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My Life, My Way....


May 13th 2014 12:31 pm
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I would like to thank Catster for picking Eddie's diary
it is a great honor, Thank you very much!

Thank you to all of Eddie's furiends who sent my family wonderful
loving,kind words and pressies
It's been really tough with his passing, I miss him so much :(
He was such a loving soul and will forever be my boy

All of you are angels and mean so much to us, Thank you

xoxoxoxoxoxo ~ Eddie's Mom


Rainbow Bridge Baby...

May 3rd 2014 4:33 pm
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With a sad and a heavy heart I am writing
Eddie's diary entry today...
Eddie has gone to the bridge at 4:00 this morning, He passed away in his sleep and we don't know why.He was such a great companion and a true friend to me. He will be forever loved and missed.

An angel has received his wings today
I love and miss you my boy and always will :(
With love - your mom


Whew What A Morning!!!

January 24th 2013 4:18 am
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Early this morning about 5 o'clock, Mom had to run out to her car
It must have been about -2 degrees...Man that's cold!!

I went out the door right after her, Snuck out I did! Mol
She didn't notice until I was under one of the trees in the
front yard and gave her my famous "MEOW!!"

She kept calling me and calling me but nay
Wasn't ready to come in yet
until I spotted what looked like a dog to me..

I like dogs and was thinking...
Hey a new friend,Until he started giving chase!
Chased me right under mom's car,Poor mom was panicking

As it turns out, It was a neighborhood doggie
that had gotten out of his pen.
The owner pulled into my driveway talked to mom
And told her he was following his dog but waited
until the dog stopped before pulling over.
After talking to Mom for a few he took his dog home.

As for me, I was still not a happy guy after that but
I finally decided it was pretty cold out
I went to the door and waited to go inside.
I thought I heard Mom whisper under her breath as I was
going into the house!!

I wanted breakfast
So it was time to come inside to my favorite black reclining chair
after I filled my tummy

And I'm pretty sure mom was not so happy I had snuck out
knowing I have to get my updated shots next week.....
Wazzzz up with that?!!

Shots??? Ohhh don't think so!! Mol
We shall see....
Let's see what the rest of the day will be like Mol!

See ya'later ~ Eddie


My Life These Days....

September 7th 2012 5:15 am
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Hi pals, It's been a while since I've been on Catster but it's
good to be back!

A lot has happened since I was on here last.
My pup cousins Josh and Rennie passed away before the Summer,
It was really rough on my family especially my Aunts
They are doing okay though.My sisfur Summer lives with my Aunt now
(Josh's Mom)Brian lives with my other Aunt now( Rennie's Mom)

Me, My sisfur SophiaHope and my mom moved out of state after
my mom got divorced,It's not so bad. I really like it here in the country, It's where I really feel at home.

So Mom said she was just going to put SophiaHope back on Dogster
she wanted to add me back,she will be eventually be adding our angels
Peter, Zack, Somora back. Look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends also.

Until I write again my furiends......Eddie

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