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My third Gotcha Day

May 29th 2015 12:39 pm
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I have to thank all my friends for remembering my gotcha day. Mom forgot and couldn't figure out what all the gifts were and then looked....can't believe she didn't know. Three years ago, I graced them with my presence and this is what I got? Heck, I got mom up at 3am to purr for her and make sure she remembered and though she petted me, she didn't remember.

So thank you to all of you:
Tundra and family for the picture...I hope I can get it on Catster. Thank you!

Simon and Reuben...for the kisses
Smiley and Luigi for the tulips
Milo and family for the rose
Bella for the adopt-a-pet ribbon
Athena for the lady bug
Hazel Lucy for the baseball
Ebony for the adopt a pet ribbon
Napoleon and Family for the ribbon
Mango and family for the bluebird
Bugsy and Family for the tulip
Meiko and Kinzy for the emerald
Big Harry and family for the HUG
Zoey and family for the HUG
Taz for the HUG
Mac and Family for the HUG

Thank you all for sharing the day with me and reminding mom. She did make it up to me when she got home and I got extra food!

Hugs and love


Wow, I'm Four Years Old Today

April 30th 2015 10:08 am
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I want to say Thank you to all my friends for all the gifts for my birthday! I'm so lucky to have all of you as friends and all of us still here at Catster to celebrate! I had a good start to the day at midnight, waking mom up to tell her it was my birthday, good breakfast and mom says special treats for dinner!

Thank you all and I love you all!

Spice E


My 2nd Gotcha Day

May 30th 2014 10:55 am
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I celebrated my 2nd Gotcha day in my home on Wed 5/28. That is a day that changed my life forever. First, I went from being plain old Spice to Spice E! MOL. But I lived in a cat colony, on a busy road. One of my sibs had been hit. I was in a foster home but there were lots of cats. On May 28th, mom and dad came and got me. They hadn't even seen me first, other than the pictures on line (and I was 8 weeks old then, I was a year old when they got me)

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years but I'm lucky. Phantom and I got along really well, pretty much from the beginning. A couple hisses here and there but now we are pals and I have so much fun with him. I love mom and dad but I am more of a daddy's girl. Mom's OK with that because we do have special bonding time too.

I want to thank all my friends who gave me rosies and gifts and helped celebrate with me. It's so special to be here and to have friends to share in your good times. We are lucky Catster is still here for that.

Thank you to:

Forever Diamond--Mango, Skittles, Carmello and Goji
Birdie singing- Marmelade
Pink Ribbon- Paisley
Lady Bug- Bugsy and family
Rainbow Star- Milo and Mallee
Cake---Dashy and Lillian, Kinzy and Meiko
Blue Ribbon- Athena
Red Ribbon- Simon and Reuben, Hobo and family, Little Willie, Platelicker, and Bella Bush
Red Rose- Smiley and Luigi
Tulip- Molly, Macy and Misha
Butterfly- Mac and family

Balloons- Paisan and family, Queen Missy, Humphrey Lee and Roger, Big Harry and family, Buster and Family.

Again, I thank all of you for thinking of me and for taking the time to share in a day that is very special to me.

We love all of you,
Spice E!



May 30th 2013 8:20 am
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Thank you Catster Diary Gal for picking my diary about my Gotcha Day. I'm so excited to celebrate that day and had so much fun! Thanks to all my friends who gave me rosies for the Gotcha Day then for the DDP again. I sent you all thank yous and hope you all got them!

I'm so lucky to be with mom and dad. Mom says she thinks I knew it was special because I ran around all day and acted silly. I didn't think I acted any different???? I even got my FAVORITE treat and shared with Phantom.

Thanks to all for reading my diary and sharing that special day with me. It's more fun celebrating gotcha days than any other day...that is the day our parents chose US and brought us home to our wonderful FOREVER homes!

Hugs and love to all


My First Gotcha Day

May 28th 2013 5:03 am
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One year ago today, my day started out as every other had. I did my normal Spice things (I wasn't Spice E yet), playing with my cat mom, and my sibs, and all the other cats at the foster home I was living in, running around like a kitten does.

Then my foster mom came and got me and told me someone was coming to get me. What's that mean? She put me in a cage, which I HATE, until these people got there. Next thing I know, two people I don't know are there looking in at me. My foster mom opens the door and goes to grab me to put some Frontline on me and I BOLT. Toward the road. There is a drainage ditch there that I shot through and came out in the Church across the street. My foster mom came and picked me up, carried me to this strange car and put me in another cage. Then this strange lady gets in, sits beside me talkng to me.

I get to this new house. I'm in the basement and when they open the door, this big gray kitty comes up and hisses at me. Well, hello, I don't know you either but I'm not hissing in YOUR face, YET. MOL. I come out (they have to clean me up because I got nervous on the ride and had a little accident). This guy carries me around, showing me things and talking to me.

Over the next couple days, I stayed mostly in the basement where my litterbox and food were. But that guy would come down several times a day and pick me up and talk to me. The lady would come down sometimes too and do the same thing. Finally, I started coming upstairs with "dad". Phantom still hissed at me a couple times and I hissed back. Then we figured out it was OK NOT to hiss and started playing a little.

Today is the one year anniversary of mom and dad coming to get GOTCHA day. It turned my world upside down for a few days but now I couldn't be happier. I'm an indoor kitty now, no more dangers of dogs and cars and other scary things. I get food all the time, lots of loving, which I'm getting used to now, and Phantom and I play together all the time. I get to sleep on the bed with mom and dad and sometimes like to wake them up just to pet me.

I love my home, my family and Phantom. I know I was a lucky kitty, one that was able to get out of foster care and find a good furever home. I hit the KITTY LOTTERY! I hope all kities are as lucky as me!

Hugs and love


Thank you to all my friends

May 24th 2013 6:44 am
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Thank you to all my friends who helped celebrate my Cat of The Day yesterday. I was so honored and humbled to be selected and almost overwhelmed by the outpouring of good wishes. Even from some kitties and families I didn't know.

I sent out thank yous to all of you personally, so I hope you received all those, and again, I thank you all for being my friend and for helping to have such a special day!




May 23rd 2013 4:56 am
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OMC, I was so surprised to open up the front page and see my name on it!. Thank you so much for picking me and putting me on the front page. I'm so honored that you chose me!

Hugs to all


My first Mother's Day

May 15th 2013 4:26 am
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My first mother's day with mom was spectacular. I let her sleep until 7 and then got up on the bed to clean her hair, so she didn't have to do that. I thought that was a good thing to do for her. But she got up and showered anyway. ...Well, a girl can try. But all day, I was more loveable and even let mom hold me ONCE, for a little while. But I rolled over lots and let her scratch my back so I could purr REAL loud for her. We had a good day at home.

PLUS...we got lots of gifts from all our friends here at catster for mom too. Thank you to all my friends for remembering my mom who took me in and takes such good care of me.

I love my mom and we love all your moms too....we are all so lucky! Wish all kitties could know the love that I do.


I'm 2

April 30th 2013 11:23 am
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Gosh, it's hard to believe I'm two now. Seems like just yesterday, I was 1! MOL. It's my first birthday in my new home and my first here and so many friends are leaving gifts. I'm really lucky to have so many friends that think so much of me as to leave me all the cool gifts I'm getting. My sweet, sweet, handsome Tate spoiled me with gifts and is coming with a limo to pick me up and having his cool brofur Todd be our driver. I have shopped and found just the right dress for dinner and a night on the town.

Thanks to all for celebrating with me today. I am also sending notes to you as well. I love all my friends!

Spice E



April 22nd 2013 8:09 am
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Wow, thank you Diary Gal for picking my diary for DDP today! I'm honored and so glad to share things about my parents! And I thank all my friends for all the rosies. Tate says he is taking me on the town tonight and has given me LOTS of gifts on my page for my honor today. Can't wait to go out tonight with him to celebrate big!

Hugs to all
Spice E

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