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a little black cat says...

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at the hospital

May 24th 2013 11:28 am
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Felix is having his knee surgery today. The vet was wonderful & explained so much. She wants to try the conservative approach & just do his worst knee, in hopes that it will help his hip bones align a bit better. She says he may or may not have to have the hip done - it is a wait & see when his knee heals. I would rather do it one at a time also - it will give him a chance to heal in between. The tech that came in to get Felix was so nice too - he says he is a cat person & was giving Felix kisses on his head. So I feel very good about them. Dr. West will call me later & I can get him tomorrow. Keep the paws crossed!


so blessed

May 23rd 2013 7:57 am
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I cannot even tell you what your thoughts for Felix mean to me. I did a bit of checking, and the 2 places I did find that you can apply for a grant are so short on funds, they will only accept if you pet has a life-threatening illness. While Felix is in bad shape, it is not life-threatening, so no go there. Another place I found you can make a fund-raising page, but they take 7% of any funds. I am still looking at things. I am not sure they will do any surgery on Friday, because Felix is on anti-biotics for his UTI. At least I will get some ideas. I stopped looking his conditions up, because it made me feel even more terrible for him. He just finished a course of Onsior which is like ibuprofen, and the vet gave me tramadol for him. I just don't want to drug him up either. I was thinking I would try that at night to help him sleep. You know through all this, he is still so sweet, and squeaks at me for his lysine treats. I also will try to apply for Care Credit. I did once before when Tig had his blockage, but for some reason I could not get it at the time.
I am so overwhelmed with how great all of you are. You guys are what is helping me feel like it will be ok. I know there are other kitties that have severe illnesses, and are going through so much & surgeries & treatments -and I am not comparing it to what Felix has, but it did throw me when even the vet said she never saw anything like it. I am going to try & see if I can photograph his xray & post it on here. Not sure if it will work... anyways, thank you again for your support, and I will keep you posted.


to the vet we go

May 21st 2013 11:27 am
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I have an appt on Friday. What I did find out, is that the place I went also has a 3rd location in the city, much closer, and that location is part of the University of Illinois Vet School. I am hoping that may mean reduced prices, and it is an excellent school - my daughter went there for Animal Science & Environmental Science.

I am thinking that the insurance may not kick in. Since he was born this way, I have a strong feeling they will consider it a pre-existing condition. Their goal really, is to not pay if they can see a way. I paid a fortune for Tig's illnesses, and he cannot even get insurance. I had thought by getting it for Smitty & Felix, I would be a step ahead. They did cover some of Smitty's tooth removal, so that made my bill less.

A few pals have mentioned about possible fund raising, and while I am a very proud person, and "take care of my business" I may need to ask for any help, I have no clue what this will cost, but I have no idea how to go about it. If anyone can give me any ideas on this, it would be great. I am not on FB though.

I am to fast him on Fri, because they may be able to do 1 surgery same day.

Just knowing how much you all care - I cannot tell you how much it means to me, and for my Feefer-kitty.


vet visit-when it rains, it sometimes monsoons

May 18th 2013 8:50 am
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I will let Momma write this for me. See my new pics? I got big! My fur is getting longer like my mom-cat's is.

Momma Renee here:
It seems that Feefer's front leg is really not an issue. The vet started to do a very thorough neurologial exam, and then she was checking his knees & hips. I myself saw his hip "pop". She was concerned by this and that his knees felt loose. He was showing a HIGH level of pain. So I left him there so she could knock him out & take xrays. When I went back, she told me that she had never seen anything this bad...she was stunned. You know it is bad when as a lay person, I could see something was horribly wrong on the xray. She was even teary telling me how bad it is.

He has severe hip displasia on both sides. Normally there is a socket for the ball of the femur - Felix has no sockets at all. His pelvis is flat on each side. There is a space on the one side, and the other side is bone rubbing on bone. Both knees have luxating patellas.

This poor baby has never known what it is like to be pain free. I have to take him to the specialist again, as he must have surgery. She says they will most likely cut the ball off the femur & his muscles will hold it in place. My vet does not do orthopedic surgery, and they are excellent there. She thinks they will probably do his right side & knee, then his left hip later. She does not think his left knee needs surgery. It is either that, or I have to keep him on pain meds until the bone spurs get so bad or he blows his knee out. Or we all know the other alternative.

I REFUSE to give up on him. He has been though so much already, and is such a sweet kitty. He is a fighter. I think now that alot of his fearfulness could be because he is in so much pain. I felt something was wrong - he never ran around like a kitten should. I feel horrible that I did not get him in sooner, but I had Maizy with the IBD, then Smitty's issues. Tig needs his echo - pray it is clear!

The bad thing is that I do not know if his insurance will pay for any of this - maybe the knee, but if they consider the hips a pre-exsisting condition....they won't. I have no idea how I will afford this, because I am sure it will not be cheap - but where there is a will, there is a way.

I won't be back on until Tuesday. I am spending time with my daughter. I will call on Monday to set up his appt. This place is an hour away, so that is pretty crummy too.

If anyone has had this issue, let me know. Otherwise I can use some moral support. This will be a long road.

another update: vet called this morning with his lab results. His blood is fine, but he has a urinary tract infection as she found bacteria, and crystals - which she thinks they are from the infection. So he will be on antibiotics 2 weeks to clear that up before he can even have surgery.

One good thing, she cut his claws as short as possible!


paws n claws

May 15th 2013 4:18 pm
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Can you believe that the only appt Momma could get is Friday! The internet man came early yesterday, so she could have taken one yesterday if she had known. hisss! Last night she kinda figured it out maybe. Ya know how most kittes shed kind of the shell of their claw? Well Mine don't or at least that is what Mom thinks, and that is why they are so thick & wide. Friday should be interesting for sure. Of course I probably won't do anything because I will be too scaredy. Do not let the tiny squeaky cute little kitty face lull you into denial...I BITE HARD when you touch my feet!

Oh we forget to tell everyone that when our human brother moved out into an apt with his fiance (mom was sad but happy for them too) they adopted a kitty! and guess what else? it is a little black kitty like me! His name is Jet. Momma says he is very cute. Another kitty rescued!



May 7th 2013 3:14 pm
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I just turned 1 year old! Can you believe it? I am a sleek, happy boy! I got a new package of Nip Sticks since I obliterated the last ones. I chew them flat real fast, but I love em! I also got whitefish treat for my birthday dinner. I laid on the couch by Momma when she was watching the tv, and got all kinds of pets & kisses. Thank you to everyone that wished me greetings. It is amazing to look at that picture of me so sick & to see me now! Momma downloaded pics, but they are not on this computer, so when she uses that one we will all have some new pics to show off!
Momma will be making a vet appt for me, to have a 1 year old check up & to ask the vet about my leg again. She feels there is definitely something going on. I do not put weight on that leg normally, and I do this limp hop thing & hunch my back when I get up from sitting or laying down. Mom thought perhaps it might be a nerve pinch or nerve damage that would not show on an xray - since the one I had didn't show a whole lot wrong. It also seems like my wrist bends to the front on both legs, but moreso on that leg. I probably have some kind of genetec deformality. Momma just wants to make sure that if there is something that can be done, gets done to help me. My claws are real thick & wide too, and Momma will have the vet cut them. I just scream too much when she tries, and not like "I am annoyed" but like "I am in pain". I do not do this when she wipes my ears or brushes my teeth. The stupid insurance will not cover my foreleg, so who knows if it is my spine they may weasel out of that as it is connected. But I do not even put weight on it when I am sitting. I always hold it up, and you can see me almost "think" about how I set my foot down when I start to walk. Momma says a kitten should not be in pain like that to not even be able to run around & play. So as soon as they can fit me in I guess we will see.

Thanks again - even with all that, Momma says I am the sweetest kitty even though I am still a scaredy-butt. I am getting a little better. The dad pet me last nite while I was on the couch by Momma & I didn't even hiss or act scared! Maybe cuz I am all growed up?


a funny little story

April 22nd 2013 12:14 pm
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This isn't really about me, but it does involve my kitty-mom & my Momma thought it was cute.
Yesterday was a nice sunny day, and Mom & Nana were heading out to a Pancake Breakfast held in support for Relay for Life. The Dad's cousin has a team & is very involved in this wonderful charity since her brother (The Dad's other cousin) passed from it over 10 years ago.
Anyhow, Mom fed the ferals, and the whole time was calling them & talking rather loud and they did their dance & a few meow & 1 that loves to be petted got his pets. She then turned & under the bush by the fence, was a black cat laying down stretched out - not moving. It was my momcat Inky. "OOOHHH nooooo" says Momma. She walked over there & Inky was laying on her tummy with her head on her front paws stretched out, eyes closed. Mom thought "she is breathing, but slow - oh no she is dying" Then she knelt down & gently touched the top of Inky's head. With that - Inky opened her eyes - looked at Mom - eyes got HUGE & sat up so fast & shot towards the end of the yard. So fast that Mom almost fell backwards! it seems that she was sleeping so soundly in the sun that she did not even hear Mom approach & they scared the catnip out of each other! Inky was down at the end of the yard looking at Momma like "What are you doing?" She was there this morning waiting for breakfast perfectly fine. Mom was laughing though, and very glad it was a happy ending!!


big boy

April 20th 2013 3:38 pm
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I am bigger! Mom says I am all legs though! I am doing ok. I am still pretty timid and nervous around The Dad. I am getting better, and he tries so very hard to be my friend. Mom thinks it is because he has a really deep voice & clompy work boots. He gives me treats though, so I know he will not hurt me. I still seem to have trouble with my leg & paw. Almost like the wrist part is deformed. I hunch my back alot too - mom says I look like a jack knife. But I seem happy & even though I do not meow I squeak ALOT! After Smitty has his tooth out, then I will go to the vet to see about it. I had xrays, but mom wonders if maybe I have nerve damage, or that it may be coming from my back spine. She says that she knows if I did not come to live here, I would not have survived outside. Between my pneumonia, and this leg issue, I did not have good odds. But I am a happy boy now! I am 7 lbs already!! Mom has pics to show how big I am, to put on here next week. See you soon!


Happy Valentine's Day

February 13th 2013 2:38 pm
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Mom says I can post quick. Look my white spot is a little heart for Valentine's Day! Mom did not get the chance to let me ask a girlcat to be mine, but that is ok - I figure all you girlcats can be my Bunch-o-Valentines!.
I wanted to tell you guys about these awesome things mom found me. They are by Pioneer Pets, and they are called Nipsticks.
Three mesh sticks about 4 inches long, stuffed & I mean stuffed with finely ground catnip. You can chew on them & it releases the nip. Apparently they are to be lightly chewed & batted around, so Smitty says, but NO WAY! I blasted through all three within a couple weeks, and then they were all flat & mom did not want me to start eating the plastic, since apparently I am a chewing toy destroyer. So she took them away...sigh, but maybe if I am really good she will get me some more! I am growing tall & my fur is getting longer & is so shiny. I even can meow a teeny bit! I still seem to be having issues with my paw & I still don't play alot like a kitten should. I run sometimes, but kind of oddly, and I do not jump up on things much (I know that is not bad right?)I seem to walk a little kind of hunched. She is trying to get a video so the vet can see, but I am not cooperating..maybe for some nipsticks.....otherwise, I am a happy kitten! oh yeah mom had to order another Da Bird, cuz I chewed the last feather up & chewed the end of the wand off. (she forgot to put it away after we played) woops


That was awesome!!

December 28th 2012 12:42 pm
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This Christmas thing was great! I got to know the human sister who came home from far away Seattle, and the human brother was here too. He is here more often as he only lives about 1/2 hour away. They were both here the day we had turkey, but there was other kids here that were very loud, and I was much too scared to say hello to anyone. It was much more quiet & calm now. So we got the big kitty tree that I love, and Nana got us some treats. Smitty got his own Yeoww fish toy since I stole his Banana & tore it up, and Maizy got a new cardboard scratcher that she even let us all take a turn on. I was so excited because see I had this little mousie toy that squeaked with a real mousie sound when you played with it. Well I played so much with it that I tore it up & momma had to take it away so I would not swallow the battery. I did not get a mousie, but a chirpie birdie toy!!! He sings & chirps when I hit him! I made sure the other night to play with him at about 3am - so that momma would know for sure how much I love my birdie..ALOT.
I am happy, warm & get so many pets. This was my lucky year that is for sure - it can only get better!
Please everyone have a safe New Year!

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