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Hi from Me!!

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Wow DDP on my Gotcha Day!!!

May 29th 2014 2:56 pm
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Double specials! Mom has managed to check in on my Gotcha Day.And so excited that I be DDP kitty, too! It was two years ago today I was rescued at three weeks of age with a botfly in my little head. A miraculous survival story and I am my daddy's favorite, but don't tell Ziva that! Thank you, all my furrends for a bootiful Gotcha Day and DDP day!


Tomorrow Be my Gotcha Day

May 28th 2014 6:39 am
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Two years ago I was rescued! Feels like yesterday! I was a very sick little 3 week old kitten. Mom never had a kitty closer to death than me. But I am my smiling, loving, energetic self. Mom knows that sometimes it seems impossible to help so many abandoned and homeless kitties, but then she thinks of ME and my story, Miranda and her story, Bob and his story, our nine little babies from last fall and our new little fosters. Yes! You can make a difference! Maybe not to the whole world, but for each little one whose life you touch!

She probably will not be on compooter tomorrow, so today she (and me!) purr for all those out there helping kitties have gotcha days!.


Mommy-Dolly Flies to the Bridge

April 30th 2014 5:58 am
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Be so sad to tell everyone that the sanctuary told Mom this morning that my mom-cat, Dolly, traveled to Rainbow Bridge yesterday evening. Her new human friend, Carmen, was with her, holding her, loving her and Dolly was purring to the end. Her last few months were ones of peace and love, and her time at Rustic Hollow was filled with a joy she had never known before. We are so glad that she had an opportunity to know love, peace, and comfort. Carmen had been emailing lately, in a way preparing us for this and that was good. It is still so hard to accept that she is gone so soon. My human mom and me both lost our moms in the same month. Mom-Dolly never had her own page here, I shared mine with her. Mom has decided to create her a page in tribute and memory.


I Be Cat o Da Day!!!

April 20th 2014 4:43 pm
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So totally pawsome!!!! Thank you my furrends!!!! I been playin' mama kitty to little Ziva. We dance, we play, I give her baths. So happy to have this purrrrfect honor!!!!


My little Friend Is Now my Sister

April 16th 2014 8:09 pm
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Little Ziva and me have become be fuuurends! We play together, race through the house! We share our dinners and sometimes sleep together! Joyful news - she gets to stay furever! I be soooo happy. And she be happy. Only tonight I think she is having what mom calls "Heat." She sure is acting funny. Here is her link.


DDP!!! For Mom and Me!!!

March 31st 2014 8:12 pm
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We be so purrroud to be DDP. Momcat's picture be here. And my human mom got an update today. Dolly be fitting in well, making fuuurends with the human caregivers and with her roommates. She be so happy. Such a happy outcome for a kitty that needed it so much. And now DDP, too!!!


Mom be Back From Dolly's Travel

March 26th 2014 7:52 pm
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Mom and Steph just got back tonight the the 10 hour trip to Iowa to take my mom-cat, Dolly, to her new home. What a bootiful place! There be five houses dedicated to 300 kitties. There are 10 paid people who loves kitties who come and care for the kitties, clean their houses, give them medicines and love on them every day. Mom would like that kind of job! There is a family who owns the farm in their own house right there on the property. Dolly will live in their house a few days until it be sure she doesn't need special medical care, then she will have a bootiful girl bedroom with a catio window! She get to share it with four other kitties who were all very sweet. Putting the link to mom's album on facebook here. Hope the link works! 489414731.1073741829.1127421971&type=1&l=15ead929b0



March 23rd 2014 2:26 pm
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It be so pawsome. Hoping all my fuuurends come by today. Mom be so happy for me. My momcat owe so much to my fuurends everywhere. Dolly's support at $580!



March 22nd 2014 9:56 am
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Well, maybe it's my momcat, Dolly, who be DDP. Mom checked the paypal today and --- another $100!!! We 75% there!! One of mom's neighbors been going door to door through the town raising money - a dollar here, dollar there - it all adding up. We don't know too much about this money raising stuff - it be very uncomfortable. Used to being the donating one not the asking one. We been so blessed!


Iowa or Bust!

March 21st 2014 8:21 pm
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So many fuurends have stepped up that we are meowless! We are 60% to Dolly's needed funds. Enough that mom and Steph are going to go ahead to Iowa on Tuesday and take Dolly to her new furever wonderful home. We hoping over time more support come in, or Mom will just have to pay it a little at a time, but Dolly will be in a safe, happy and loving place. Could not ask for more than that. Two weeks ago we could not have imagined such a happy ending!

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