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My Life According To Me By Belle

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April 9th 2013 9:08 pm
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Mom, Auntie Cory and Uncle Ron and Auntie Laurie took me, Midnight, Autumn and Shiloh to the Vet to get something called spayed and neutered so us ladies can't have kittens and the dumb boys can't make us make kittens! Apparently some people refer to it as being "fixed" but that makes no sense because there was nothing wrong with me! The Vet said that I was the hardest one to do because I was to scared to come out of my kennel! I let mom know my displeasure when she picked me up tonight! Our neighbors 3 year old niece came with them to pick us up and she asked where I was to which mom replied "She'll be right out. They just went back to get her!" and then the little girl said this refering to me "Is she going to drive?!" Everyone in the clinic started laughing!

On a side note I think mom is up to something because when I came home there was all sorts of things wrapped in wrapping paper sitting on the coffee table. She is definitely up to something and I must investigate further!



March 29th 2013 11:48 am
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Oh my goodness! I'd like to thank my cat mommy for bringing me into the world! My human mommy for putting me on Catster and loving me! I'd also like to thank Auntie Cory for giving me to mommy and being a good mommy to my brother Simba and my cousins Midnight and Autumn! Oh and I can't forget Auntie Laurie and my cousins Smokey and Shiloh either!

On March 26th we went to the Vet to make sure I was healthy enough to get Spayed on April 9th. I wouldn't come out of my cage but the Vet man said that I was good healthy weight for my age and size. I'm getting Spayed at the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus which is where we were for the Vet to. While we were there mommy bought me two new toys...a Pink and White mouse (She put a bell on it's tail!) and Pink duck that rattles when you shake it! Oh and the car ride there and back wasn't nowhere near as bad as mommy thought it would be because it turns out that I like car rides!



March 13th 2013 4:50 pm
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So Belle and I were visiting our downstairs neighbor yesterday and they again mentioned that I should declaw Belle. I almost BLEW MY TOP! I went on to explain to them that my I don't declaw because if I declaw my cat then I take away her defense system if she ever gets into trouble with another cat/animal/human! Not only would she not be able to defend herself. I don't know why they have their cats declawed but I do feel bad for them. One of their cats is littermates to Belle and he scratches on Belle's cardboard scratch board...and this cat is declawed. I didn't even mention that it is basicly amputation but maybe I should have. I did however do some further research on the issue and explained to my dad (who is also against declawing) what is all involved and that is the equivelent of us getting our fingers or toes cut off down to the knuckles! Now imagine having to balance and walk without your toes and having to pick up stuff without fingers. Now imagine you are a cat who just got declawed and now you have to walk, run, jump, play and use the litter box when your paws are extremely sore! I found this website very helpful!


DDP For The THIRD time!

March 11th 2013 5:03 pm
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I just want to say thank you catster for choosing me as DDP for a third time! There's really nothing special about what my secratary aka mom writes up for me in my diary!

Speaking of mom, As some of you may know, she is a "Titanic" nut and it recently hit her that I was born on the 100th Anniversary of when the ship hit the iceberg! It'll took you 8 months to realize that! There was a Joseph Bell who was the ships engineer who went down with the ship so mom decided that I am named in his memory! Pretty cool huh?!

Oh and I'm getting spayed at the Ozaukee County Humane Society on April 9th and my pre surgery exam is March 26th! Auntie Cory (she took Phantom in for a few days!) is taking us in with 2 of her cats and my Auntie Laurie and one of her cats to get fixed to because Auntie Cory is our ride since mom and Auntie Laurie don't drive! I don't like other cats (I tolerate them in my own apartment and that is all!) and I HATE leaving my apartment so it's going to be a really fun car ride for everyone MOL!



March 10th 2013 8:02 pm
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So some of our neighbors moved out of the apartment complex last week and they had the nerve to abandon their poor kitty! Thank goodness my Auntie and Uncle took her in for a few days! Her original name was Bear but we changed it Phantom. She was obviously very scared because she was left behind by her family and she went from being an only cat to suddenly having to share everything with THREE cats in just a matter of hours. Auntie posted a craigslist notice for her asking an adoption fee of $20 to ensure that she went to a good home this time and two very nice girls came the day after she posted and they took Phantom because it was love at first site for all 3 of them! Mom was actually with the neighbors that took her in when they got her and two of their cats and a cat for another neighbor of ours from a farm and mom was going to take her but grandpa and I said no so she was given to those neighbors who we thought would take care of her.


Goodbye Miss Shadow!

December 16th 2012 3:26 pm
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Unfortunately this isn't going to be a fun light hearted diary posting. I'd like to ask that all the bridge kitties take care of my brother Simba's(litter mate)adopted cat sister Shadow who went to the bridge last night. Her passing was sudden but merciful. We're not really sure what happened but mom went downstairs to talk to the neighbors and one second Shadow was coming to greet her and the next she just fell over gasping for air. My mom says that they think Shadow had a seizure or a heart attack or possibly both. Simba was at our apartment playing with me when it happened so mom thinks that Shadow more than likely didn't want Simba to see her die. Mom says it was heartbreaking watching Simba trying to play with Shadow and that she had to come home quick to give me a hug.

Rest in peace Shadow!




December 3rd 2012 5:02 pm
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Mom opened her email tonight and what to her wandering eyes should appear? An email from catster saying that I have catmail from Smiley Casanova! So we clicked on the link and opened the message and Smiley informed me that I was a DDP (Daily Diary Pick) AGAIN! YAY! I also won this award over the summer!


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

November 24th 2012 3:56 pm
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I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Mom and grandpa were at moms cousins house and mom let me have the WHOLE apartment to myself! Well except her room and the bathroom that is!

Then yesterday and today I was helping mom decorate the Christmas tree and the other holiday decorations throughout the apartment. Mom kept telling me to stay out of her way but I was HELPING her! Oh and did I mention that mom took a photo of me waring a Santa hat and ITS GOING ON THE CHRISTMAS CARDS?!



August 2nd 2012 10:43 pm
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Mama made me a facebook page! Check it out!!/belle.boone.3


A Bit Of Everything!

July 2nd 2012 10:44 pm
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Hello everykitty! I have several things to say tonight!

Word of advice to kitties everywhere, don't get grounded! It's no fun being in the kennel for 10 minutes with NOTHING to do and only a water bowl for company!

It's been super HOT this week and we're under a heat warning until Friday! FRIDAY! 3 MORE DAYS OF THIS HEAT!!! I told my mom to tell Nature's mom to give us a break from the heat but mom said she's don't listen to anybody but herself! Mom was so hot today that she gave herself a haircut! A few days ago we had the heat index upto 114 DEGREES! :O That is much to hot for a little kitty like me! Today was so hot that I actually let my mom put a frozen water bottle against me! On top of that our entire apartment building STUNK for reasons that I can't say.

Besides the contest mentioned in the entry below this one mom also entered me in another contest! The Cutest Pet! Check it out here! You can vote ONCE per pet every SEVEN days so thats ONE vote per pet per week!

Incase you haven't noticed mom added new pics and vids of me! Aren't I adorable!?!

Well thats all for now from me but mom wants to say something of her own!


Belle's mom here, I just want wish every cat and their humans a very happy and SAFE 4th Of July! Pet parents, PLEASE remember to keep your kitties (and dogs if you have them) INSIDE during fireworks! Our pets ears are very sensitive and if fireworks are loud for us humans then just imagine how loud they are for our pets? My town won't be having fireworks this year due to lack of funding and the burn bans in the area but even still, Belle will be in the bathroom Wednesday night with her litter,food and water and a toy! It's also cooler in there for her!

Belle's Mom Leeann

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