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mom is concerned about me.

mom added more pictures of Tessas kittens

July 13th 2012 10:22 pm
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Hey everyone Mom added more pictures of Tessas kittens.Two of them seem still to hang on her to nurse.They are all adorable especially the all black one who looks like a boy.If so Mom will call him Elijah.Mom has been at the doctors all afternoon she had gotten some bad infections on her arm.They did blood work today to make sure she didn't pick up something from the cats and gave her heavy antibiotics.They told her she is borderline exhaustion and needs to get better rest but mom has a hard time resting when she is so busy with all the ferals.Monday she is gonna go to a pet store see if they have any dameaged bags or cans of food they would sell really cheap.Them ferals are bigger pigs than Hannah.Mom is going through for cans wet food twwo bowls dryfood and scraps everynight.Hardto believe 9 week old kittens can be such food hogs.There has been a momma coon and five babies coming around.Mom is not to happy about because the other night the momma growled at mom when she opened the door.Mom knows she was just giving warning to protect her babies but mom doesn't want them hanging here because of their parasites.So she has to figure out a way to keep them away.


Mom is concerned about me

June 20th 2012 6:11 pm
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Mom is concerned about me.Today I showed up looking like a skeleton.Mom knows I am getting fed enough because I get a whole small can of wet food scrapes and dry food every night.
She can't get close enough to see underneath me to see if I am nursing kittens.She is now starting to wonder if I have a tape worm.
Now she will have to figure out how to care for me.
She is sad because Elmer hasn't been here in two days so she is assuming he went off to die.It would of been nice if he would of passed on moms property so she could of gave him a decent burial.
I don't know how she manages with all the stress we ferals bring her but she keeps helping us because she loves all of us.

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