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Mamas Little Girl :D

i might be pregnant

March 30th 2013 6:04 pm
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yes i might be pregnant :) my mama aint that excited for me sincve im still a kitten to her but i sure am excited!!!



worrisome week

March 9th 2013 12:26 pm
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i had a horrible week!!! on wednesday feb. 27th i let her out around 3 pm. but when i went out to put her to bed i couldnt find her. i look in every possible nook and cranny. all week intill today i have been constantly worrying about her, even thinking she was dead. but i got a suprised phone call from my neighbors this morining. he said he has found a lil black kitten in his wood pile and was wondering if it happened to be mine. i screamed for joy and told him i would be over right away. my dad drove me over and the wife went to go get gizzy. she was leading her to me and when she rounded the garage so i could see her she saw me and ran right to me! i was sooooo happy to see her and she was happy to see me!! other than weight loss and a chunk of missing fur above her left eye she is pretty good :)) riley her sis rose and her mom ossie are also releived to have her home again :)




March 2nd 2013 9:27 am
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my lil baby girl has been missing since wednesday night!! i let her out around 3 on wednesday to get some fresh air but when i put her to bed i couldnt find her! i looked in every possible nook and cranny...even went to the neighbors to see if she had wanddered over there..nothing! please pray that nothing has happened to her and she will come back home



watch a ninja kitty :)

January 13th 2013 11:05 am
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ninja kitty! the most catactular super hero since cat woman! she can climb walls and retrieve balls faster than a labrador retreiver! zoom!!!!!

gizzy is at it...yet again :) last night we were out in the shop just chillin with riley on the couch when bam! gizmo is suddenly ninja cat! she starts jumping and spinning and tail catching. she bites at the blanket and tries to climb the wall! she spins and flomps and tries to catch rileys tail.all of a sudden she high tails it to the other side of the couch, running me and riley over in the process. she caterwauls onto the top of the couch and starts attacking my hair like each strand is a snake..she jumps down to batt around with her ball toy then gracefuuly pops up by my face. my dada reaches to pick her up..o no ninja kitty doesnt play that game! she playing nips and paws at him. no no gizzy! dad gives her a firm talking to before setting her down.

does that stop her?

she looks around..boom! shes at it again! gizzy sure does make me laugh :)

rachel (and a stern warning from riley...her tail hurts!) :D



December 6th 2012 6:11 pm
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i am sooo sad to announce that most of my family (teddy, Abe, Rosa, gizmo, Beijing, and spike) are all EXTREMELY sick! flicka and may just passed away in the last couple of days :( their symptoms are: EXTREME AND VIOLENT/CHRONIC DIARRHEA, thin yet bloated, gunky eyes, stringy fur (teddy and Beijing) and like a said rlly rlly bad diarhea. before flicka died hers was so bad the acid removed some of the skin from her back legs and tail. they cannot control their bowel movements so therefore poop all over their houses. i am extremely afraid for Jessie cc charlie and ossie because they have not yet contracted the symptoms. if you know of any disease that may be this please let me know!!!!

p.s. i have already considered worms. their seems to be no worms in their poop. and their death is not like death from worms (starvation basically) they just collapse and wreath in pain for a long time actually until they finally pass away. please if you know anything (by the way i am contacting a vet to come and look at them so please don't just say to take them to a vet thx) contact me.



gender change

August 31st 2012 10:46 am
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haha funny story guys!! last night the vet came over to check on us and to make sure we are the gender mama thought we were...we all are..except me!! ha mamas littel boy is now mamas little girl!!!1 :D


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