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My journey with my first kitten, Milo.

King Milo

August 31st 2013 3:02 pm
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The title to this blog entry is just. My former kitten, now an adult, thinks he is a king. He marches around the house as if he owns the place, his house, his rules. If you're using his blanket and he wants it, he'll take it. He needs the water bowl to be in a certain position and every morning he moves it to his liking, we move it back, he moves it back, the battle for the position of the bowl has not been settled. He's a very particular, prissy cat and it's hilarious to watch. Oh, don't get the King's fur dirty, he will groom himself for over an hour. Taking him a bath, you better make sure his full coat is fully dry, even if it is, he'll go over it his own way.

I haven't posted anything about Milo in some time now. He's behavior has changed immensely. He's very vocal now, before he would hardly meow at all and we wondered if that was something to be worried about. He cannot stand closed doors, he wants to be able to inspect the rooms to his liking and if your door just happens to be closed when he comes upstairs, you're in for it.

He has grown out of sleeping in our bed which saddens my boyfriend. He leaves his blanket out every night just in case he decides to sleep with us, he does sometimes. I think he prefers having the bed to himself where he can lay sprawled out. I'm also thinking that because it's summer and it's warm, he enjoys it more, winter will probably be different.

He has mastered going outdoors and staying within the perimeters he's allowed. That has been true for some time now, but it hasn't been something I shared with the Catster community. He understands the command "let's go potty", so when he hears us beckon the dogs to do so, he knows it's outdoor time and would like to join. He doesn't always get to, whether we're too tired at the moment or it's very hot, so he'll sit by the door and whine a bit. When he's more frustrated with us, he'll stand up on his hind legs and hang on the door to try and open it. It's funny, but it worries us that when it is cold and windy, he might actually succeed.

The cat I last wrote about, the outdoor one, they've befriended each other and he simply adores her. He looks forward to going outside for a few reasons but the main one seems to be to see her. He's outgrown his kitten harness, so we haven't tried walking him again, although we would like to. He loves to explore, we just do not trust him exploring the outdoors without supervision. In the next few paychecks, we're going to buy him his first stroller so that we will be able to take him more places with us.

We dread having to leave him at home and would like explore more options so we do not have to. I'll update the community on how that goes, from what I read, there have been mostly good reviews. I would love to update more but this is all the time I have for now. I'll write another blog tonight if I can, meow out.


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