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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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OMC what a week, my new furiend Viola is here and now DDP!

November 14th 2012 8:58 am
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This had been such a week in Saphira's house! Well, now it is Saphira and Viola's house since Meowmy and daddy brought her home on Saturday, and now my second DDP! They have not actually let us get together yet, something about letting Viola settle in from being packed into a kitty carrier and then an hour car ride to her new home, all strange and new to her, as well as new pawrents. That's OK, I am a very patient kitty, I can wait!

Purring thank you to all my Catster furiends for their nice comments, pawmails, and gifts, you make me feel like a really special kitty. Of course Meomy and daddy are always telling me that, and how spoiled they think I am. I am NOT spoiled, I am a pawsome kitty and I deserve to be well looked after.

Note from Saphira and Viola's Meowmy and daddy - Now that we have a few pictures of Viola, we are going to set up her very own Catster page for her. Her story will continue there. So far she seems to be a really sweet kitty, and a big eater!


Viola (our new Ocicat) is here!

November 10th 2012 4:00 pm
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Saphira's (and now Viola's) dad again, we drove down to bring Viola to her new home this morning. The cattery is about 50 miles from us, so the trip took about an hour. She was pretty quiet most of the time, Saphira complains loudly when we take her for her pawdicures. Right now she is confined to one of the bedrooms until she gets acclimated to her new home. When last seen she was still hiding under the bed, but we need to give her time to adjust. When we first got her home, we took her (still in her carrier) into our bedroom where Saphira was, just to see how they would react. Not much reaction at all, Saphira did not even investigate the carrier, they both sat and meowed at each other, but no hissing or growling or other signs of aggression, so I take this as a good sign. I think Saphira knows things have changed here, she is being a bit more lovey than usual.

Keeping our paws crossed that they become friends again!

Oh, and did I mention that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL?


We finally get to meet Viola! We are in love!

November 6th 2012 10:11 pm
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Saphira's dad again, we finally got to meet Viola, that Ocicat we were thinking of adding to our family. She warmed up to each of us pretty quickly, letting us pet and scratch her. She did not seem at all skittish, and is absolutely beautiful! Meomy and I loved her, and went ahead and paid for her on the spot. We pick her up this Saturday. We like the fact that they actually knew each other and played together before Saphira left to join us.


Well, I did't get abandoned yesterday after all

November 6th 2012 11:43 am
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Well, I did not get abandoned yesterday after all, daddy got an email from Jesse (my former daddy) that Viola was still a bit skittish, possibly still recovering from her surgery. Their trip down to meet my possible new furiend was delayed as a result. Hopefully soon, I am really getting anxious to see Viola again.

Daddy made me a neat new place to play last week. He noticed me checking out a big box they were getting ready to throw away, and got the idea that I might like a new hiding place. He kept it, and cut a Saphira size hole in the side for me to crawl through. I have already been inside a few times, I really like it!


Going to be abandoned again! But for a good reason...

November 4th 2012 10:16 am
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I overheard meowmy and daddy talking today, and it looks like they are going to abandon me AGAIN on Monday. You all know how us Ocicats HATE that! But I am going to let it slip this time, since they will be going down the hill to meet Viola, that nice Ocicat who might become my new furiend and playmate. I do hope that they like her; I would love to have a furiend to chase around the house! Maybe we can have competitive fetch contests?


Our alarm kitty went off this morning (at 5:20 AM!)

November 2nd 2012 2:55 pm
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Saphira's dad again... Think I have mentioned somewhere here that Saphira is usually pretty good about not waking us up at ungodly hours, usually waking when we do. Well, there ARE exceptions! This morning I woke up around 5 AM kind of thirsty, happens to me fairly often. Got up and took a drink, then back to bed. Saphira had not moved from her sleep spot, curled up at my feet. I fell back to sleep, but it was not to last... Woke up around 5:20 to the sound of someone pawing through the bag of kitty toys I keep by the bed, followed by paws pounding across the bedroom floor. Remember she has a lot of toys in here. In addition to a collection of fuzzy mouse toys on our bed, there is a nice cat tree and a kitty tunnel with a kitty cube at each end, and when she tears through the tunnel at warp speed she is NOT quiet! After maybe 20 minutes of this, including several trips across our bed, she seemed to run down and settled back in bed beside me. I reached down and discovered a couple of fuzzy mice beside me that were not there earlier. Suspect she took them down onto the floor, played with them, and then returned them for next time.

Took me quite awhile to fall back to sleep, she does do a good job as an alarm clock! For those who might be wondering, she was NOT scolded or disciplined in any way, given that it happens so infrequently I just let it slide, also thankful that at 3 years she still is as energetic and playful as a kitten. We read so many stories on this and other sites about kitties who due to either age or illness don't have the energy to do much but rest and nap, and our purrs go out to them.

Different subject: Heard from the breeder, and Viola, Saphira's possible new playmate, had her spay surgery Monday, so maybe this weekend we can go down to meet her. Eight paws tearing around will make this place a real zoo!


Purring because I might be getting a new sister/playmate!

October 18th 2012 6:17 pm
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I just overheard meowmy and daddy talking, and from what I understand of what they said, it sounds like another sweet Ocicat (like me!) might be coming to live here! It would be so nice to have another spotted furrend to play with!

Note from Saphira's daddy: She's right, one of our daughters told us that the same breeder where they got Saphira for us has some other kitties available for adoption, and we are considering maybe getting her a playmate. One of the kitties is a sixteen month old female, he describes her as the sweetest cat he has ever met. Since he did such a wonderful job with Saphira, we trust him to have raised her to be a great companion animal. This kitty actually used to sleep on the same bed with Saphira before she came to live with us, so they at least know each other.


Saphira wins the food war

October 2nd 2012 12:37 pm
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Saphira's dad again, looks like "Spots" has won the battle of the kitty food. When she joined our family, the breeder said he fed her canned Fancy Feast, so we did the same. I did a fair amount of research, and concluded that dry food, even high quality grain free, is not a healthy diet for cats, due to hydration issues. In nature, cats get much of their water from their prey, and dry food does not provide any water to speak of. Also found that a lot of the cheaper canned foods contain grain products, which cats do not need and give them too much carbohydrates. Also, the cheaper foods can have meat byproducts and other ingredients that are not the best. Knowing this, we have been trying to switch her to one of the higher quality mainly meat canned foods, like Before Grain and Blue Buffalo. The only way we could get her to eat them at all was to mix in some Fancy Feast, and even then she was not eating like she did on her preferred food. This week we finally decided to declare victory for her, the Fancy Feast we are feeding her is not that bad, and an OK food that she eats is better than a great food she won't. She let out a little victory purr. Kitties can be stubborn!


Purring "Thank you" to all my friends

October 1st 2012 10:08 am
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Purring a big "Thank you" to all my furrends who sent me nice messages, gifts, and furrend requests after my Daily Diary Pick selection yesterday.

Two paws up!


I did a little UH-OH on Meowmy's computer

September 30th 2012 11:20 am
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Yesterday daddy was working on meowmy's computer, said he was installing something called an "Ubuntu". Not sure what that is, meowmy thought it sounded like a tribe in someplace called Africa. He said he had finished when I put my paws up on his chair to get some attention, like a chin scratch or two or maybe some whisker strokes. I do this all the time, and daddy thinks it is pretty cute. Of course sometimes I jump into his lap and settle in for a nap, but this time I was just checking things out. As he gave me scratchies, one of my hind paws slipped and hit the switch on what daddy called a "power strip, and totally shut down the computer! Daddy was kind of surprised, but was not mad at me, told me it was just an accident and nothing was wrong, and that I am still a purrrfect kitty. I know I am a computer kitty, curling up on daddy's shoulder to look at his laptop in bed, but I think I need to try not to do this in the future.

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