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Tails From The Dark Side

My birthday wish: A new dad and a new tail

June 18th 2013 8:51 am
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Today is my birthday and it almost started off on a not so good note!

Good day friends! Thank you ALL for the wonderful birthday messages, gifts and celebrations! MeoWOW! What a wonderful group of friends you are!

Mom wasn’t sure if I’d be celebrating today, for I’ve been hiding in the closet for the last two days! What happened is this: Dad accidentally rolled over my tail with his chair on Thursday. He wasn’t sure it was me because he heard a yelp, looked up and saw only my sisfur Oreo in the room. I must’ve ran like lightning and hid. I hid under the futon all evening on Thursday and didn’t come out for dinner. Mom noticed that I had trouble walking and my tail was completely limp. Dad felt TERRIBLE.

(Dad, it is okay, it was an accident and I still love you so much!)

On Friday I continued to walk funny with a limp tail. So, not knowing what was wrong, mom made an appt at *That Place* for me on Caturday. I had to be put in the Port-A-Jail and go for a car ride to the v.e.t.! I HATE the car! I howled and yowled the whole way while mom gently talked to me. I saw her laughing too. (Mom, you are NOT funny) So, I had x-rays done and it turns out my tail is just sprained; it is not broken nor is there any nerve damage, so I got to take anti-inflammatory pills. Ugh! Pills, car ride, port-a-jail, the v.e.t. – YUCK. So I hid in the closet for 2 days Sunday and Monday. Well, this morning mom told me it is my birthday and coaxed me out of the closet! YAY!!! Finally I came down and socialized, I purred, head-bumped and had a great breakfast. My tail is getting better too.

So for my birthday, I am asking for a new tail and a new dad. MOL MOL!


meoWOW! from homeless to supurrstar! Thank you HQ!

July 20th 2012 8:31 am
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OMICATS, I just don’t know where to begin! I will start with a resounding THANK YOU to HQ for honoring my diary today! And I will continue with resounding thank you’s to all who have made me feel so special - for the celebrations, the presents, the pmails and the FRIENDSHIP! I am honored to meet all of you, whether you’re new friends or long term family friends with my siblings. Mom took an unintentional hiatus from Catster for about 2 years now, with all of life’s changes in that timeframe, at times overwhelming. It is good to be back. And we will continue to be back, she’s furgotten how much fun we have here.

We seem to have a double celebration today; it is my sisfur Lily’s GOTCHA DAY today! Happy gotcha day, big sis. Thank you for reminding us, Ciao-Li and family; silly mom forgot. Bad, bad! Mom will always treasure the memory of her scooping you up in one hand as a tiny 7 week old kitten and riding you home on her bicycle, ½ block down the street to our forever home.

Come join in our celebration, it is a wonderful day today. My family and I wish everyone a very wonderful day as well.

Happy Dancer purrs!


I wish you could tell me your story

July 19th 2012 8:09 pm
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This is Shadow's mom typing now... he is taking a break as he gets frustrated typing with no opposable thumbs... :)

I wish I knew what you were thinking, as I hold you, as you gaze out the window, longing to be outside. Do you miss being outside? Do you understand your life now? Are you happy, being an inside kitty, after having lived on the streets for who knows how long?

Shadow's vet tells us he is between 3-4 years old. He is young and healthy. He was neutered, I'm sure he was loved at some point, by someone. How and why did he wind up on the streets, alone? Shadow, I wish you could tell me your story. I wish you could tell me what you experienced, how you felt, after having been cared for by somebody. Did they just stop loving you? Did they just decide, 'I don't want you anymore?' How did you feel, having a family, security, a routine... and have that all taken away?

And the biq question I have is, how did you learn to trust the very race that abandoned you; how did you come to trust and love again? Oh how I wish I could get into your mind and experience your feelings, oh how I wish you could tell me what happened.

I see you sitting at the screen door, longing to go back outside again. Granted, all of this being inside is rather new, and maybe in time the desire to be outside will gradually go away.

What was it like living on the streets? Were you cold, scared, frightened, afraid you wouldn't find your next meal? What drew you to our house? What made you want to stay in the backyard, letting us get closer and closer to you... what made you TRUST again?

Every day I thank the stars above that you came into our lives. We LOVE you so much, Moonshadow, and I beliEVE that you understand and know that... as you do your Happy Prance about the house, following me, never letting me out of your sight. I won't desert you sweet baby, I never will. I am so sorry somebody did and I hope that in time you forget that. You are very special indeed.

Don't question why you are where you are now. BeliEVE, sweet boy, BeliEVE.

My wish is to for every kitty lost, abandoned, hurt, sick, scared, injured, alone.... to be safe and loved and to have a happy ending to his/her story.

I love you Moonshadow. Thank you for adopting us.

(and Lily, Oreo, Odie, George, Tigger, Poo, Chance, Berkeley & dad)


What could possibly be next on my list of surprises?

July 19th 2012 11:40 am
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A BREWERY PAWTY!! MOL MOL! Well this one sure takes the cake. I never knew that kitties attended brewery parties… must be that Catster magic. I am really excited! We all get to get together for a virtual party this weekend, have some wonderful food and drink and socialize. Now, this REALLY beats living on the streets.

Thank you mom for rescuing me!!!

And if this isn’t enough…. The VERY purrrty little lady that I just met will be there too. I asked if I could escort her… oh my young heart is going pitter-pat with happiness.

Happily does his signature Prancer Dance, off to find some pretty flowers for his pretty girl, and maybe get a claw trim.


romance is budding, along with the rose I have for a special- lady

July 18th 2012 9:21 am
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I met a sweet lady on my furrst day here!

Oh, MY! Oh, my, my! Just when I thought things would settle down after my very first day here, and WHAT a day it was…. I met a lovely lady! My heart is racing!

After a whirlwind day of making friends, and learning the “Catster thing”, playing, laughing and exploring, a lovely lady caught my eye. She is a wonderful cook, comes from a loving family, and meoWOW… she is gorgeous! I don’t want to scare her away by being overbearing or stumbling all over my huge paws in a gangly man-kitty attempt to get her attention, so I will just sit quietly with one long stemmed rose and hope she notices.



My first day on Catster... WOW

July 17th 2012 7:32 pm
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MeoWOW! I spent my first day on Caster today and I am ...spent! MOL! What an incredible day of love, fun and adventure. Hm, I thought I knew what adventure was, living outside. Nope, that was survival. THIS is adventure! Learning! Living! Loving! Playing! Exploring! Making friends! I have this 'page' with my pictures and story on it, I'm making fun friends and playing in 'groups'. MeoWOW! I'm a very busy boy. Okay dear Diary, I have to run... I needed to check in and talk with you. I'll be back with more wonderful updates. I am so happy to be a rescued inside kitty now, when I thought I was happiest outside on my own.
Rumbly black beauty purrrrsss.... "only the Shadow knows"... *wink*


A little lost....

July 16th 2012 9:19 pm
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Humans. I don't understand them.

I had an easy, carefree life, living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans, running from strangers, sleeping under a bush in the dirt... it was all good and fine.

Somehow within a year, I went from my good life outside... to a GREAT life inside! *scratches head* Yes, it is hard to comprehend. I am now sleeping in the softest beds, have toys galore, I have all of the food and snacks my heart desires, I have siblings who constantly want to play, humans who dote on me, a really stupid blue collar.... catnip!! glorious CATNIP!

I'm a little lost here, new at this "Catster" thing. I mean, I have to pose for the camera and write silly things about myself. (gives mom a defeated look) Well, I am going to make the best of it.

I am new here. And it looks to be a fun place. I adjust easily. Maybe that is why the humans fell in love with me. ;-) Who could resist a beautiful black kitty batting large golden eyes at humans, knowing it would get a reaction. heh heh. I'm no dummy, I am street smart. But secretly I am very happy to be off of the streets. I wonder if mom will save everyone that comes her way? hmmm... I think I'll ponder that. Meantime, hello world, it is indeed a purrleasure meeting you! Back soon as I go for a snooze in my soft fleece slumber ball.

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