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Da Cat Who Came in from the Cold

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Getting an Eye-Vee

May 28th 2013 12:11 pm
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My momma and grandma talked to da vet this morning. And it are not good. My creatine level was 9.8 and my momma thinks she said my BUN was 175. It are kinda hard for her to remember everything. Da vet basically gave me 3-5 days without treatment.

They said I needed to come in and get Eye-Vee fluids. Well, my momma were really mad at them that they left a message about a diet change when I were this bad. I coulda died over the weekend without even getting a chance. So instead of going back there, I went to da holysitic vet that the doggies go to. He are also a regular vet and very well-regarded. He has been helping my dog pal Finley with her itchies. He said I would get to come home at night and momma thought it would be better for me to come home at night instead of having to be transported between the regular vet and the emergency vet, which are what da old vet wanted to do.

So my momma put me in da crate and I went to see Dr. Shawn. Now I are here getting Eye-Vee fluids and I'll get to come home for the night and go back in the morning. I've lost more weight - down to 6.4 pounds from 6.8 on Thursday. I had some anemia too. He did an xray on me too and I don't have any stones or obstructions. He did see some arthur-eyetis in my hips and he thinks I may be much older than was previously guessed - more like 10 or 12. Momma had heard I was around 10 from one girl who worked at the apartment complex I had been at, but the vet had guessed more like 4. So maybe I is a lot older. Another reason momma are not happy with the old vet. Anyways, Dr. Shawn said I am doing ok on the fluids and I am looking forward to seeing my momma again in a few hours. I'm still not gonna tell her how old I is.


Bad News

May 27th 2013 4:14 pm
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So my momma got some bad news today - I are having kidney problems. For some reason, da vet's message didn't show up on da phone on Friday and we just found out today.

Momma has been trying real hard to get me to eat da last few days, and I has been turning up my nose at most everything - even fishie food. She thought it were just da deworming pill making my tummy feel funny. But she were all worried because da vet said one of my kidneys felt larger than the other - I guess she'll know more tomorrow when she talks to da vet. Looking at da symptoms, I do have a lot of dem. I are ALWAYS drinking water and my urine is dilute - it don't even really smell (unlike a certain cat who has da nickname Jezzy-smell). I've lost weight and gotten more and more picky with my food. I do sleep a lot, probably even more than Jezebel and momma says I seem kinda weak too.

Momma were crying earlier today and going on about how I has had a tough life and she just wanted me to have some good years to make up for all da bad ones. I don't like dat crying stuff - this last year has been da best year of my life. I hasn't had to be cold or hungry or thirsty. I hasn't gotten rained on and now I has comfy chairs and beds to sleep on and not da hard concrete. And I has all da pets and love I want, and maybe even more dan dat. I even got to have a Christmas - I just stared at dat lit up Christmas tree - it were so pretty. And I's had lotsa good times listening to music with my grandpa - I likes him a lot. It are nice to have another dude around. So I wish my momma wouldn't be so upset, but she are.

Momma will update dis again once she goes and talks to da vet tomorrow.


The Not So Good Gotcha Day

May 23rd 2013 5:46 pm
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So I has been with my momma for a year which are sposed to be a thing to celebrate right? Well, someone needs to teach my momma how to have a pawty because taking me to da vet to get a rabies shot are not celebratin.

Anyways, I went to da vet this afternoon. I are getting real tired of vets, I just went to one last week! But that was a different one, for my eye. This were for a shot. And da vampire woman stole my bloods! What do she want with it? She said I might be older than about 5, which was what they guessed from my teeths and what momma knows about my life. I'm not telling anybody how old I am! It are a secret! Da vet were concerned about dat one of my kidneys feels bigger dan da other one and dat I had actually lost over a pound since she saw me last summer. I only weigh 6.8 pounds.

Momma were so confused, she feeds me a lot and I eat good. Da vet said da bloodwork might tell them something. Since they is putting MY blood to work, I think I should get paid for it, maybe in cat treats? Anyways, I was one unhappy dude, and I pooped in da carrier on da way home. When we got home, my momma and her momma started cleaning up da mess and her momma noticed - well ok, here are where it gets gross, you've been warned - something moving around in da poop. So she said "I think I figured out why Charlie's so skinny - he's got worms."

So we called da vet and back my momma and her momma went, with da poop in a bag. Den dey came back saying something bouts a tapeworm and my momma made me take a pill. A pill? On my Gotcha Day?? It are sposed to make me feel better, but I is just hiding out in da cat tree now. Momma says she don't know how long I has had this and since tapeworms do not always show up in da poop, it probably was from before she gotted me since I were livin da hard life outside. Da vet said not to worry about da other cats and dogs since it are from eating a flea.

I think I deserve a lotta fishie foods to make up for all this!!


Happy birthday Finley!

May 22nd 2013 3:35 pm
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Well, today it are Finley's birthday. Purrsonally, I'm more excited about my Gotcha Day tomorrow, but today is her special day, so I hope she has a good one.

She isn't too bad for a dog, but we are not best friends like her and Jezebel are. Can you believe Jezebel voluntarily cuddles with dogs???? OMC!!!

The good thing about it being Finley's birthday was that the humans made bacon and gave the dogs a little and I got a tiny piece too. I love bacon, yum yum!

In other news, I went back to da eye vet for a checkup and he said I am still doing good. I don't have to go back for three months and all my momma has to do is one steroid drop everyday. So no more yucky pills or medicine, yea!!!!


I think the diary gal has a crush on me . . .

May 4th 2013 7:43 pm
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Because I'm a DDP again! Thanks to all my pals for da comments, rosettes, and badges!

In other news, I is getting more and more comfortable explorin' da whole house. I are still not real sure about da livin' room, but I do come out there for short periods. I really like da Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom - especially da fleecy blanket in there. Last night I was sleeping dere and da Finley dog hopped right up there next to me - like she wanted to snuggle or something!

So she got some smacky paw right to da nose. I don't think she liked dat cause she growled a little, but hey, I don't want dog cooties!


I'm a DDP!

April 26th 2013 6:10 pm
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So I's a DDP today! Thanks to all my pals for da comments, gifties, and cool badges!

I celebrated with some yummy tuna food and some tasty treats. Maurice wanted to celebrate too, so he opened up da cabinet where da treatses are stored and climbed right in there! MOL! I open doors, but I hasn't figured out da cabinet trick - I'll have to watch him next time.

It are nice and warm here today - meaning it is lots of fun to sit in da window and soak up some of dat sunshine! Hope y'all are having some nice weathers too.


My Eye is all better!

April 25th 2013 1:55 am
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So momma is guessing da Catster monster aged up my last entry. She wroted it on Friday and was wondering why none of my pals had commented and when she looked - it wasn't there!

Anyways, last Thursday I had to go see de eye vet again. I am getting kinda tired of dat dude. At least he doesn't take my temperature. But he seems to have that same papurrazi disease my momma has, only instead of taking pictures of my whole face, he is all focused on da eyeball. Weird dude.

Anyways, my eye is all clear and now I only has to have one eye drop a day and a half a steroid every other day. I am feeling a lot better! And da cough I would occasionally have is completely gone - momma is not sure if dat is because of the Auntie Biotic or not, but it is good!

And momma is thinking I has put on some more weight on da last month which is also good since I's still skinny. I'm da skinniest one around so I can definitely afford da poundage. Unlike a certain black and white dude who is getting a bit too much junk in da trunk if ya know what I mean.


Happy Birthday Jezebel!

April 16th 2013 6:11 pm
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So today is Jezebel's birthday. She is having a party in her diary, so be sure to check it out!

She is a pretty pawsome big sister, me and her are pretty good pals. We don't start fights, unlike a certain ginormous black and white troublemaker who lives around here. We's all getting extra treats today in honor of Miss Jezzie. So that makes it a day to celebrate all around!


Eye Update

April 4th 2013 11:48 pm
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So I had to go back to da eye vet today - I was not a happy guy. First dey wanna take pictures of my eye. It are enough da I gotta put up with my crazy momma and da camera, but I now I's sposed to let da strangers do it too? At least dis vet doesn't wanna take my temperature. So at least I's not getting dat invaded.

Da vet man said my eye were not getting better like it should've. Which means more meds. Now I gets oral steroid pills twice a day, dis nasty liquid antibiotic once a day, and I still is getting eye drops three times a day.

Dat antibiotic were cherry flavored. Don't dey make tuna flavored or something yummier?

Den my momma decided to torture me even more by cutting off my toe daggers. How is I sposed to scratch her when she messes with me? I am one unhappy guy - dis eye better get better soon so all of dis can end!


Spring Tag

April 2nd 2013 9:59 pm
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So I was tagged by the pretty Miss Paris in the spring tag game. Here are my five favorite things about Spring.

1. Sitting in the window and staring out it are much more comfortable when da window is warm and not cold!
2. I's not outside getting drenched by da rain dis spring.
3. More sunshine to take naps in!
4. Maurice has not been being as big a bully since it's gotten warmer - maybe he likes spring too!
5. Spring was when my momma gotted me, so it are special for us.

I'm tagging:

1. Minko
2. Platelicker
3. Simone
4. Natasha
5. Sparkman

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