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January 22nd 2014 7:58 am
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People in a Facebook group are hard at work trying to put together a new website for us similar to what we have now but for all cats & dogs together.

Please stay in touch with us so we can keep you updated - use this email mommy has set up:

Let's keep the community together - WE are the community and Say Media cannot destroy us.

Be strong - we'll get through this together. If you want to save your pages and don't know how, join the group DOGSTER AND CATSTER ALL PAWS BULLETIN.


Say Media Sucks!!

January 10th 2014 4:30 pm
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I used to have a purrty background on my page that my mommy made for me. Last week mommy added one thing to my story and it wiped out my background. There's a serious technical problem causing backgrounds and other things to disappear from our pages when something is changed in the Fun Stuff and other bio fields.

Say Media knows about the problem yet has done absolutely nothing to resolve it. Say Media has let the Catster/Dogster community know for a while now that they do not care about us. There are many problems that have not been resolved no matter how many times HQ is contacted.

Please, if you care about our community, contact Say Media and urge them to work on all the problems that are plaguing Catster/Dogster - tell them to care about us. Here are some links where you can contact them:


WOWZER!!!! I'm a DDP today!!!

May 12th 2013 7:46 am
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I'm so happy, I'm doing the paws in the air with my friend Angel Buddie, shaking my tail-less behind as we celebrate 'cause I'm a Catster Daily Diary Pick today - YAY!!!

Thank you Catster DDP picker person - I love you!!!

Sandpaper kisses and purrs to all my friends - please help me celebrate by doing the paws in the air dance - JAZZ PAWS!!!! MOL MOL



I love Catster!!!

May 5th 2013 7:05 am
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I'm a Daily Diary Pick today - YAY!!! Thank you Catster, I love you and I love my family and friends who help me have so much fun playing on Catster.

I'm out in the patio getting some fresh air and celebrating with my siblings.

Have a wonderpurr day, Catsterland!


A very special request

April 28th 2013 10:57 am
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Would my friends do something very special for me, please? Light a candle for a dear Catster friend, POO, who has been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant tumor in his throat. Treatments do not promise much hope so his mom and dad Jim are going to love him lots and keep him comfortable and happy for as long as possible. Poo is just 11 years old, the same age as my sisfur Aggie who just left for Rainbow Bridge, and their stories are so similar that Aggie has told Poo she's now his very special Guardian Angel. Here's the link for the candle group. Thank you for doing this for a dear friend in need of prayer.

Poo's Candle Group


Come one, come all and get your Sugar Rub!!

March 24th 2013 10:34 am
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My beautiful friend Sugar Bear had breast cancer surgery and she's now in remission - YAY!!! May she stay cancer free for many, many more years - AMEN!!!

Sugar and her mom are determined to bring awareness to breast cancer in animals and they have a website that I want all my furriends and their pawrents to check out ASAP. Please make sure your pawrents learn how to give you a monthly Sugar Rub, okay?? And share this information with all your furriends!!

Here's the link to their website - Home Page

Remember - a Sugar Rub once a month for all the dogs and cats in your family!!

Please please go check it out and share with efurryone!!!


I'm free ... I'm free ... I'm WORM free at last!!!

October 11th 2012 6:20 am
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Doing the happy dance, Mr. Tape Worm has left the building!! MOL MOL ... he's gone, moved out, eradicated, evicted, expelled - sayonara and good riddance!!

Mom thought I was going to live with that parasitic intruder forever but after my fourth - or was it fifth? - deworming, I finally parted ways with Mr. Tape Worm!!

Thank you for all the purrs, prayers and encouragement - I love you all!!

A very happy Purrcilla Softpaws


I still have worms!!!

September 4th 2012 9:09 am
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Mom is very discouraged and upset at the moment - I still have worms. Dr. Wood said she's never had a case like this in 25 years. The test for eggs in the fecal sample keeps coming back as a 4, the highest count. I will have another de-worming on Friday.

We can't figure out what is going on, Dr. Wood asked if I could possibly keep getting re-infected which is impossible because I do not go outside, none of us cats do - we only go out in the screened patio.

I am fine otherwise - I eat well, I am very, VERY active and playful and all my bodily functions are fine.

Please send me purrs and prayers, I want to be rid of these worms and be 100% healthy.

Still purring wormy purrs,
Purrcilla Softpaws


Persistent tapeworm!!

August 12th 2012 5:59 am
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The tapeworm is still in my belly, I will be undergoing a 4th de-worming this coming Wednesday, a new medication consisting of 3 HUMONGEOUS pills that the vet will try to get down my throat - good luck with that, Dr. Wood.

Please send me some POP and positive purrs & woofs, I really want to get rid of this tapeworm, I'm tired of being wormy Purrcilla!! MOL MOL


I'm a lady cat!!!

August 5th 2012 12:47 pm
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Yes, I am a lady cat and I had my lady cat surgery on Friday. Mom was worried that I would be drowsy but I was up most of the night playing with my ping pong balls and making lots of noise.

We hope to hear from the vet tomorrow regarding the obnoxious tapeworms - hope the parasites are finally out of my little body.

Happy Purrcilla purrs!!!

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