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Da Cat Who Came in from the Cold

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Getting Tired of Eye Drops

March 25th 2013 8:06 pm
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So I is gettting tired of this whole three eye drops a day routine. Da drops are not really da problem. Da problem are my momma waking me up in order to put dat junk in my eye. I is asleep! I do not wants to have to get up and get dumb drops.

My eye are looking bout da same, but momma was not really expecting a whole lotta improvement yet. Here are a picture of me.

Da eye are not really better yet.

Thanks so much for all da purrs and POTP, I know dey is helping, even if my momma can't see da improvement yet. And I'll be purring dat momma quits dis whole nappus interruptus routine of hers. At least I are getting lots of kitty treats for all of dis!


Good News

March 22nd 2013 7:10 pm
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Tonight me and my momma got some good news. She had been worrying all day bout me, wondering if I had all kinds of terrible diseases and stuff. She was also worried bout me having anything contagious because of da other cats round here, specially Miss Jezebel, who are an older gal.

Then my momma was getting ready to go to da store and grabbed her phone, only to realize dat it were turned off! She turned it on and dere was a message from da vet, saying dat my bloodwork were back and he wanted to discuss it. But it were 5:05 and da vet closed at 5. So she called and left a message on da after hours line. But she were not hearing back and were really getting worried, convinced dat something had to be wrong for them to not just say that it was ok. So she called da regular vet, who had received stuff from da ophthalmologist, but was with a patient and wouldn't be able to call her back until tomorrow since dey were bout to close.

So my momma and her momma were sitting round worrying and her momma decided to call da emergency vet place since it shares an office with da ophthalmologist to see if they could tell us what was up. They couldn't tell without da ophthalmologist's permission, so momma figured she would have to wait at least until tomorrow if not Monday. And she were feeling really dumb for having her phone off all day. She was just too distracted with worrying about me to plug it in.

But da ophthalmologist called tonight and said I is ok. No diseases and my numbers were all pretty good. So it was caused by either a trauma thing or an immune response thing, we aren't gonna know. But dis not knowing are da best kind there is since it means I don't got lots more problems!!

And I been milking dis eye stuff for all it are worth, getting LOTS of fishy food and extra attention and kitty treats. Putting up with drops three times a day are worth it, I think!


Bad News

March 21st 2013 8:21 pm
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So I went to da ophthalmologist today. My eye was not really getting any better - maybe a little browner or cloudier, but da size of dat thing was not getting any smaller. So I had to go back to another vet. At least dis vet did not stick anything up my butt or mess with my mouth.

But he did say I had uveitis. Da causes of dat thing are not very good - most da time dey don't know what it is and think it is some kind of autoimmune thing. But some of da others of it are diseases like FIV and FeLV (which my momma doesn't think I have since I have tested negative for dem before) and cancer. It can also be trauma.

So it has not been a real good day around here. Da vet gave me some drops to make da eye feel better and dey stole my bloods to test for lotsa things. When I got home from da vet, I got two yummy servings of fishy food and took a nice long nap in my leopard chair.

Momma says she are asking for lots of purrs and prayers for me. I's a pretty young guy and I has not had a very good life, being abandoned and left on my own outside. Now dat things have gotten good dis thing has to happen. So I could probably use some POTP. And some more fishy food, but I think my momma will take care of dat one.


Dere Are A Problem With My Eye

March 18th 2013 3:04 pm
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Hi pals! I is not doing too great.

Momma and her momma went out of town dis last weekend to visit her grandparents. Da dogs went with dem, but I had to stay here. Momma's sister, Ally, and momma's daddy were taking care of da kitties. And dey did a good job, even if I think they shoulda handed out more kitty treats.

But late last night, Ally noticed dat my eye were all red. It looked like dere was blood in it and momma was not sure what it was, so I had to go to da mergency vet. And dat vet man, he didn't bother me too much when he looked at my eye, but I did not like him messing with my mouth and I did not like him sticking dat thing up my bootie to take my temperature. Da indignities I gotta deal with!

Anyways, he says it are probably a trauma type injury, like I got hit in da eye. It are not scratched and I can still sees and it do not hurt. If it do not clear up dis week, I are probably gonna be going to a kitty ophthalmologist, whatever dat is.

It are not too pretty though.

My Eye

Have any of y'all ever had anything like this? Please send some purrs, I'm hoping it'll go away soon.


I'm The Good Cat!

March 7th 2013 12:03 am
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Well, one of the good cats that is. This morning, my momma was looking for me to take pictures. She takes pictures of us everyday. Well, I was down in the bottom level of the cat tree asleep. Maurice was in the third level and momma had already taken pictures of him. So she got me out and picked me up and stood up. Or started too.

And Maurice tried to swat me, but instead he got my momma, right on da eyelid (and under da eye and da nose). At least he didn't actually get her eyeball!

So me and Jezebel are the good cats around here today.


I'm a Dreamboat!

February 25th 2013 12:21 pm
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Da lovely Miss Samoa named me Dreamboat #112 today! Wow, thanks Samoa! Joining dis list of other pawsome mancats and being picked by such a pretty girl as yourself are quite an honor. My momma has been saying I are a pretty boy and dat kinda stuff for a while, but now I know it are true! Going from being outside and starving to being a full-fledged dreamboat in less than a year - WOW!

I are pretty sure it are those cheeky fluffies which put me over da edge to make da list. I like my cheek fluffies a lot and it are best when I get my cheekies rubbed. And I think a dreamboat deserves some extra treat rubs. And extra kitty treats. And fishy food while we're at it!


I Want Fish!

February 21st 2013 10:58 pm
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I want fish! Getting fish round here are kind of a rare treat since dat Maurice dude are not supposed to have fish. So the humans been buying the fish foods and giving them to me and Miss Jezebel when Maurice are locked up in his momma's room. I don't understand why I can't has it all da time. All dey would have to do is keep da Maurice locked up all da time. Which might also have it's own advantages since he do not know when to not jump on other kitties.

Hmmm, maybe I can convince my momma to do dis more . . .


The End of Box Mountain

February 12th 2013 4:25 pm
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I are king no more. I has been deposed. This morning my momma smelled something stinky coming from da box room. Really stinky. Den she found da stinky poo. It took da humans forever to get in there and den to put all the stuff back. Dey were not happy so they blocked off Box Mountain and I can't get back in.

They don't know who did it, but I are telling them it were not me. Jezzy has been known to do stinky stuff like dat and Maurice was hanging around da room. And I was in there all the time.

I want my Box Mountain back! But I are not getting it. This were not a very good Mardi Gras surprise. :(


King of Box Mountain

February 5th 2013 12:26 am
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I is King of Box Mountain. Now, you might be wondering what Box Mountain is. Since momma and her sister has both moved back home, da room formerly known as da dining room has been turned into da storage room and has boxes in it. Hey, wait a minute, they used to have a whole nother room for eating here? With dat and the kitchen - 2 rooms for eating?? I wonder if dey gots double foods and if so why in da world dey would use da dining room for storage. Hmmm, momma is saying dey only really used it on Thanksgiving and stuffs like dat so I guess I are not missing out on any extra meals. Anyways, I are obsessed with climbing to da top of da boxes and napping dere.

Da humans have tried to keep me out. They've bought screens, which I managed to jump right over. Dey've built cardboard barricades which I mangaged to push and squeeze my way through. So now da box room are open and I get to go sit in dere and be King of Box Mountain. It are so much fun. But it are lonely at da top and sometimes I go in dere and meow and meow. I wants company. Momma has tried to say she can't climb up on da boxes and sit with me, but I are not sure I believes her.


Meowing In My Sleep

January 16th 2013 1:37 pm
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I gotsa question - do any of y'all meow in your sleep? Cause I do dat. And momma has had cats her whole life and her momma has had cats in her whole life, and dey's never heard one do dat! Dey's had dogs bark in dere sleep, but never a cat meow in its sleep. Guess I are just special!

I also wanted to say a big thank you for all da pawsome presents and comments and badges I got when I was Cat of da Day last week! Thanks so much, my page are overflowing! I had a pretty good day - I got my favorite kind of cat food (quail and chicken), lotsa pets, and some play time. I also got da camera stuck in my face, but my momma are a regular papurrazzi, so dat happens to all of us everyday.

Box Mountain are still closed off to me. I just want to climb in dere and sit on boxes, what are so wrong with that? I keep finding a way in and da humans keep making it harder and harder for me. But I'm determined to find a way!

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