept telling me what a good and brave girl i had been. I got them to take the lampshade off me by promising not to lick myself on my tummy anymore. Sometimes though, when they're not looking i sneak a little lick in here and there.

I'm still very tired, but i had some breakfast and that made me feel better. I have to go back to sleep now - it's been a whole 10 minutes since i had a nap.

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