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Hi from Me!!

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September 5th 2012 8:19 pm
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First Julius started having diarrhea and threw up, then Brutus. Took them to another house to get treatment away from us, but it was too little too late. I just came down with diarrhea tonight. Maybe it be coccidia. Mom worried a bit since I be getting bigger and stronger, but still being watched. This all started well after the kittens were seen and determined healthy, so mom not sure how the sickness came in. Julius is getting better, Brutus still pretty sick. Mom gonna try to get Marquis for me in the morning. Purrs needed!


I Be 4 Months old tomorrow!!!!

September 2nd 2012 4:24 pm
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I getting to be a big girl now! I take care of little Julius and Brutus and I play very nicely with Amielle. We have so much fun together. I went to sit with granddad today, too! Mom says that Brutus gonna go to a new home soon and that make me sad. I like him here. Amielle may also have a home, but sure yet. O well -- hey, tomorrow be my 4 month birthday and I wanna party cause -- I am perfect in every way!


Me be DDP!!!

August 11th 2012 7:48 pm
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Wow, I be DDP! How wonderful that it be on Lucy the Wise's gotcha day. She don't mind sharing the day!!! For my DDP day mom spent 8 hours at Southern States talking to peeplz about the TNR program. Then I got to go see granddad again and this time he really woke up and smiled and called me his favorite kitty. Mom say he once had a kitty the looks like me and he probably thinks I am that kitty - but that is still great cause I brought a smile to the face of someone with not too many smiley days left. I had a great DDP day except for not likin' my new medicine much. I gettin' bigger and more fussy about flavors now!


Unhappy Surprise! Purrs Needed

August 10th 2012 5:40 pm
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I went to see Dr. Burdick. She kinda fun and likes to play with me. Mom say I gets shots (whatever that is) today, but that didn' happen. Dr. B discovered my lymph glands (don't know what that is either) are swollen and I have a little fever. I don't feel sick. I eat, I play, I bug my bruffers and sisters. This a big and scary surprise. Dr. B say that the bot fly larva thingie can take months to get over. Back to medicine. Mom a little worried. We not be in as good a place as we thought. She feels a little guilty that she should have maybe done something like take my temperature, but I wasn't acting sick. Dad at work and doesn't know yet. He gonna be really worried. Guess purrs be needed. I goes back to Dr. B in two weeks and she decide what we do next.


Uh ho! Vet Tomorrow

August 9th 2012 8:19 pm
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Mom called vet office. She takin' me to da vet tomorrow. Don't know why, I'm not sick. I be happy, playing, eating. Something about a thing called -- shots. Yesterday granddad's doctor wrote an order saying I could come to see him!!! Mom says I gots to go to de vet for a paper so I show da peeplz that I be a healthy kitty. Wonder what this shot thing is.....


My Sneaky Adventure

August 6th 2012 1:09 pm
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Well, yesterday we had bunches of peeplz at the house for lunch, then Mom says wez gonna go see granddad. I been playing with little peeplz and running till I be tired. So, I was just settlin' down for a nap when mom picks me up and puts me in a small bag. Now that be funny, but I don't cry or complain. Seems like a nice place to snuggle down and sleep. Then wez goes out in da car and Aunt Jan be talkin' nice to me. We goes up da back steps, but I can't see out. I smell funny new smells, then they opens the zipper and I be in grandmom and granddad's room. That be interesting. I get on granddad's bed and it be nice and soft. He be nice and soft and not noisy. I rubbed his hands and arms, then fell asleep for two hours. He and me slept and slept till mom had to go home. Then it was back in the little bag and off we went. Quite an adventure!


Three Months Old!!!!

August 3rd 2012 9:07 pm
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Time to play - I am three months old!!! Tuna yummy cakes for all!!! Linus and me played all evening till we both fell asleep together. He getting to be the best big bruffer! So, just noticed that mom writin' my diary after midnight - so it actually was yesterday was da day, but that be okay. Everyday is a special day to me!


I Missed My DDP!!!

July 18th 2012 5:38 am
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Mom been away at the peeplz hospital with her dad who been sick. She missed my DDP so I am super happy that some of my fuurends noticed and gave me cool zealies! And Tundra game me a pawsome picture, too! I feel so special!


Catching Up!!!

July 7th 2012 8:42 pm
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I really missed my dad while mom and he were out of town. I been following him around and cuddling with him all the time since! Today they put bunches of things in the yard and lots of peeplz came over and gave them money and took things away. I sat in the front window and cried for four hours! They wouldn't bring me outside cause it was over 100 degrees. Too hot for little me! Don't want dad to ever leave again. Besides, they missed my two month birthday! O, Dad, goin' ta bed - gotta run and catch up with him!



June 29th 2012 7:53 pm
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Don't ever hafta leave! I get to stay and kiss on my daddy forever and ever and ever!!!!! Happy dances!!! So excited!!!!

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