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Luna-Cat of the moon

Luna is now at Rainbow Bridge

May 24th 2013 10:46 pm
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Today, Luna was put to sleep. She had aggressive cancer and her lungs were 70% full of fluid. The vet took some fluid out but her breathing started to get rapid again. The cells in her fluid were mutated. She was in a lot of distress and there were not much options for her, it would only helped her for a few months if lucky but other than that..there was no cure and she would have only gotten worse.

She will have a private cremation..

R.I.P, Luna. I love you..


Been a long time

March 29th 2013 4:47 pm
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Haven't been here for the longest time.

Remember Luna's metacam scare? Well, Luna's kidneys are perfectly fine.

Luna did become very ill back in January, she stopped eating and just slept. She kept acting like her stomach hurt and would make odd mewing sounds. The vet wanted to do an ultrasound but knew it would be very expensive. He suspected IBS or pancreatitis. He said it didn't matter which one she had, it would still be treated the same. He put her on some pain meds and gave her steroids (medrol).

Since then, she is perfectly back to normal..if not better. The vet wanted to change her food (she has been on the Nutro brand food). He wanted to go with Nature's Variety or any natural food that was duck or rabbit. She hated those foods and would not eat it. Nutro just came out with a duck version and she loves it. I dunno why she loves Nutro so much. He wanted a better protein source for her.

The vet is weening her off the meds slowly and we hope she won't need anymore later down the road.


Luna goes to the vet next week!

August 23rd 2012 8:06 pm
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Luna has been doing a lot better to the point where she did not need tramadol and she was still eating well. She gets more and more playful each day and has lots of energy.

Next week she will be going in for her dental work. Hopefully she will feel 1000 times better once her teeth are taken care of.


Dirary of the day?

August 11th 2012 3:42 am
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This makes Luna happy and honored since she is a new kitty around here and doesn't have a diary full of entries yet.

Luna gives many thanks!


Luna and tramadol

August 7th 2012 7:49 pm
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My vet never called me back about tramadol and the foaming at the mouth. She has had no vomiting or other problems. So I really hope it was just the taste, just odd the pharmacy guy said he never heard of that before. I thought maybe they could of forgot to flavor it but I took a good smell of it and it smells fishy(was made to be tuna flavored with real tuna and with added cod oil)unless tramadol normally smells fishy.

It's not making her tired, it's actually making her the opposite. She is been very playful and putting the toys in her mouth and biting down, so I guess that hopefully it's making her pain free in her teeth. She has been a lot more active.



August 7th 2012 10:39 am
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For the first time in a while, Luna was waiting for me to give her food. I walked out into the living room and she started walking over getting excited, gave her some food and she started to chow down. She seems perky today. I am guessing her mouth doesn't feel as bad today, she hasn't had her tramadol yet since it won't be ready till later.


Luna Luna Luna..

August 3rd 2012 5:00 pm
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Luna still has not been eating much, but I noticed recently that she has a hard time eating hard food. I took her back to the vet to check out her teeth. Everything seemed going fine until he touched her gums top and bottom on the left side, just from a simple touch her gums started to bleed and she responded in pain.

He also noticed a tooth he is concerned about, so she will be going in for a teeth cleaning and possible extractions. He gave her some pain meds in the mean time.

Is it linked to her eyes? Nothing is impossible. He did say her eyes were looking better, they still aren't normal but not as bad as they were last week.


Little Luna

July 31st 2012 4:48 pm
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I was brought here hoping to find answers and to see if anyone had a cat that was going through the same thing as Luna.

Luna was acting ill, mostly sleeping, not moving much and barely eating. She also had tapeworms but the scary thing I noticed was that her pupils were not the same anymore. Her right was smaller than he left.

She had a visit with the vet who looked over her eyes, he was not too worried since her vision is fine and her pupils did change in size but slowly and her movements and coordination were normal. He also did an eye staining which came back normal. She had a small fever which he was more worried about along with her symptom of not eating much and lack of energy.

He gave Luna a shot in case she was in any pain and to help with her fever and gave her antibiotics. He did tests to check for infections and to check her organs. All tests came back normal and perfectly fine. The vet told there are cases of cats who get lesions in the brain that mess with the nerve signals from the brain to the eyes and there is no cause. It's a good sign that her pupils do change size even if it's slow, it would be more worrisome if they did not change at all.

He wants to wait to see how Luna is doing until Thursday and then see if we need to go further such as xrays of the head and neck.

Luna has been eating better and her energy is coming back, there is no more tapeworms as well. She is more alert and not sleeping as much as before. Her pupils are changing size just slowly, we will see how things go Thursday.

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