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shiny kleen!

March 2nd 2015 1:42 pm
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All went just great with my teeth. I didn't have to have any taken out, and they are all shiny. I have to take antibiotics until Tuesday to make sure there is no infection. Today is sunshiny - even though it is like 9 degrees out. The ice is melting a bit where the sun is hitting. Although tomorrow is to be more snow & freezing rain. BUt spring is coming! I can feel it!!! Take care my pals. We'll be back in a few days!



February 24th 2015 6:31 pm
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Hi to all my pals!
Well aside from it being freezing in Chicagoland. (30 would be a heatwave right now - seriously) things are quiet. The bad thing when it is really cold, my legs hurt and I limp pretty bad on the front one. Momma has all sorts of snuggly beds for me, and Nana will put her heating blanket on low while I lay on her bed. I went to the vet for my checkup, and my bloodwork is great - that means I can stay on the Onsior! That medicine helps me alot. Even the doc noticed that I am not so tense when she checks me. On the bad side I have to have my teeth cleaned. Mommma does wipe my toofies, but my mouth is really tiny, so it is hard for her to get at the back ones, and those are the ones that need cleaning. So I go Thursday for that. I have my very own hidey cave now too. A nice heavy box came from Pet360, and in another package of equipment for The Dad's job was a bunch of really crinkly brown craft paper in it. Momma put the box on its long side, and the flap hangs down. Then she put some of the paper in there, so I can crawl in and make confetti as much as I want. I can peep out from inside too. Momma wrote "Felix's hide-out" on the box! So no one (ahem Nana) will toss it out. I like it around here now when the holidays are over - I get kind of nervous with all the hullaballoo, and the human sister, while I like her - her boyfriend was rather loud. (he is nice, but does not know how to be quiet around me) anyways, they got an apartment, and moved out so now it is just Momma, The Dad & Nana with us kittles. I like it this way. Momma puts on classical music in the morning, and it plays all day while she works in the office. There is a bed in there, so I sometimes lay on it to keep her company. Nana usually has her room a bit dark when she watched tv, and it is really warm in there, so I visit her too. I know Momma wishes that I could run and play like a young kitty, but remember Momma - it's warm in the house and I have a full tummy. I get so much love. I am able to walk alot more, and play some. Life is good. Of course I am nervous about my teeth, but I will be sure to give a shout out either Thursday afternoon, or Friday to let you know I am all clear. Momma has some really cute pics of me, but we are waiting until Catster is all settled, because we don't want to take a chance of anything messing up trying to post anything. Take care all & stay warm! Those of my pals up past your eyeballs in snow - we feel for you - too much white stuff! kitty chirps to all! your pal Feefs


your cat eats that?

February 9th 2015 3:51 pm
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paws down, ice cream - but not any chocolate kind - I can only have vanilla. If Momma sits down with some in a dish, I will be in her face until I get a lick. I like chicken and vanilla yogurt too!


updates from a Halloween Kitty

October 5th 2014 1:23 pm
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Hey all! Momma is at least trying to pop in and give some updates, and it has been a while for me. This time of year, Momma is always on the lookout for cute little black cat items. She got a cute towel for the bathroom with a black kitty on it. I am doing pretty good. Still taking the Onsior every other day - it seems to really help. Momma is going to shampoo the cat tree with kitten shampoo today - it is pretty gross. It is being moved to the front window rather than the kitchen window. This is in the hopes of Tigger not looking out at the minions so much. When our human sister was home, she helped Momma cut my nails. Momma had to use a towel & lay me on my side and kind of hold me down. WHen I stopped biting, growling & hissing, I was very quiet and let her snip away. It definitely takes 2 people to give me a pedicure. The vet now wants $15 to do it without an exam appt. Not that I am not worth it, but Momma says why stress me out in the carrier for that, if I can be in my own home, on the bed, and angry for a much shorter time, AND then get a bunch of treats. She doesn;t want The Dad to help, because I am still kind of scaredy of him, and that would be a backstep, and Nana is too nervous to do it, so when human sister is home is when I get it done. I will be due for my kidney check at the vet - it has to be monitored due to taking the Onsior "off label" Momma was baking up a storm yesterday, so it was nice & warm in the house. Tomorrow she will make some apple butter. It is that cozy time of year. I hope this finds you all well, adn happy & soon we will be able to play at Catster with everything working correctly....at least that is my wish!
tiny mews, luvs Feefer Kitty


much thankees

May 9th 2014 2:10 pm
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thank you for the nice birthday gifties & wishes.
Momma chose May 5 for my birthday to celebrate my survival. It is a party day, so it seems to fit for me! She knows I was born in early May, as it was in the woodpile in our yard, but she wasn't sure of the exact day. I had a nice day too! I got some crab & shrimp dinner with big chunks of shrimpies in it. I got brushied and it was nice enough for the window to be open so I could sniff the spring air. I played with this furry mousie on a stick. I am a happy, lucky kitty. The Onsior is working wonders. I am still skittish, but not quite as bad, and I play more too, and sort of run around. I still have a limping gait, but Dr Mimi said I will always walk like that - She said that I won't win a gold medal in the race, but I still can cross the finish line! purrs and happy spring to all.

A special purr to Smiley's family. He was a special friend and I will miss him. He always remembered me. I raise a paw in salute to you my friend Smiley Cassanova!


Onsior ROCKS

April 22nd 2014 5:45 pm
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I have been on my medicine for almost 2 weeks. I took it 3 days in a row, and now every other day. Momma thinks it is helping me! I am moving more and I seem to be moving more fluidly & quicker. I was even trit-trotting down the hallway the other day! I don;t like the chicken gabapentin, but Momma talked to the pharmacist & she suggested a tiny bit of anchovy oil or tuna oil to mask the medicine taste. So we will try that. Probably won't be back until next week, cause of the wedding. Anyone else having some log in troubles?


curiouser and curiouser

April 9th 2014 7:26 pm
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So Momma got brave & moved the bed to check for carnage. Nothing-zip-nada-no peepee. All she could find was a few drips in the little tunnel that I sleep in by the bed. That got cleaned. She re-arranged some stuff in her closet, and got a smaller hooded litter box that fits in the corner. Nice & quiet just for me! The closet goes through the door into the living room, so if both doors are left open a bit, I can access from either room. Since then, there has been no peepee smells. SO Momma thinks I must have been sleeping so sound that I started to tinkle a bit & then must have woke up & couldnt make it to the litter box downstairs, and went on the rug in the office/bedroom instead. She said "Felix it is not your fault - we will fix this!" Momma ordered one of those pee lights to check the whole house too, She is probably going to get rid of the rug in her office, I did a number on it. Tomoorow is the first meeting for the study, so we will let everyone know what occurs. They had a problem at the pharmacy where my Onsior is coming from, so I won't get it until tomorrow. It took them a week & a half to get it to me. My chewy gabapentin comes tomorrow. So keep your paws & whiskers crossed my pals that these help! Still haven't heard from the surgeon, but I have to go back to the internist after I am on the Onsoir for 2 weeks, so maybe we will hear then. I was playing some today too - Momma said I seem much more alert & perky since my poop issues (see diary lady?) are regulating.mol. Talk more in a few days.


got a great deal & here a pee, there a pee, everywhere a- pee pee

April 4th 2014 10:03 am
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Momma gets to talk today - I guess it is good that I am really cute, cause I have been having some accidents.
Well, first - I found the Onsior at pet360 for $39.75 for 15 pills. The vet wanted $75! woohoo. I am getting the gabapentin made into chew treats (thanks Boxie Brown for that info)
So my little darling has also been going under the edge of my bed, on my side. I put a nice new litter box in my room, with low sides and everyone else is using it. For the past day or so, I kind of wake up from a sound sleep cause I could smell pee (I know weird right?) But then I couldn't find or smell it later. I went to put a sweater on that I had on the floor (don't judge lol) and it smelled like pee. Here all this time I am blaming poor Tig as he does have a spray issue, and he has peed outside a time or two. I think maybe it is because he is so stressed that it is easier to just go there, as he sleeps under the bed. I will be talking to the vet about this, but I somehow don't think it is due to pinched nerves in his back. If it was incontinence wouldn't it be all over? and if he was born that way, wouldn't it have always been like that? but then the other day when I caught him on the rug, it sort of seemed like he didn't realize he was peeing. He has been on antibiotics for almost a month, so it isn't an infection. I am going to move the bed in a few mintues to see what/where he is going. I am almost afraid to. I really need this on top of everything else.....I just have no idea how to stop it. I thought for sure the litter box in there would help in case he was scared to leave the room at night. Maybe I will move it by the bedside (kind of ew - but hey whatever works) and see if that helps. I am so overwhelmed by this, between Tig spraying & now Feef piddling - I swear I smell pee all the time. I was at the grocery, and I am like "do I smell cat pee?" to myself. I hope that maybe when the Onsior comes he won't hurt so much & that might work. He has not done this all the time, probably only the past month or two - now that I know that was him & not Tig going on my office rug. Perhaps it is the stress of everything around here. Has anyone used the pee pads with sucess? I will try anything at this point. Luckily, we were chosen for the behavior study that I saw on here - they are studying aggression & behavior issues, so maybe they will have a solution too. I even thought that maybe a one of those very large cages that will fit a box for him at night. I hate to do that either, but I may have no choice, since he seems to just do this at night.


hmmm interesting news......

April 2nd 2014 9:12 am
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the vet tech called from the internist's office. She wanted to let me know asap what was going on. So apparently, Feefs does NOT have a metabolic disorder. He was born with these weird bones - that's it... We are still waiting to hear from the surgeon though. Today, I also realized that the culprit piddling on the rug is him - not Tig. Now I don't know if it is because of the vertibrae issue, which I wonder because this is only a recent thing. I have set up a litter box on this floor, in case he just can't hold it so long. THis means I really need to get a black light & look all over, because who knows where he has piddled. Unless he just hates this rug...mol...


hanging in there

March 31st 2014 12:14 pm
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Mom is currently pricing the Onsior - the vet wants WAY too much $. She is also waiting on a price to compound the gabapentin into chews also. We found a solution for the Miralax. Momma takes the 1/2 tsp in a bowl & dribbles some water on it, and after a minute it dissolves, then she mixes the wet food in. So far I am doing ok with it like that. Although the other day was too much water, and NOPE won't eat it. So it is a trail & error thing.

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