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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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Very sad purrs today...

December 14th 2012 11:52 am
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With tearstained paws Saphira, Viola, and their pawrents purring very sadly for all the victims of that horrible school shooting in Connecticut.


I am starting to like my sisfur Viola

December 11th 2012 11:43 am
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I am starting to listen to meowmy and daddy and am becoming more friendly with Viola. She is actually pretty nice, and I like chasing her and batting at her tail. We both sleep with meowmy and daddy now, and they seem to like that. The think that both of our spots are really pretty!


OMC! COTD! Me??? How purrfect is that!

December 5th 2012 7:17 pm
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Daddy just told me I am the Catster's Cat of the Day for today! I am so surprised and honored! All paws up from all of us to the Top Cats at Catster and all of our furiends here. Thank mew to all of you for all the nice pawmails, gifts, and furiend requests. Daddy has apologized to everyone for not noticing the pawmail telling us about this honor earlier, but his excuse is that he has had a very busy day, and with all the other mail from our furiends at Catster, that mail got pushed down in the email list and he didn't notice it earlier. A likely story! And I have been SOOOO nice lately, hissing less at my new sisfur Viola and even letting her share my nice big water bed with me, along with meowmy and daddy of course, who also get to sleep here.


More getting to know Viola, she still makes me hiss

December 4th 2012 8:52 pm
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More from Saphira's dad...

About time for an update... Viola had really been showing that she wanted to explore the rest of the house, but we were still worried about Saphira possibly harming her, so for a time we would confine Saphira to our bedroom, not a huge problem for her as she spends a lot of time here and it is where her toys, kitty box, and bed (our waterbed!) are located, and it is where she is fed. We then let Viola have the run of the house, and she loves it! One thing her breeder failed to mention about her was her speed: When she wants to work off some energy, she is faster than a speeding bullet! "Her" room is at one end of a hall. It leads past another bedroom, then empties into the entry. On the other side is our dining room. The entry, dining room, and living room are very open, with only oak railings separating the living room from the other areas. From her room to the end of the dining room she has almost 50 feet of uninterrupted running room, and she uses ALL of it! She will tear down the hall, bump into a box at the end of the dining room, then dash into the living room and from there back into the entry, into the hall, and back to her room. She is an absolute little fireball!

We also started letting them meet in our bedroom, larger and Saphira's home turf. She still hisses and growls a bit, and sometimes chases Viola, but no injuries have resulted. Since then we have let them both loose in the house most of the day, and no further problems other than the old hissing, growling, and chases. Viola actually will walk toward Saphira, I get the impression that she might actually like to play. She now spends some time in our bed, think she is starting to like us!
Last night we had what I think was a very good thing. Viola was curled up next to Terri in bed, and I was on the other side working on my laptop. Saphira jumped up on the rail on my side, something she does often. Seeing her nemesis curled up by mommy, she hissed a couple of times, then proceeded to curl up beside me! They stayed like that for a couple of hours, about four feet apart, with no more complaints from Saphira. We are still having Viola sleep in her room at night, just in case they should tangle at the other end of the house while we are asleep, but other that they both are loose most of the time. The only exception is feeding, with Saphira tending to graze while Viola snarfs down her food in nothing flat, she would end up with most of the food and Saphira would probably starve!


Viola and Saphira's first paw to paw meeting

November 29th 2012 7:10 pm
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From Saphira and Viola's dad (posting in both Saphira and Viola's diaries):

After a fair amount of time spent gradually introducing them with a physical barrier (baby gate), we took Saphira down to have her claws trimmed (just in case), then let them get together for the first time in the bedroom where Viola has been hanging out. Results were kind of mixed, but I view kind of positively. Both of them spent a lot of time walking around the room, not getting too close for quite a while. Saphira was sniffing everything, she did hiss whenever she was close to Viola, but for the most part no really aggressive moves. Maybe a few growls from Viola, but again no aggressive moves. We kept them together (with us there all the time) for over an hour. Toward the end of that time, Saphira moved toward Viola a few times, who jumped on a desk or dresser to evade her. At this point we thought it best to give them a breather and let them both relax and eat. Bottom line was that no actual physical encounter resulted, which I take as a good thing. Thinking about maybe one night having Saphira sleep in the bedroom where Viola has been, and let Viola sleep with us, where Saphira spends most of her time. More to follow!


OMC what a week, my new furiend Viola is here and now DDP!

November 14th 2012 8:58 am
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This had been such a week in Saphira's house! Well, now it is Saphira and Viola's house since Meowmy and daddy brought her home on Saturday, and now my second DDP! They have not actually let us get together yet, something about letting Viola settle in from being packed into a kitty carrier and then an hour car ride to her new home, all strange and new to her, as well as new pawrents. That's OK, I am a very patient kitty, I can wait!

Purring thank you to all my Catster furiends for their nice comments, pawmails, and gifts, you make me feel like a really special kitty. Of course Meomy and daddy are always telling me that, and how spoiled they think I am. I am NOT spoiled, I am a pawsome kitty and I deserve to be well looked after.

Note from Saphira and Viola's Meowmy and daddy - Now that we have a few pictures of Viola, we are going to set up her very own Catster page for her. Her story will continue there. So far she seems to be a really sweet kitty, and a big eater!


Viola (our new Ocicat) is here!

November 10th 2012 4:00 pm
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Saphira's (and now Viola's) dad again, we drove down to bring Viola to her new home this morning. The cattery is about 50 miles from us, so the trip took about an hour. She was pretty quiet most of the time, Saphira complains loudly when we take her for her pawdicures. Right now she is confined to one of the bedrooms until she gets acclimated to her new home. When last seen she was still hiding under the bed, but we need to give her time to adjust. When we first got her home, we took her (still in her carrier) into our bedroom where Saphira was, just to see how they would react. Not much reaction at all, Saphira did not even investigate the carrier, they both sat and meowed at each other, but no hissing or growling or other signs of aggression, so I take this as a good sign. I think Saphira knows things have changed here, she is being a bit more lovey than usual.

Keeping our paws crossed that they become friends again!

Oh, and did I mention that she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL?


We finally get to meet Viola! We are in love!

November 6th 2012 10:11 pm
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Saphira's dad again, we finally got to meet Viola, that Ocicat we were thinking of adding to our family. She warmed up to each of us pretty quickly, letting us pet and scratch her. She did not seem at all skittish, and is absolutely beautiful! Meomy and I loved her, and went ahead and paid for her on the spot. We pick her up this Saturday. We like the fact that they actually knew each other and played together before Saphira left to join us.


Well, I did't get abandoned yesterday after all

November 6th 2012 11:43 am
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Well, I did not get abandoned yesterday after all, daddy got an email from Jesse (my former daddy) that Viola was still a bit skittish, possibly still recovering from her surgery. Their trip down to meet my possible new furiend was delayed as a result. Hopefully soon, I am really getting anxious to see Viola again.

Daddy made me a neat new place to play last week. He noticed me checking out a big box they were getting ready to throw away, and got the idea that I might like a new hiding place. He kept it, and cut a Saphira size hole in the side for me to crawl through. I have already been inside a few times, I really like it!


Going to be abandoned again! But for a good reason...

November 4th 2012 10:16 am
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I overheard meowmy and daddy talking today, and it looks like they are going to abandon me AGAIN on Monday. You all know how us Ocicats HATE that! But I am going to let it slip this time, since they will be going down the hill to meet Viola, that nice Ocicat who might become my new furiend and playmate. I do hope that they like her; I would love to have a furiend to chase around the house! Maybe we can have competitive fetch contests?

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