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a whole lot to digest

March 10th 2014 8:11 am
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The vet called this morning - she had been out of town, and the techs didn't tell me that. His issues are beyond the scope of my vet - per her. So I have to take Felix to an internal medicine vet. The radiology expert has this to say.
He has the hip displasia we knew about & his left leg knee issues we knew about. But he also has some sort of metabolic issues, and some congenital deformities. That dr says his prognosis is guarded for his future?
His forlegs have thickening in the bone & the areas where the marrow would be are thinner - which will cause him pain always. The ends of all his long bones are poorly mineralized. His shoulder & elbow have loose joints, almost like being double jointed. His 7th vertabrea is fused, which could in the future- not for sure, but could or could not cause his nerve to pinch and which could or could not cause incontinence issues later in his life. He has inflammation going on in his joints in various spots. The pins where he had his surgery are going to have to come out - he has either a bone infection or inflammation reaction that is causing bone loss where the pins were at. I need to put him on an antibiotic just in case, and take him to an internal medicine vet for follow up, as she says she has never seen all of this together let alone much of it by itself. HOnestly guys, I am kind of stunned by all this. She keeps talking about all the pain he must be in, and I do know that they are good at masking it, but he seems happy. THey need to get the pins out, but probably won't do surgery on the other knee if they cannot pin it. I WILL NOT give up on him. I am hoping if they can get this inflammation under control somehow, and I can have his pain managed, I can give him a happy life. I am not going to freak out about possible incontinence that may or may not ever happen. He was born with that fused vertabrae, so why would I worry about that. I am just really stunned by all this. Coupled with the pneumonia he had when I got him - if I really face facts, he would never have survived - did I intervene where I should never have? How could I not have saved him? All I know is that I will do the best I can do for him, and I am not going to think of the alternative unless he has no quality of life, which I truly feel he does. He plays with the wand toy, he bats a mousie a little, he plays with Smitty, and they groom each other. He doesn't run around alot, but he is always ready with a chirp or purr for me, and talks to me always. He love to cuddle by me & get pets. His fur is like velvet, and he has bright eyes. How can I just decide to give up? NOT. GONNA. DO. IT! So today I will see about setting an appointment for the next step. Just please all say some purrs for my little guy - I just don't want to hear a vet tell me to quit, cause I can't. I am thanking the stars above that I have insurance for him, and Care Credit for what insurance doesn't cover. Also the plan covers prescriptions. whew. I am thinking ahead, but has anyone done acupuncture for their kitty? I wonder if that may be an option & help eventually.


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Purred by: Xena Princess Warrior DG#23 (Catster Member)

March 10th 2014 at 2:07 pm

OMC what a lot to take in, poor Felix we know he is in good hands with you and your love for him is the best medicine. I am with you I would be doing the same thing and as long as he is doing good and has a good quality life then I say no way to let him go, you know better than the vets how he is doing!

I have had both Zeke and Xena get acupuncture, they both did well with it, Zeke was helped with his breathing until I could find someone that would figure out he had asthma and Xena for arthritis...I say it wouldn't hurt Felix to try it, it can't hurt him!

We are purring and praying for your sweet little boy! thanks for letting us know how he is doing!

Xena and Mom
Purred by: D-Max...In Loving Memory (Catster Member)

March 11th 2014 at 10:31 am

Purrs for you Felix..WOW you have a lot going on..I am purraying you are not in pain and I know your Mom is doing everything possible for you...

I saw your post on the forums and I want to tell you that I had acupuncture and it definitely heled me to feel better and prolonged my life..I am now an FIP angel...I was sick my entire life and used to take steroids but they were doing me more harm than good so Dr Steve was learning acupuncture and he used me as his class project...Mom was skeptical but she could see that I felt better after each treatment..The first one I shook the needles out but by the second one I learned to rest while they did their thing and knew I would have my apetite back and energy back...Dr STeve eventually went to treat a tiget with arthritis at the zoo after he got his degree...

I started getting it once a week for a month then I went to every 6-8 weeks depending on how I was feeling...Yes definitely try it...IT helps you feel better..There is a picture of me with the needles in my photo allbum...

Good luck..Love and Purrs...D-Max
Purred by: Calísta (Catster Member)

March 15th 2014 at 1:44 pm

Oh my. Not the kind of news anyone wants to hear... I think you did the right thing to give him a chance! He will let you know if he needs your help out of physical pain. In the meantime, you will help his quality of life and do what you believe is right, and that's all anyone can ask for in this life. Good luck and we're sending TONS of purrs your way!

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