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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Life is Good!

June 16th 2012 5:38 am
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Hai Everyone! Today is a sunny happy day fur me! I just finished my breakfast, and I have a new pink blankie to sleep on when I look out the window.

I get happier and happier every day I am inside! I don't miss sleeping in wet grass, hiding from the coyotes, or avoiding the cars.

I have become a huge purr muffin, love to head butt, body rub, and even better - I love to get kisses!

I did a photo shoot yesterday, so look for new pictures. If you know someone looking for the Purrfect Cat - please send them to meet me!

Purrs for a Mew Forever Home



Lookin for a forveer home

June 15th 2012 4:53 am
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Hai! My name is Snowy, an I am lookin for someone who will love me forever an ever!

I was thrown out of a car one night, an hungry, dirty an tired I kept walking an lookin for a good meal. I saw a bowl of food, and thought I was dreaming! But it was FOOD! Real food! I hate the whole bowl and wouldn't stop growling.

I slept in the woods not far from that bowl, and hoped it would magically refill. IT DID! So I ate again, and the bowl kept refilling itself.

After the third day - a lady came outside and sat with me. She talked softly, and I let her touch me. She was so happy - she brought me a bowl of CANNED FOOD! HEAVEN! YUM!!!!!!! So I learned he was the food lady - and she thought I was cute! She put a green collar on me - and said when you have a collar it means someone loves you.

I knew this was a good thing - but I lost the collar a week later. I thought she would be mad - but she just laughed.

One day she pushed me into a carrier. I sang and sang and sang. NO NO DON'T DUMP ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! But she brought me inside instead. I have a big room with a window, my very own pirate bed, and three roommates - a guinea pig and two pairie dogs. I get fed 3 times a day, petted and smooched on. YAYYY!!!!

Last week I went to the Doctor, and I got "fixed", combo tested, rabies/distemper shots, an I got my very own Catputer Chip so no one can ever dump me again.

I am a very HAPPY boy, I love to be petted all over, including belly rubs. I love to talk and I love to eat!

Are you looking for a new best friend? If so I may be him!

I have an adoption fee - that will be a donation to The Animal Center in Newtown for their help in paying my vet bills. More pictures will be coming.

A very happy Snowy

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Snowy - aka Snow Man


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