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☆ A big happy cat's life ☆

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February 7th 2014 10:31 am
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I'm really sorry for not being online for so long omg//

But I wanna say Happy (belated) Mew Year to all of you on here, and I hope you had great Christmas holidays as well ^ ω ^
Also! I want to thank all for you for the little presents, I really appreciate them~

Another thing, it's my birthday in 3 days and I'm really exited because Mom always brings me neat stuff~

Aside from these--
I read the community areas will be closing in March 3rd, and it really crashed my mood because we won't be able to talk to each other anymore and i really, reallly don't want to lose touch with you guys :c

I'll be online more often after all, so we'll talk more~
love you all ♥



Mom's leaving :c

June 21st 2013 5:54 am
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So Mom's leaving for her summer camp stuff today and she'll be back in two weeks or so...
Gonna miss her, and everyone else will be away during morning hours.
But well, looking at the bright side of it, I can benefit myself c:
I'll have time to stay in peace and quiet and eat food without psycho aunts around~
'S good :D
Also Mom's said I'm gonna be famous someday - well, not Holywood famous but, you get what I mean C:
Idk guys, what else? Looks like we'll have productive holidays! :D

I sense it = W =



I became a fus ro dah cat! :D

May 19th 2013 9:34 am
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Yo guys!
Check out this epic video my mum made for me! YCv9Tic2EZdKxlXjTNA&index=19

and there's also this one :3 Cv9Tic2EZdKxlXjTNA&index=18

And I got my own playlist x3 w1tytRiXSlNDh3a9y
What do you think? :>




May 17th 2013 11:09 am
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Everycat! :3
Sorry I've been missing for so long, hope you can forgive me (/ _ )
But yeah!
I'm back and the thing is, I've missed you guys.
I hope to hear from you soon ^ W ^



I'm turning 2 years old! ^ ω ^

February 10th 2013 6:32 am
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Yesh, it's my BDay today! I'm so happy!! :D
My mum's cousins will come around later, we're gonna have a party, AND a cake!!
Looking forward to opening mah gifts! :3
I'll update in a few hours to let you know!
See ya!



Kinad late but.. I GOT MAH GIFTS! X3

January 8th 2013 6:08 am
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So, mystery solved! The Mew Year's Eve my mum gave me two bags: The one had a new cat tree!! OMC! It. AWESOME! :'D
Eventually, the one making the funny noises was a set of four colorful balls with bell! Yay yay yay yay yay!
The good thing is that my Bday is in a month!
I wonder what epic thingies she'll bring me :D
See ya soon!
Wuv u all!



Best time of the year is now :D

December 27th 2012 5:40 am
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Hi everycat for once again :D
The best days of the year are now!
Mum's all day home, and we are together every day :3
Some days before she brought home a big bag, and a little green one which it was making some funny noises. Before I knew it, she took the big one to her room and rushed to put it in a special bag. I tried to sneak into the room but she heard me and turned to me: "Socks! Oh.. Um... Hi, hi.. HEY, you aren't supposed to be in there.. don't you wanna play in the balcony? It's wet, you can go skiing. You saw nothing love! Ok?"
And she gently pushed me out of the room.
I think she got me a New Year PRESENT! OR MAYBE TWO!!!
Oh, and to end this, I wanna wish happy holidays to everyone of you :]
Hope you're having a great time! ;3
See you soon!



I HATE her - _ -

December 15th 2012 10:14 am
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I can't take this anymore.
She's always teasing me, wanting me to be hers, she calls me her son...
I can't take this any longer. and I'm not talking about my mom, no, how could I even hate her?!
My aunt's the problem. And things have gone REALLY wild lately. She acts like I am some short of... TOY! Ugh, do you believe that?! Like a toy?! Do I look like a toy?! God...
I'd jump out of the balcony, but I'm not going to make my mommy sad in any way.
Her room is now the only place for me to:
drink water
use my litter box
I literally live in only one room.
HELP. e _ e



I could've been... killed.

October 26th 2012 2:46 am
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Hello for once again everybody!
I don't have much time lately, cuz my mum's using the computer the whole time. Anyways, yesterday I did something that made my mum really angry, and I have no clue why. I was just having fun trying to jump on the window box when my mum heard me and she rushed towards me. She grabbed me from the skin on my neck and holded my stomach trying to pull me back. Most of my body was out of the railings and I was fighting against her to let me go, ignoring the abyss beneath me. I left a loud cry, stretched my body upwards, hoping she'll realease my neck. Instead, she grabbed me even tighter and screamed in a tone I've never heard anyone screaming like this before: "Socks! For God's sake, let me get you back, YOU'LL GET KILLED! YOU DON'T WANT THIS!"
She finnally managed to pull me back with such a force i felt like my neck skin was being ripped of. I yelled in terror and extracted my claws in agony for grabbing something to hold on. A few seconds ago i was laying on her chest, feeling her heart beating so hard like it was going to break. I sighed, and just then I realised I wasn't breathing since she screamed to me. She hugged me, squeezed me on her, then looked at me straight in the eyes. She told me, with a tone I immediatlly understod that she was trying to drown her fear and anger: "Why?, she asked, you could've been KILLED. Damn you, you're a stupid cat. You're so STUPID. You can't understand how much you mean to me.What am I going to do if I lose you?" The next moment she was on her feet. She picked me up and took me to the WC. Before she lock me in, she looked at me for once again and said, with a straight voice: " You're staying in there, 'till you understand the difference between life and death. And the meaning of being important to others"
And closed the door.
I felt really bad about all these. I blammed her too, because she couldn't understand the nature of the cat. I believe I could've made that jump, but I swear, I'd never try again.
I'm sorry Mum



>Paw Power Unity Mission No 1 : Help my mom on YouTube

September 10th 2012 8:24 am
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Good afternoon kitties! :3 I'm back for once again, and this time, I'd like to ask you for something: to help my mom on YT.
See has spent a lot of time making videos for me, so please, could you give each video fifty likes? She said if this happens she'll make a 10 minute one for me!
So tell everyone so we make it true!



Q:Whose channel should I visit?
A:My mum's username is Mauroukaki. Simply Google it! :P

Q: What videos do I have to like?
A: The videos you have to like are
Meet Socksy: Now and Then
Socks vs Oranges!

Thank you so much for reading this!


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