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Thoughts of the king of the Gods


January 1st 2013 3:42 am
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Rites nowz Ize iz sitting ons my nice wurm wuden box. It sitses ons a table ins frunt ov myz pawruntses bedruum winnow. Dey say dis box iz a tool box. Momma keepes hers nittin an soowin stuffes in da darurrs. I purrshunnally jush tink it wuz puts dere jush for meese toos rested myze lurrellses ons. Frum heres Ize cans sees momma an poppa shleepin. An ize cans lookses outsides an watches da burds (nashtee tings), an skerrilLes (deyz needs wachin) an anyting elses dat mites tink bout attakskins ours houz. Ize reeee-lyze dat toosdey iz nots Turrkey dey wen eberywun iz gibbin tanks furr alls da gud tingz dat haz happins toos dem, buttz itz iz da sturrt ov a whole mew year. Ize tinks dat itz wud bees nyce toos says tank yew toos da Divine Kitty whoo iz ree-spunshable furr ours momma findsin usses. Myz hisster Tara an myz broder Raggs an Ize ares bery lucky kitties. An soos iz da resht ov my furrmily. Weeze neber haz toos wurry bout beesin hungry ors bein colds in da winturr ors habin sumones toos lubs usses. Dere iz alweys a warm lap toos cuddle in an a ready hand furr petts an skritches. Our momma wuz soos gud bringing us in herses houz an nots seppratin usses.
Lettin usses stayes togethur wuz da besht preshunt any kitten cud ashk fur. An a tank yew furr ours addopteds cat mom Tabitha. Sheese already lived here wen momma brought usses home. Tabbie knew weese wuz scared and sheese let momma knoe dat sheese wud help wit usses. Sheeses tooks suches gud cares ov usses, an feds usses eben tho sheese neber had babies ov her owns. Momma an poppa wuz soos suprised. Poppa worried at furst dat Tabbie mite hurts usses an dey tried toos keeps usses safe. Dey puts usses ins a cat carrier for overnites. Momma slept wit the carrier right next to her. An momma kept her hand in da carrier soos weese cuds tuch her an feels see-kuur. Tabbie wudnt leave usses. Sheese slept ons tops ov the carrier. Finally momma sed enuf. Tabbie wasn't gonna hurts usses, an momma puted our carrier in da bathrum at nite an Tabbie refused toos leeve. Soos momma left usses in dere wit da carrier open. Tabbie got in wit usses an weese cuddled in furr a snak. Sheese dint pushes usses away. Weese had a litter box in dere an fud an water. tabbie taughts usses dese. Sheese lubses usses an stills takeses cares ov usses. Sheese iz alweys shleepin wit Tara an gibbins usses kitty baths an head an ear washin. Weese musht haz da cleeneshed ears ov any kitties anywares. Sheese iz alweys washin ears.
Wells likes ize sed Ize jusht wanteds toos sez tank yew an maybe yews cans says a little tank yew toos ur Divine Kitty furr gibbing yew da gud life an lubin furrmily dat yew takes cares ov an whos takes cares ov yew.
Hab a H A P P Y M E W Y E A R





enuf iz enuf

September 10th 2012 11:44 pm
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Ize haz had enuf. Dat dog iz gonna makes meese crazy. Heese iz alweys pullin ons mys ears He tinks I wanna Plays wit Him. Ize tinks not. Heese will haz toos lerns sum manners befur Ize wans toos pals arouns wit him. Ize meens Heese jus got scared by a fly. A fly. I catch dem and chew dem up. The only ting dis dog chews iz the trash. I mean really the trash. Momma gets so mad. An den sheese haz toos clean it up. An heese don eat his fud right eitherr and mom Tabbie buries it ebery dey. An heese steels our fud.
Momma seyz I needs toos bees pashunt but fur howl long? Ize knoes heese iz stil a baby. Momma seyz I jus neededs toos vent. I don feels any better. Anyone else haz a problem dog ur putin ups wit. He's a Jack Russel Terrier or JRT az I haz bin informed. Heese haz too much energy. Thor and Kitty agree wit me.


I don't undurrstand

August 9th 2012 11:33 pm
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My momma came home las week wit da strangest lookin cat Ize eber seen. Now Ize done do toos much travelin round toos sees cats dat done belong in our house. but nun ov myzbroders an hissters soun like this kittie. momma an poppa say hisses name iz Sam.fur himsIze tink Momma also sez heese a Jack Rustle. I tink she needz toos pik one name nots two. Heese runns alls ober da place. Heese tooks Tabitha's toys toos. Ize wants toos seese dem kik hisses butts. Tabitha washedes hiz face yesterdey. Sheese sed heese smelled Momma sed sheese gonna gives hims a bath. We'lls alls seeshow heese likes dat. Mrowl. Murr ons myz new broder later.


That's a what??????????????????????????

August 3rd 2012 11:48 pm
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Ize wuz going tostart my diree with a cute quip bout life as a God. But our purrfect community haz bin invaded. Momma foundeds a dog. Sheese brout it home. Sheese says its a heese. Sheese sez its a baby. What are weese sposeded toos doos wit a dog???????????? it peed on da floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It haz nomannerses. I tink Thor iz gonna wipe da floor up wit it. I knoe it iz a boy. but it iz a dog. Ins myz house. Ohs dis iz wrong. Jake iz furriose. Maozer keeps watchin. But myz momma Tabitha likes it, I knoe him. She likked the dog. yesch!! She'd better rinse before she kisses me again. We're doomed. He haz mo name yet even. Momma a Poppa haven't named him. I suggested Mud but momma shushedme an tole me to be purlite. I wuz. I'm jus gonna let Thor have him. He he.
We're doomed.
luv to all except the nameless dog.

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