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Neiko's Big Adventures

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Thank You Catsterland We Will Love You Furever ~ A New Home- At Furiendly Pets

July 22nd 2016 3:45 pm
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I am the baby of the family and the last one to join this amazing site..wasn't here in the heyday, but my GrandPa Buddy, Papa Friday and Bijou were, back in the beginning of 2007. So I gets to hear all these fun stories.

Some make us lauff so hard..I wish I had been here at the beginning.. but then I realize sumfing else....I will be like a bridge. The ones who came before me and handed down the amazing stories of the golden years here will always stay wif me and then there are the stories and memories I, too, have made as a member here. And I will carry all this over to the other site I have found and love and make more new memories there, too...see the bridge? *Neiko shrugs* ~ well I do, MOL!!

The new site we have discovered and really really like is called Furiendly Pets...Friday joined almost a year ago, but just lately we all joined up and are getting active there.

It's the only place I have found where I can decorate my page and the siblings theres, just like here!! and its so simple to do too!!

There are groups there, gifts to give out and we even had our first pawty there over the was a beach pawty!!

We also have our own personal blog that we will be spending lots of time on and remember the Tabby Trouts? well they blog too and our part of our circle and so is Crockett and his furmily...oh hims got new furdoggie pups in his furmily now!! They are adorable!! Anyway, we are blogging, have been off and on for a couple of years..others there said they will help us to dress up our blog page the way we want..and we can put whatever we want on it, thats our personal blog.

So come look us up some time. We also like the fact at Furiendly pets you have to make an account to see it, no peeking!!


We love alla our wonnerfur furiends and hopes we can keep in contact wif you all

And now I give all my love and thanks to Ted Rheingold for making this purrlace of magic come alive for all of us... purrlease keep him and his family in your prayers as he battles cancer.

I want to thank Watch Cat and Watch Dog and the Techno Kitties fur working so hard for us all these years..its been an up hill battle for a few and lots of trying times.

Catsterland is going to Rainbow Bridge soon and just think, all the angels will be there to run about and explore and have all the fun they want in it....the halls of Catsterland will not echo empty after all...and one day we too, shall make our journey to the Bridge and as we purrlay and romp about, we will be able to go to Catsterland and enter its halls once again....


Thank You Catsterland!! A Triple Crown DDP!!!

September 5th 2014 5:33 pm
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OMC!!! I am so blessed!! I got to be DDP not once or twice, but three times ~ August 29 wif my Papa Friday and with Bailey Sept. 1 and all by myself on Sept. 2/14!!

Holy wow!! Tundra and furmily made me bewtifur keepsake pictures and hopefully I will be able to display them soon

Our furiend, Marmie sent me a bewtifur pink ribbon and lots of furiends on FB sent us concats!!

Well, better run, as I am working on my art to decorate my page, MOL!!


A Daily Diary Pick with My PaPa Friday!

August 29th 2014 6:45 pm
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Thank you so much Catster fur letting me share my Daily Diary with my wonnerfur grand paPa Friday

It sure was a surprise!! Meowm came and opend our mail, and der was a pmail furm Tundra, wif TWO pictures, one fur me and one fur my Friday, bewtifur pictures too

Oh My CAT!! you should have seen Meowmy. she laffed and laffed, so happy fur us and told us to SHINE ON BABIES SHINE ON!!!

We sure are having lots of fun here!! Fixing up our pages, learning how to decorate and make the cutest things!! and fun wif our true blue pawsome pals ~ no matter what happens, we have the truest most pawsome pals ever!!! and we have loads of fun wif them

We are starting work on our very own Memory books. We are going to be featuring our life and events, pawsome times wif furiends, our days made special here at Catster will be included too ~ and we don't have to hurray with it and we can make it as big as we want or need to, and dat best part??? its all about us!! sumfin fur our Meowm to have to look back upon one day!!


Thank You All Fur MY Burfday Wishes and Gifts!!

August 23rd 2014 8:56 am
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Oh wow!! I had a most pawsome 4th Burfday ~ so many of my furiends stopped by and we pawtied !! Had lots of fun, food, games and gifts!!
Oh my goodness!! My furiends spoiled me so much, leaving bewtifur gifties to decorate my page and I want to paw it all down here !!

My Papa Friday made me a lovely keepsake picture and I got a snug a bug orange tiger strip bed and toys and treats from him and Bailey and Bijou

Cody, Raj and Harley gave me a lovely Red Rose

Hazel Lucy and Mazie gave me a lovely Watermelon

Mac, Ivy, Jax and furmily gave me bewtifur Tulips

Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe and furmily gave me a lovely singing Blue Bird

Platelicker and furmily gave me a lovely Watermelon

Rex, Simba, Bugsy and furmily gave me yummy Orange Drink

Angel Smiley and Luigi gave me a pawsome Canadian Flag

Winston, Jesse, Kelsee, Kali and furmily gave me a yummy Chocolate Cupcake

Lady, Baby, Sammy and Cesar gave me a Beeg Hug

Mugsy and Taffy gave me a delicious Orange Drink
Thank you all so much fur caterbrating my Burfday wif me!! It sure was lots of fun and it meant so much to us!!

What a great present Catster gave me ~ we can now decorate our pages!! We have been learning how to do stuff using digital scrapbooking and learning how to decorate our pages ~ still lots to learn!! But it sure is fun!!


I Twitched and Quivered ~ I Got So Catcited!!

March 21st 2014 9:42 am
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There is was, flying thru da air, black and white and oh so handsome. It was beeg like and I just stood on da window ledge in da bedroom and looked and looked and watched that pawsome looking Magpie flying to the beeg tree in front of mai window and landing to look at me and say, "watcha looking at, MOL"

I loves dem bird watching and Spring is here and oh boy oh boy, soon we will finally have pawsome weather and they will all be back and I will have mai favorite hobby to do and not be ascarityy kibbies.

Magpies, I loves dem, they look lots likes me, MOL!!


Whooo Hooo!! Lookie at Mai New Page!!~Pawsome and Just- Bewtifur too

March 20th 2014 9:16 am
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Oh i feel soo special now, that's fur sure!! Mai Auntie fixed up mai page!! She makes mai page all fancy and bewtifur and see, she fixed it up fur Spring!!

This morning I was running and jumping!!~I has too, it's the first day of Spring, did you know that??? MOL!~!~ to be at our house you would never know it, lots of snow and its suppose to snow and then tomorrow we are having strong winds to boot ~ that only spells disaster, MOL!!

Anyways, I ran thru mai red tunnel, jumped and counted coup on the scratchy post and zoomed and skate boarded style off of the side of the couch and did it again and again!!

Den I come here, answer mail and come obur to mai page and oh wow!! It is Spring here, that's fur sure, MOL!!

I sure put a smile on meowmies face and was in bed wif her when she woke up too ~ she said that's just so pawsome, but putting a smile on Meomwies face, now that is somefin!!


Guess Christmas is Gone and Spring is Here, No More- Background, MOL!!

March 19th 2014 9:36 am
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I noticed in the last couple of days I have somehow lost mai Christmas background, MOL!!

I didn't touch anyfing, ~ nope, not a nadda, MOL!!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and I guess its time to put the Christmas stuff away anyhow, MOL!!

But dis background on mai page was special made fur me!! I fink i still has da codes in a file anyways

Its all white and kind of cool looking on mai page, but I am not touching anyfing!! I don't want to loose Angel Buddie's badge on mai page, as he watches over me and comes and spends time wif me.

Angel Buddie doesn't want me to be a fairdy kibbie, nopers!!

So sometimes, like last week for instance, I will have small episodes of being silly and scared like. It doesn't last very long, as Angel Buddie comes obur and reassures me right away and tells me I am doing so good and to keep it up!

So I can't loose his badge on mai page!!


No Rollover Picshurs, Losing Stuff and Now PaPa Friday is- Going To Da V*E*T's~grrrr....

January 7th 2014 11:07 am
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It's been a long cold winter and its only da beginning of January. I have been warned not to touch the fun stuff, the bio fields ~ just staying away from it all!! Others have lost everyfing they have made!! I feel soo bad fur dem.

And now we are having trouble doing our rollover picshurs. we can upload to photobucket and get the direct code, but the link to do the rollover is not working right again. We put the direct code in, give a description hit the button, generate the long code and wham ~ no pichsur!! What da hay is going on???

And now, to top it all off, my wonnerfur loving Papa Friday has to go into da vets tomorrow morning. We're all scared fur him. Hoping and praying its only an abscess. He has a booboo on the lower left inside of his mouth. It has grown in the last couple of weeks.

Purrlease remember our Friday in your prayers. He is a very loving caring friend to all. Will always help wherever he can. has never been nasty to anyone, yet others have and we must ignore that and forgive and just keep moving forward like God would want us too.

We believe in the power of prayer and the power of da paw!! I love mai Papa Friday soo musch!! I really need him to be ok!!

pawlease send out positive vibes and prayers. He is one of the kindst most loyal loving unconditional furiends anyone would ever want in their lives.


Than YOU Fur Halping Me Caterbrate Mai Gotcha DAy

December 3rd 2013 9:46 am
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Wow, yesterday was soo catciting!! Lotza furiends came by and helped me to caterbrate mai spawcial day!!

I want to thank the following furiends for being there and help me:

Percy and furmily ~ A Crown of Jewels that will shine bright
on mai page forever an ever

Harley ~ A yummy Chocolate Cupcake

Red Heart ~ Reanan

Red Heart ~ Tiger, Tiny and Beauty

Acorn ~ Milo, Mallee and furmily

Red Adoption Ribbon ~ Platelicker and furmily

Pumpkin ~ Smiley Cassanova

Red Heart ~ Mac, Ivy, Legolas and furmily

Red Rose ~ Lady, Baby, Sammie and Cesar

Red Rose ~ Marmelade, Midge, Sebastian, Indy, Tigger and furmily

The following also came over and sat a spell wif me in mai diary and left wonnerfur kind comments there:

Platelicker, Tiger, Percy and Jezebel

Thank you all once again fur remembering little ol' me!!

Now today reminds me of the kind of day I was found and brought in. By the sounds of it, a huge cold snap is coming across a large area of North America. Please remember to help the animals out there. Trust me on this one, as I know all about being out in the winter elements ~ when it is below freezing, we critters still freeze too even though we have fur on.

So get the word out and lets all help in any way we can



Today is My Third Gotch Day

December 2nd 2013 8:14 am
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Three years ago today Meowmy brought me home. It was a bitterly cold day, too. Lots of snow and -40 below. Very windy and blustery. I was living under the building where Meowm was working at the time. I was crying and very very hungry. I was also dumpster diving for food and was just a tiny girl back then. Meowm called to me, "here kitty kitty" and I came running to her!! Meowm wanted to give me some of the dog's food. The boss had a small dog there and he said no!! To make a long story short, Meowm got mad, phone a friend, they picked me up and brought me to their work until the end of the day and then picked Meowm up and took us "home".

I wasn't suppose to be kept. But after five days, on the day I was suppose to go to the shelter, Meowm just couldn't give me up. I looked at her and said, how come they can stay and I have to go??? It broke her heart and then a smile came over her when she realized I was suppose to be her special girl!!

You see, I have markings just like her beloved Buddy, who is an Angel and her very first kibbie. I was found in the winter, and Meowm had had a dream about finding kibbies in the winter and one was there waiting for her ~ that was ME!!! Buddy was in the dream wif her too!! See my Grandpaw was showing her I would be the next lap kitty and full of love for my Meowmy!! And it's all true, I really am that and more!!

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