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One year!!!

May 6th 2013 1:40 pm
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Well I am now a year old, my birthday was on Friday the 3rd! The peeps can not believe it. They feel like just the other day I was a itty bitty squeaky little 2 week old kitten. They are so happy to see what a big healthy beautiful girl I have grown into especially since I had a bit of a rough start to my life.

When I was about 2 weeks my 2 siblings, myself and 3 other kittens (who looked to be about a week or so older)we left in the back of an abandoned car on a hot summer day. Luckily some nice person heard our cries and brought us to a local vet. We were all very hungry and a bit skinny so the people at the vet gave us some milk and placed us in a foster home (we stayed with a 2 different employees at first before going to be fostered by what is now my forever home. There were so many of us and with the fact that 3 of them were a bit older we were kind of a hard group to care for. As we were starting to be weaned the older kittens took to it quite easily & quickly and my brother started too as well even though he was still able to be bottle fed but myself & my sister Bug did not even like the idea of being off the bottle so we had to stay in foster for a little bit longer while the 3 older kittens & my brother soon found their forever homes. A few days after the other kittens left Bug & I got very ill. Bug was the runt & had always been a tad sickly but she had gotten worse one day, and on the same day I passed out. Luckily it was while I was at the vet (my girl brought us with her when she went to work) so they jumped into action & gave me fluids and meds but I was not in good shape. The peeps were so afraid that something was going to happen to us. Luckily after a day or so I started feeling better, and Bug had some progress too. Sadly on the day that I was officially out of the woods, Bug died. She went downhill suddenly & there was nothing that could be done, it was very sad. With just me left the peeps focused on finding me a home but after 3 of them fell through it was pretty clear I wasn't going anywhere!

I have totally forgotten about my rough start! I am a big spunky & happy girl now! I love my peeps and they love me dearly! They were so devastated when Clemy passed away and I really helped heal their broken hearts. So of course when it was my birthday they had to celebrate! I got lots of extra attention (which I looooooved!) and food too, they even gave me a whole slice of deli chicken! It was awesome. I also got two new toys. A little toy shaped like a fly, that is fun to bat around, and this super fun stick toy that has a large piece of fake fur attached to it that you chase around. It is the best!! I had a pretty great birthday, and I am excited to take on this next year of my life!

Thanks pals for all the birthday wishes!
Also I am a daily diary pick today, woohoo! Thanks HQ!



April 30th 2013 8:49 pm
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I must admit something to you all. I am a....attention hog. Yup! I am addicted to attention. I crave it dearly. If my peeps are home and I am not taking a nap I will track them down and demand they look at me! I will wiggle wiggle my tail and entire body (something I have done when i get excited since I was an itty bitty kitten) and if my peeps say something to me I will be polite and respond and meow and chirp at them. If that doesn't do the trick in getting me lots of attention then I will fall over and start squirming all over the ground looking as adorable as possible. Works almost every time.

I have also gotten a new habit of being in the middle of things. If my peeps are doing something, I need to be there because they need to give me attention. Almost every night at dinner I sit with them at the table. I learned that climbing on the table & peoples laps isn't good at dinner time so I have gotten into the habit of sitting in the extra seats. If they say it is time to eat, I will be there! I do like to take over study sessions too. My girl has been studying a bunch for her college exams but I have other ideas. She will have all of her books and materials spread out on the table and will be really getting into some edumaction time when I will just decide "hey! I am not getting enough attention!" and will then jump on the table and make things difficult. I really enjoy laying on all of the books and especially laptops (you think you are going to go online!? HA! Not with me spread out on your keyboard bwahahaha). And stealing highlighters and pencils is a favorite of mine! It is a lot of fun for me not so much for the girl but eh she can deal with it. I am more important than sociology, history and whatever else she is learning.

I am just way too cute not to have all eyes on me!


What the what?

March 30th 2013 9:30 pm
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So guess who was diary of the day yesterday? This kid! Can you believe it? I was so surprised! Thanks HQ and thanks to all my pals who helped me celebrate. You guys are the best! The whole honor made me feel extra special. I made sure to demand extra snuggles and treats.

Thanks again everyone!



Big Girl

March 27th 2013 8:00 pm
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Well I have a great updated for you pals! My Charlie is starting to get back to normal!! It has almost been 2 months since his surgery and he now plays with me like he used to. Recently he has been feeling really great and even though he is still limping fairly heavily he is getting around nicely, Chuck now has all this energy and has been super playful! It is awesome. He is even starting to run a bit again! I have missed having him as a playmate.

In other news the peeps have said I am not allowed to grow anymore! Hehehe. At 10months old I am sure growing up quickly, well sorta. In size I am big (the peeps really need to weigh me because they have no idea what I come in at, all they know is that I am a chubby monkey) and I have a giant tail but my head seems to basically be the same from when I was 6 months. Lol. I have quite a tiny head and still got a baby face but the peeps are not complaining. I also still have my baby meow. Seriously! My meow has not really changed from when I was itty bitty. The peeps love it and hope I always have my kitten meow because they think it is beyond cute.

Soon, May, I will be one year old! It is so hard to believe, it feels like just yesterday I was able to fit in my girl's hand.




March 4th 2013 9:27 pm
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So over the weekend we had some interesting visitors.

On Saturday morning two kiddos (ages 8 and 4) came to stay with us, I was told they were family members of my peeps but for all I knew they were aliens! I did not know what to do. I have great social skills and am a very friendly and outgoing cat, I like to check out new people at first but soon I want to be their bff. However I have never really been around small children (my youngest peep is 12), so I don't know what to think of them. Back in October they stayed with us for a night but I mostly just watched from a bit away. This time I checked them out more, I was always very nice, and would sometimes let them pet me and if they wanted to play I was all about it! But when they tried to pick me (which the peeps told them not too) or if they reached for me too fast I got super freaked out and ran off. They stayed till Sunday night so I mostly made myself scarce trying to get away from all the activity and new-ness. Thought something I did love: the young kiddo has to use a booster seat at the dinner table and it fits right into the chair and I thought it was the best thing ever! The dinning room table chairs are a favorite spot of mine (every night at dinner I sit in one between my two peeps hoping to get some extra table scraps)and with this comfy add I spent hours laying on it. I was pretty sad when they took it away.

Now that the little peeps are away I kind of miss them. They were crazy and sort of scary but they were interesting and sort of fun. Maybe by the next time they come over I will be a lot more open to them.



Nurse Dora!

February 1st 2013 11:13 pm
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So on Monday my best bud Charlie had his hip surgery, and luckily everything went well! I was really confused when he was gone all day and got super excited when he got home! But I wasn't allowed to interact with him much, he has to stay in a large crate though he can come out (and is encourage to so he can stretch out his legs)for short times when someone is watching him. Well when they first put him that crate I want in there! I jumped all over it and stuck my paw in wherever I could! Char was not really amused but I just wanted to be with him!

The peeps decided to keep Tommy the work cat here all week (he usually just stays here on the weekends) so I would have a full time cuddle & play buddy, but my attention was still on Charlie. Whenever he got out of his cage I made sure to be sweet with him and give lots of headbonks. And when it was open I would sneak into his cage and take a nap on his bed! I have also been enjoying digging in his litterbox and creating big messes, the peeps don't really enjoy it much. I try to keep on eye on Charlie as best I can. When he was at the vets, he is very hard to handle so after his surgery they put him in large carrier so he had enough room to wake up and move around but he could be sent home in it without being messed with much. Well the big carrier is sitting right next to Char's "recovery space" and it has become my new favorite spot. Tommy likes sleeping inside of it but I love perching ontop of it! The peeps put a towel ontop of it and now I am always there, right next Charlie. And if a peep comes downstairs while I am laying in this spot I will rush over to them, meowing like crazy, and then run to Charlie's cage to tell them to check on him. I am a good nurse Dora.



January 21st 2013 5:46 pm
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Hi pals! Well I hope everyone had great holidays! I sure did! My first Christmas was a blast. I love playing ontop of all the presents and then soon with all of the wrapping paper and ribbon! And I got so many great presents too! A remote controlled mouse, individual catnip toys, a big catnip flower to share with other 2 cats and some suuuuuuuper yummy freeze dried salmon treats! 2013 has been great too! I mean 2012 was a pretty wonderful year I mean....I was born so that was pretty awesome. The only bummer so far is that Charlie broke his hip and the poor guy is in a lot of pain and will even need surgery! So I can't play with him or anything, but I still try, and I worried about him so I have been good and have been givin him extra snuggles. Also my bump is totally gone! Thank goodness. The peeps knew it wasn't causing any issue but it still wasn't comforting having their itty bitty angel walking around with this giant thing dangling off her belly!!

I hope everyone is having a great 2013!


Christmas Eve

December 24th 2012 10:23 am
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Hi pals! Sorry I haven't updated you all recently, been busy busy! I am still doing well. Back in the first week of December, right after the vet put poked me with a big needle, my lump actually got much bigger and became very hard to the touch. So I had to go back to the vets but he said the hardness was a good sign and to just keep an eye on it. Well about a week or so ago my lump started get much smaller and even though it is still there right now it is just a little thing. So glad this thing is almost over!

In other news I am having a lot of fun with all of this Christmas stuff! I have really fallen in love with the Christmas tree and I love sleeping under it. To the surprise of my peeps I have yet to try to climb it and even though I do enjoy playing with some of the ornaments, knocking a few off and once in a while carrying them off I am not too bad with them. Well atleast not the fragile ones. I really like all of this present wrapping too! The ribbon, the tissue paper, the boxes! It is all so much fun. And the best part? When the presents are all wrapped and have lots of ribbon on them, the peeps put them under the tree (my favorite nap spot!) just so I can chew on them! Isn't that nice? I sure think so.

I have heard that tomorrow is Christmas day, I am not totally sure what that means but I think it is the day where we get presents and food? I hope so! But I don't want the Christmas season to be over! I mean what am I going to do without my tree in the living room? Peeps should always keep trees inside houses, they really should.

Well I wish you all happy holidays!

P.S I was a daily diary pick on 12/5! Woot! Thanks to all my pals who wished me congrats!



December 4th 2012 4:34 pm
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So yesterday the doc called to tell us what the surgeon he consulted had to say about my xray. He agreed with Dr.B that it really looks like an hematoma (they dont think anymore it is a problem with sutures, which means no surgery! woot!) and that to help with it (and make sure that is exactly what it is) Dr.B should stick a needle in it. So the peeps packed me up in the carrier (AGAIN!) and off we went back to the vets. The doc & my peeps all agreed that the hematoma had gotten bigger.

The doc and a vet tech took me into the back and stuck a giant needle in my hematoma to suck out all the stuff inside it. Super gross right!? The end result really surprised the doc. There was so much! The good thing is that with sucking that out, my tummy is almost back to normal! There is still a small lump but it should go away soon. The doctor said that my body could have absorbed it all but this way we know for sure what it was & things can move along faster. They also gave me some antibiotics because there is a small chance of infection.

Well fingers crossed this is the last time I have to go to the vets for a while! Thanks to all my pals for the positive thoughts!


Early morning x-ray

December 2nd 2012 12:59 pm
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So my bruising was officially all gone by friday! However something new has since appeared. On Saturday morning my peeps noticed that on one side of my belly, the same one that had the bruising, I had large amount of swelling that really came out of nowhere. It is hard to the touch and almost like a big giant lump.I wasn't acting like I was in any pain and my behavior was 100% normal but it still worried the peeps. This morning it hadn't gotten any better. The animal clinic is closed on Sundays but luckily my girl works there and she had to go in this AM with one of the vets (who this time just so happened to be my main doc who did my surgery!)to take care of the animals there. When she went in she talked with the Doctor and he was a bit concerned, so afer she finnished all her work she called up one of the peeps and had them bring me up there.

The vet took my temp and got my weight and everything looked normal. Once he started checking out my belly he said that he thought it was really odd, especially with how quickly is appeared & so long after my surgery! He looked at my stiches and they have healed really nicely so he just went ahead & took them out. He suggested that we take an xray of me to really figure out what was wrong & the peeps agreed. The xray showed that my swelling had nothing to do with my intestines or anything like that which was good to hear. The doc believed that there were two possible things that could be causing my problem: #1.The sutures I got when I was spayed are suposed to dissovle but there could be something messed up with them & they could be causing harm. If this is the case I will have to have surgery again. #2.Its a hematoma. The more he discussed this the more he believes this is what is causing the problem. This could also explain the bruising which ended up resulting in the swelling. He says that the best thing we can do right nothing. We should just closely monitor it, as well as how I feel and if it is a hematoma it will go down. He did suggest putting a warm compress on it to help decrease the swelling. If it doesn;t get smaller or go away all together after some time or if it gets bigger or I begin acting sick then it is #1 & I will have to go back under for surgery. The peeps are really hoping this doesn't happen.

The doc also says that he will be sending the xrays down to another doc at the local emergency vet, he says that this person is very experienced in this sort of thing and will be able to give some more insight. It will be interesting to see what this person has to say about it as well. This whole thing was quite a way to start my day! I was pretty freaked out at the clinic but I was a really good girl and as soon as I got home I was acting like nothing even happened. The peeps are happy that it doesn't look like anything extremely bad is wrong with me and the outlook is good. They are keeping their fingers crossed though to make sure that I continue to recover well and everything works out.

I will keep you guys updated!

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