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A Wonderful Burfday and A Message About Temptation Treats

August 22nd 2013 8:48 am
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I had a wonnerfur Burfday and just want to place it all down here for future memories, to look back on. It was an awesome, pawsome day, with many wonnerfur furiends helping to caterbrate.

It is also a day I will never forget in another way~today I learned that something I have been eating has been also contributiiing to the deaths of many kibbies. I will get into that in a short time, first I want to put down and thank all my friends for helping me caterbrate mai burfday here!!

Three very talented artists created bewtifur keepsake pictures for me:

Meiko; Jameson representing the KCK group; The furmily of Tundra, Rory, Manytoes and Lynzee

Callie Rose and Herbie sent me burfday cards

Hazel Mazel, Jezebel and Travis sent me personal pmails greetings

The following sent me rosies to help decorate mai page:

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave me a delicious chocolate cupcake

Lily, Tigger , Angel POO ( The Kalifurnia Krew) gave me some nice cold lemon aid

Hobo and furmily gave me an ice cream cold~MMM delicious

Bootbox gave me a beachball~we all had fun in da kitty pool wif dat ball, eh Bootbox!

Queen Tallulah, Kody and furmily gave me Ice cream cone, too, lotz to share wif

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily gave me a bewtifur red rose!!

Smiley Cassanova also gave me an ice cream cone

Uno, Righty, Lefty and furmily gave me a ladybug~had lotza fun purrlaying wif it, MOL

Marmelade, Indy, Sebastian and furmily gave me a mousie to purrlay wif, lotza fun!!

Alexander, Juliette, Angels Natasha and Ben gave me a delicious chocolate cupcake

The Carolina Crew sent me some delicious Nip Ale

Flossie, Ollie,Angels Alfie and Buzz and furmily sent me a beach ball how fun!!

Sampson, Muppet, Nakita, Chico sent me a bewtifur butterfly to purrlay wif!!

Mai cousins in B.C. also sent me gifts like mousies (three different kinds) oh one that moves all by itself *puts her paws up to her mouth and giggles* I also got food and birfday cards from them, too!! Thank you so much Chloe, Mojo, Gracie and Jasper for sending them to me!! Thank you for alla the cards on FB too!! Oh and mai wonnerfur Auntie T she sent me a bewtifur burfday card, too and I’m putting dem in da memory box!!

I gots a new carrier from Meowmy, going to be able to travel in high style now and be comfy, too!! Got a new tunnel, too and Friday already broke two hanging toys in it and got himself twisted in it, looked like he was having fun, but Meowmy was concerned, so she put that away. Sheesh!!

Now den, I love Temptation Treats like no other, I kid you not!! I scream fur dem, too~YUP when I want dem I let mai Meowmy know. But she let me know that kibbies have gotten furry sick from them and some have even died. So now Meowmy says no more for me ever again!!

here is a link for you to check out about the deaths contributed by Temptation treats: ood.html

Oh boy, I am going to go thru withdrawls, too!! Meowmy is doing research to find alternatives for me and mai sisfurs~Friday never ever had any, not even one~he has never been interested in dem!!

Lacey and Finnegan’s meowmy sent us a link to check out, these treats are wonnerfur and much healthier for us~we have to see if we can get any of these up here in Canada~Greenies we can!!

here is the link:

Meowmy phoned da vets and they will be able to order in the Greenies as they only have the pill pocket kind in right now. I am going to leave the links for you to read and check out for yourself. We don’t want to get sick or die and we sure don’t want any of you, either. Being informed and doing research is the best thing to do.

So thank you all fur caterbrating mai burfday wif me and coming over to mai house and having lotza fun!! Thank you for all the wonnerfur times and also fur reading mai diary!!

Purred by: Bootbox (Catster Member)

August 22nd 2013 at 11:34 am

Yes we sure did have a big time Neiko! Such fun!

We never get packaged treats. Our treats are... Raw eggs once in a while. Frozen white chicken chunks kept in little baggies. Oh and she keeps lean hamburger meat and plops some of that on a big plate lots of days. Other raw stuff too.

Let's play some more! :D

*hops in kitty pool and bounces beach ball back to Neiko...*

Purred by: Tiger (Catster Member)

August 22nd 2013 at 9:19 pm

That's scary stuff about Temptations. We love them. Mommy will try something else. We tried Greenies but didn't like those.
Purred by: ☀ Travis DIT 62 ☀ (Catster Member)

August 23rd 2013 at 12:07 am

I like every treat I try!




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