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Kara's Journey

Gone Away, Returning, Gone Again, Boxes Galore......

July 9th 2014 7:52 pm
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Hi, Kara's Mom here again! It's been quite busy around here since last month! I've spent quite a bit of time away from home (boo!) here lately. I've so far had a total of 4 trips to the hospital so far this year with my health issues, and that's not good. We believe there is something here in the apartment, that we just aren't seeing, that is affecting my breathing and causing problems. We wanted to move anyway, this just seals the deal. In an attempt to prevent yet ANOTHER hospital trip, I tried staying out at my parents house for just over a week (from a Friday to the NEXT Saturday) to see if getting out of the place for a while would allow my breathing to stabilize enough to avoid the hospital. It didn't work. So I returned home that Saturday afternoon to a VERY happy Kara kitty! We missed each other SO much! I was greeted with lots of meows and purrs and excitement, and got lots of cuddles that night as we slept. By Wednesday I was off to the hospital, leaving behind a VERY disappointed Kara. "But you JUST got home Mom! DO you HAVE to go so soon!?" She begged and pleaded with meows and cried as I carried my bags out the door, and I said my goodbyes and off I went. It has been another week, now Wednesday again, and I have returned home. Over the last few weeks we have accumulated countless boxes to pack things in, much to Kara's enjoyment! She carefully inspects EACH one as it is brought inside, and gives it her seal of approval. We have found a 3 bedroom house that we are moving into soon. Our apartment lease expires at the end of this month, so we have until then to be out anyway. The sooner the better for my health though. I think Kara will enjoy the new place, once she gets used to the layout. MORE SPACE! From a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house - I think she'll adapt well! We will also use the spare room to place her litterbox in. For the moment it is in our bedroom, and she scares me to death when she goes potty while I'm sleeping and the sound of her scratching wakes me up.... hahaha. She's just so LOUD about it! I think she has to let EVERYONE know that she is using the box! We still haven;t had the funds (with me being so sick and with working on moving expenses) to get her ears checked at the vet, but it's still on our to-do-asap list! My Mom is coming out on Monday to help me pack some thing away into boxes. I really think Kara will like our new home. It's near the end of a quiet, dead-end street. There will be more oppertunities for me to take her out on her harness and leash for her to play outside! And best part - no stairs, so I can do it more often! (The apartment is on the second floor - and I have trouble with stairs with my health, so I don't get to take her outside as often as I would like...)

I'll update more when I can! Time to relax and get some furry cuddles!



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