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Neiko's Big Adventures

Lots of Happenings on Saturday...WOW!!!

November 26th 2012 12:29 pm
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First I need to thank the diary readers fur choosing me to be a Daily Diary Pick for this past Saturday, November 24, 2012. We weren't on and missed it..but all our wonderfur, true, caring furiends helped me celebrate the big day!! and what a big day it was!!!

Not only was I a DDP, but it was also my Uncle Ken's birfday and Meowmy got to phone him and wish him a good one...we haven't seen furmily in over a year Meowmy was happy to talk and then she told us that we have a new cousin....his name is Rusty and he is an orangie and about 6 years old..Uncle ken adopted Rusty about a week after Snoot went to the Bridge at the end of June. Snoot was Uncle Dave's kibbie and he has been gone for almost five years wonder Buddy was trying to get through to Meowmy not to miss him soo bad anymore...Uncle Dave plays with Buddy and Snoot, why she just loves to curl up and hang out with Buddy at the Bridge!! we have Rusty!!! He is a big boy by the sounds of it, MOL...Meowmy really needs to make a trip home and visit with furmily..and she will be able to take pictures of Rusty and make him a page too!!! We just can't waite, MOL!!! Hey I should tell Meowmy to make Rusty a quilty, he would just love one!!

Meowmy also has to work at the quilt store on Saturdays so I missed out on my DDP...but that is ok...our wonderfur furiends helpedme by senidng notes of concat's to me ad leaving me prezzies and making a wonderfur picture of me fur more Meowmy Memories:

I would like to thank the following:

Jameson you once again came thru and made a bewtifur picture I will treasure of my Neiko

Milo Blue Eyes & furmily thank you fur the green emerald..this will be always shining on my page!! and Mallee was also right up there with me on the same catciting is this!!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty you gave to me a most bewtifur Red Rose, thank you

Tate you gave me a football!! how'd ya know I love to play ball?

and to my wonderfur furiends who sent me enchanting p-mails..Thank you, we save these too, ya know!!!

Ohh..thank you once again!!!
Purrs and Sandpaper blowing kisses




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hearts; My
Bobbie - In
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