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Busy day and Anniversary ))

June 19th 2012 4:59 pm
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You cant imagine how exausted I am....
Today we had this trip to Amwaj Islands again to my Mommus sister house.
Her daughter all the time played with me. I really like it.
But then we all went to walk. I hate rope and I dont like to be tammed.. So anyway I tryed to walk as slow as I could.
On the kids playground I had all the attention. Kids just loved me. Everyone tryed to touch me. And just simply followed me everywhere.
Now I am just relaxing.
But today is already 20 )))
And thats mean its anniversary of my Mommy and Dad. So I would like to congratulate them )))



Another glamorous day

June 17th 2012 1:48 pm
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Meooow, my dear friends ))
Today was amazing relaxing day for me.
Actually been sleeping half of it...hehe
Played with new game on my Mommys iPad [tryed to catch the cyber mouse].
And I just love love love to spend time sitting on the cage of my friend parrot Malyshka, she is Coctail actually. She is pretty agressive, because I think she is afraid of me. Still enjoy to sit there.
had a lil photosession.
So you can see my new photos on my personal Facebook page.
And please become my friends there.
Thank you, see you sooon. Meoow, love you all.



# NorbyTheGlamorousKitty

May 30th 2012 5:30 pm
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Yes, my fabulous friends )) I have an official facebook of my own. Mommy was soo exited to make one. Well, I am celebrity in the end of the day. Why should not I have one fancy facebook page??
Anyways, here is the link so plz press Like.
See you.


My 1st trip )) Meoow

May 30th 2012 3:21 pm
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Well, what a day! My first travel to my Mom's sister house. Her niece is scared of me. But still loved my look and fab personality as well.
I had fun and really nice family time there. But I must admit I am pretty tired.
Finally back at our glamorous house to my comfy bed and big screen TV.
Mom is watching that stupid reality show again. She is watching it every day and I am almost sleeping. So see you tomorrow, dear friends.


1st Glamorous Post

May 30th 2012 6:22 am
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Hello All!
My name is Norby. I am incredible glamorous kitty. I love fancy food, pink toys (mostly mouses), glam clothes and chilling out on the sun.
Here you can find my glam photos and everything about my fabulous life.

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♥ Norby ♥


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