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I don't undurrstand

August 9th 2012 11:33 pm
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My momma came home las week wit da strangest lookin cat Ize eber seen. Now Ize done do toos much travelin round toos sees cats dat done belong in our house. but nun ov myzbroders an hissters soun like this kittie. momma an poppa say hisses name iz Sam.fur himsIze tink Momma also sez heese a Jack Rustle. I tink she needz toos pik one name nots two. Heese runns alls ober da place. Heese tooks Tabitha's toys toos. Ize wants toos seese dem kik hisses butts. Tabitha washedes hiz face yesterdey. Sheese sed heese smelled Momma sed sheese gonna gives hims a bath. We'lls alls seeshow heese likes dat. Mrowl. Murr ons myz new broder later.


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Purred by: Zeus (Catster Member)

September 8th 2012 at 10:01 pm

Ize haz had enuf. Dat dog iz gonna makes meese crazy. Heese iz alweys pullin ons mys ears He tinks I wanna Plays wit Him. Ize tinks not. Heese will haz toos lerns sum manners befur Ize wans toos pals arouns wit him. Ize meens Heese jus got scared by a fly. A fly. I catch dem and chew dem up. The only ting dis dog chews iz the trash. I mean really the trash. Momma gets so mad. An den sheese haz toos clean it up. An heese don eat his fud right eitherr and mom Tabbie buries it ebery dey. An heese steels our fud.
Momma seyz I needs toos bees pashunt but fur howl long? Ize knoes heese iz stil a baby. Momma seyz I jus neededs toos vent. I don feels any better. Anyone else haz a problem dog ur putin ups wit. He's a Jack Russel Terrier or JRT az I haz bin informed. Heese haz too much energy. Thor and Kitty agree wit me.

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