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Lily's Legacy

Hoping this gets to you...

September 2nd 2014 6:25 pm
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I have not been able to post, say hello to friends, or even send friends gifts. It has been lonely thinking of you all, and I can't even get into my old groups. I hope this makes it to you, my friends. It is my Rainbow Bridge Day, and I'd like to thank everyone who remembered. We have always been a community to support difficult days with each other, and it is with a hopeful heart that I wish for my friends to know that I am thinking of each of you. Please know I love you all. I truly hope this reaches you. Kisses and purrs from Rainbow Bridge.


Thinking of you...

November 30th 2013 10:21 pm
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I don't know if it's the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights, or the quietness of the dark, cold nights - but I'm thinkng of you. I'm wondering how you are and what you are exploring at the Bridge. I'm thinking of your green eyes and your orange striped nose. I'm thinking of your deep voiced meows. I'm thinking of how happy you were out here in the country. I'm missing you. My Lily.



What a wonderful life!

September 2nd 2013 9:49 am
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Hello dear friends. As you know, I've been missing for a couple of months. My mom has thought she's heard a cat jump on the counter or meow when no other cats were around. She wrote a little about it in my brother Percy's journal. She had a gut feeling that I was saying my goodbyes because I had passed. Mom's gut usually is right about these things. This morning, mom found what was left of my remains under the house. It is sad for mom, but she finally knows that I didn't run away or was trapped somewhere suffering and starving. I am at peace at the Brigde. I saw Zane, and I told him how much mom missed him. He said he knew because he could feel her, and then I knew because I could feel her, too. There is so much love at the Bridge that when mom found me, I filled her heart up so full there was no space left for tears. She is finally free of the worrying. She is very sad that I didn't get a longer life, but I told her that the numbers don't matter, it's the experience that counts, and I loved my life out there sitting in the sun, exploring the bushes, and giving headbutts. It was a wonderful life.


Friends are the greatest gifts

August 11th 2013 9:46 pm
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My mom was overwhelmed by all the gifts, and pictures, and support given by all our friends (you). This is a special place for our humans to be able to talk about our laughs, our illnesses, and our tragedies. Life throws so many curveballs, and I'm glad mom has catster to come to so that she can get her second wind. I have to be honest and say that this has been a rough year for my mom. She has gone through a divorce, she lost Zane, and now she thinks she has lost me. Today, she found herself at the animal shelter, contemplating getting a dog. She has her heart set on another doberman, but is so discouraged because it is difficult to find one. She met a black dog today that sounded perfect, but the chemistry just wasn't there. Or, maybe, she just wasn't Zane. Maybe she still needs to grieve. And I am now gone, too. She looks for me when she runs in the morning, but there is just no sign of me. She fears the worst. And she has this diary to try and sort it all out, she has this place to come and try to cope with the tragedies, and she has these friends to empathize with her.

Thank you, my friends. You are wonderful. Friends are the greatest gift a cat could have, and I have a whole treasure.


Sad day for my Gotcha Day

August 2nd 2013 4:35 pm
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Hello to all my wonderful catster friends. I'd like to thank all my friends that sent me gifts and pmails! I wish I had happier news, but I have been missing for about a month now. My mom has been really worried. She's been looking for me but has been unsuccessful. She hopes I just decided to go live at another house because she doesn't want to think that I could've been hit by a car or shot by a neighbor. Years ago, mom's best cat ever went missing. He showed up a week later with a shattered leg and it had to be pinned. The vet found and removed a bullet, so he was shot by a neighbor. His leg was a little shorter than the other one, but he did just fine after that. Mom is hoping I will come home soon.


It's my birthday

February 5th 2013 7:22 pm
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It's my birthday today. I am 4 years old. I was so happy to see gifts from my friend Fay and her family, and from Big Harry's family. I usually stay in the background because of my more popular brothers, Percy and Jacks. So, it was quite a surprise to see all the nice things for my special day. I had a nice pate breakfast, and it rained really hard today, so I stayed in and slept alot. I am so happy to be in my forever home. Thank you, all my friends at catster, for making my day so special.


Independence Day

July 4th 2012 6:03 pm
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Happy 4th of July! Today seemed like a very special day. The humans were excitedly chatting about something called fireworks. It must have been very important because they were especially in a good mood today. Mom said it was a full moon today which would make the fireworks nice tonight in the moonlight. Humans get happy over such strange things. But, since the mood was so enticing, I decided to make it even better. My hunting skills have really become something to brag about since moving out here to the country. I took adantage of the July sunshine and caught an exceptionally large mouse today. I was beaming with pride and I wanted to show off while everyone was in a good mood. I crashed the party. Walking ever so careful, I sat down in the middle of the room and put my party gift down by dad's feet. Dad told me I was good and stroked my back. That's all I wanted...some appreciation. I sat down proudly under the TV, and I even let Mort take the gift. Everyone was happy. Happy 4th!


City cat turned country cat

June 23rd 2012 7:42 pm
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I am the newest cat at this house. I have lived here for about a year. Mom didn't want another cat at the time, she does alot with the pets she aleady has. I was living with her sister, who rescued me from an empty house. My owner died, and her family emptied out the house and left me there. She was going to take me to the humane society, and Mom's kids begged her to keep me. Mom has a huge heart, and said I was too nice a cat to live in a cage. I made myself at home quickly, and enjoyed being able to go outside. I was now a country cat, discovering the sweet aroma of blackberries, red clover, and lilac bushes. The other female cats fight with me constantly, but I immediately fell in love with Dad. I am his cat, and he breaks up fights that I'm in. I sleep with him and I know I will be safe. They treat me good here, and I'm glad they invited me into their family.

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