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It ain't easy bein cheezy

Just got back from the vet.

June 13th 2012 3:35 pm
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Well mommy ended up having to take me to an animal shelter for shots. They were kind of short with me and she was super worried they weren't taking good care of me, but I feel fine. I'm running around the house like normal and climbing up on the couch. She even gave me some wet food for being such a brave girl. I didn't try to escape or anything. I just sat in my mommas lap cause I was a lil worried about all the weird dog things around the place. My leg was bleeding when they gave me back to her. She was very upset about that. Welp ima go run around and play. I have a new person to meet.


Fisrt storm at moms house

June 12th 2012 8:12 pm
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Well I had my first storm at my new house today and mommy wasn't even home to protect me! Her roommate told her that I hid under the couch the whole time. I didn't want to come out for him! I wanted my mommy! As soon as she got home from work I ran out from under the couch and told her how horrible and scary it is outside. She gave me lots of hugs and kisses and played with my fishy with me. Now we're cuddling on the big comfy chair and I'm having her write in my diary for me.

She told me we have to go to the vet tomorrow and I'm a lil worried and so is mom, it'll be a first time vet visit for BOTH of us. But I know she wouldn't let anything bad happen to me and she says it's so i can grow up to be a big healthy strong kitty, well time for a cat nap.


Hi everyone!

June 12th 2012 12:40 am
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Well it's the third day in my new house and I'm loving it so far! Mom made me a really neat string toy with my fishy at the end of it. I could chase him forever! Dad loves keeps making this awesome red dot appear, haven't figured out how to capture it yet but I will! I've finally feel comfortable enough to eat without mom having to be right there which is great cause i sure was hungry. Mom is so nice to me she lets me cuddle and even sleep with her and dad at night! I love following her around the house all day to see what she's doing. But i hate it when she has to leave for "work"and i don't like is when she picks me up and scolds me for trying to eat her food or for chewing on the Xbox wires. All in all I'm so so happy mommy adopted me, I love her so much. Well time for bed! Night ya'll!

love, Puar

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