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My journey with my first kitten, Milo.

Day 8 & 9

September 18th 2012 11:47 pm
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Well, I have a little bit of bad news! Yesterday I found out Milo has a small case of fleas! I'm guessing he must of got them from when he was roaming around w/his mother outdoors before he was given to me. I didn't think he had fleas since he wasn't really ever scratching, but I'm pretty sure it has to be from that time period. Unless, some of the blankets I brought home from California had traces of fleas.. I barely took it out of the suitcase a day or two ago, and we were around other dogs and an outdoor cat. Either way, I'm going to handle it immediately and I'm quite sure it's a very few amount since I've already brushed through his hair and found two. He hasn't been scratching much today, maybe twice, so I'd like to give him another bath soon. So, I'm wondering, do any of you lovely catster people out there have any advice for natural ridding of fleas? I've read so many bad things about chemicals, and since it's a very small case, I don't think I need to go there and I'd prefer something natural. I've already washed my sheets, vacuumed my carpet yesterday and today. So, besides the bad news, Milo has found a new "ladder".. better known as my wicker basket. It's actually quite funny. It's right next to my piano, so he climbs up there, and onto my piano when I'm playing and presses all the keys. We could be looking at the next Beethoven here! When I gave Milo a bath yesterday, he took it very well. He actually sat in the water without moving much at all, I wouldn't say he liked it, but he seemed to understand the quicker we got it over with, the quicker he was going to get out. Yesterday evening I went to my mother's house to return my niece, for her mother was there to pick her up. I was video chatting with my boyfriend before I left, since I knew I was going to be back quickly, I left it on. I was talking to my family for a while so took longer than I expected, not an hour or anything.. just longer than I wanted. When I came back, my boyfriend said when I left my cat kept meowing and it sounded like he was hurt. He told me maybe I should see if he was okay, so I did and he was just fine. He was running around all crazy when I came back and was perfectly normal, he just missed me. I've left my phone, or webcam on before when I go next door and he's never done that. It was cute and sad.. now I'm really going to feel guilty about leaving him home alone sometimes. At least I know during the week days, I have my niece as a cat sitter during the hours of 3 p.m. - 7/9 p.m. Also, starting October 20th, I'll have her as a weekend cat sitter if needed.


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Purred by: Timmy Tomcat DB #122a (Catster Member)

September 23rd 2012 at 8:42 am

Well hello and welcome to Catster little kitty Milo!
Mom too!

Sounds like Milo lucked out to have such an attentive pet parent so we will get right to it. Fleas. If you see two you have many many more. We do suggest using one of the topical products like frontline. These break the flea breeding cycle so if you use it once or twice and are not an outside kitty you should be good to go.

Now some more info on fleas and other pests. Please worm this guy with Drontal. Get it at your vet. And please have this kitty get a full check up if he has not had one. Checks for FIV and FeLV are important.

The OTC flea and worm products are not recommended. These are the ones that so many have problems with and poison many pets every year. These are the ones for sale in you local grocery.

That said we do like baths with baby shampoo. Just being under water will kill fleas.

A fast primer on toys: No string or yarn! If a kitty eats it they can be hurt internally. Leave mice and balls out when you are not there to supervise. Put string toys away. He be too young to react to catnip. Kitties need to be 6 months to get the bang. 40% or so do not ever react. All of us do but to varied extents.

Maybe consider getting Milo a kitty pal? Cats are like chips. One is never enough. Meow. Let him settle in and then consider an older kitty. This is a wonderful thing to do and you are sure to get a cat that has known traits so will fit in purrfectly. (Go through a reputable local rescue and they will be honest about the kitties they have and their temperament)

My Pops has done a lot of rescue and foster work so any questions please ask us through pawmail and we will help to the best of our ability.

If you like we can suggest joining Koolest Catster Kitties. A great group that is loads of fun.

Timmy Tomcat and Da Boys (Fitz and Pops too!)

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