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Born To Be Loved

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I think Mommy really likes me...!

December 26th 2013 9:15 am
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Mommy has been talking with me a lot more often of late. She also pets me and even rubs my cheek a little which, I like more than I show...

I will also let her kiss my cheek sometimes, just because.

She seems to want Daddy to do this stuff to me, and he's been trying, but I'm not quite ready for that so I pretend I'm going to nip him. He gets a little jumpy and then leaves me alone, so, so far, it's working out! Daddy has been successful in petting the top of my head, which I'm really starting to like.

Mommy calls me "Buddy" which sounds like a pretty nice nickname, given the way she says it...these folks sure are interesting specimens!


Diary of the Day!!

June 18th 2013 11:48 am
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Hello, furrends!! Thank you for all your concats on Diary of the Day!

I am feeling SUPER SNUGGLY today and giving Mommy head-butts and everything cause i'm so happy!

Thank Mew!!!

Purrrr, Simon


Very very curious...

June 10th 2013 10:34 am
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The strangers are still in my Sunny room. I mean, I share it with Perri and sometimes even Mommy or Daddy, but mostly it's mine. I lurked at the door while Mommy was in there with the two of them this morning. I heard all kinds of cooing and this chirpy noise and some meows. I wonder what's going on in there??


I miss my sunny room

May 30th 2013 9:19 am
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Well, there's still some guests staying in my room...the one with the large window and the terrific cat tree. There is one grey tabby that I see sometimes if the door is cracked open a little...I try to sniff her but she hisses REALLY loud and puts Peridot to shame! I get startled so I jump back and walk away...I don't think I want to confront that kitty anytime soon.

Perri is ready, though...she would burst thru that door if she could. I think it annoys her extra because she can hear Mommy talking nice to the tabby.


I love the headrubs!

May 12th 2013 2:52 pm
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Oooooh and Mommy is so good at giving them to me!

I have decided that snuggling is pretty nice. I will go on Mommy or Daddy's laps and head-butt their bellies. Purrrrrr

My sister is okay too. I don't torment her as badly as I used to. She's kind of taught me that it's really not cool (and also that she'll smack my head quite a few times if I do).

I really enjoy trying to get into the garbage...and figured out how to open their kitchen garbage AND the recycling bin. The bin was pretty easy..the top flipped off! Whee! The garbage was a bit trickier..I watched and learned if I put my back paws on the little step then the lid would go up and I could hold on with my front paws while nibbling and nuzzling around for snacks! Somehow though, the bin went away and something I can't open is now there...and Mommy and Daddy put a case of canned cat food on top of the other one so the little step doesn't work now. Foiled!

Nevertheless, my hunt for crumbs or other interesting tastes in the kitchen sink continues...'s not so bad

February 21st 2013 11:06 am
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As it gets colder and windier outside, I am inside...and realizing it's a great bonus to be able to snuggle against Mommy or Daddy. Perri isn't up for that yet, but I'm still working on her. Now she will let me chase her and nip her tail gently, although....I find it really really hard to do it gently because I want to WRESTLE!!!! Ahem...

But snuggling isn't so bad. Mommy and Daddy kiss me on top of my head and though I thought it was SUPER weird before, i'm getting used to it. Sometimes I like to roll over and let them rub my chin a little bit, and pet me on the cheek (Mommy says that's one of my softest spots, whatever that means.) I think it's a good thing, because Daddy will nod and grunt affirmatively when they talk about it. And then I can't help but do my adorable kitty smile...


Runnin' Wild!!!!

January 28th 2013 1:37 pm
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Hi Furrends!

I have a new daily ritual.. I run like the wind, back and forth the length of my home. I sometimes like to take a toy in my mouth, and while running with it, meow (muffled) with it still there. Mommy and Daddy seem to think this is really funny, and Perri just sits nearby, watching me. Sometimes I dart under the couch where noone can see me, because I can't see them! Even if my tail tip is sticking out a little...

I really love my Daddy. Yesterday was his birthday. I snuggled next to him extra tightly. I am not 100% okay with him petting me for more than a little bit, but that doesn't mean I don't love him. I get so excited when he comes home!!! I hear him from far away and I could be sleeping soundly but I will bolt upright, jump, and run to the front door to greet him! Then, so as not to be too obvious, I will walk in big circles around him, rubbing on everything around me. He has to track me down to pet me. Heehee! It is so fun playing hard-to-get!!

Purrs, furrends!!


It's all becoming a bit clearer...this is a really nice- place I've got here!

August 28th 2012 11:06 am
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I'm feeling a lot more relaxed living here. It's a pretty low-key place, and nobody wants to hurt me. Someone hurt me in my past, but these people, I'm learning, aren't like that. So now I get pet all along the length of my body and I don't feel like nipping because it feels soooo good!

I can take naps laying against Mommy or Daddy (though Daddy's my guy!) and there are a lot of places that Perri and I trade for naps during the day. My favorite spot when Daddy is not there is the dent he leaves in the's Purrfect for me!! I roll over on my back and streeetch out and turn over again and then curl up in the little comfy pit.

I do love, love, love the play and every day I get to do some of it, though not as hard as I'd like to...because I can't help but go after Perri when I get into the play. So, I have taken to wrestling with the curvy scratcher thingie, which is really getting beaten up, Mommy says, but it's better than Perri because it doesn't swat me.

Today, Mommy took this thing she calls a 'brush' and used it on Perri and brought it over and let me sniff it. I like Perri so I was cool with that. Then she used it to brush the top of my head, which felt pretty nice. I'm not super sure of my body being brushed just yet, so I sort of slinked away. But, I think I will get there because they are gentle with me and move slowly and they talk really soothingly which calms me a lot.

I sure got lucky and I sure love my Daddy and Mommy (and yes even my persnickety older sister)!

Keep the Catnip side up, furrends!


Baffling, just baffling

August 2nd 2012 9:15 am
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Greetings, furrends!!

My sister Perri is today's diary pick! Hurray for her!

I sure wish she would play with me. Yesterday I nipped her tail and she turned her head and hissed. But her tail didn't move, so I nipped it again, but more gently...she hissed again and moved it. I don't understand this game...

It's truly bizzare, I mean, sometimes we sniff each other's noses and just go our merry ways. Other times if I pop out at her she goes a little nutzo.

Girl cats --- who can figure them out??


Diary Pick! (Soaking up the love and attention) :)

July 23rd 2012 7:53 am
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Thank you very much, furrends, for your applause on my Diary Pick! It's so good to be loved :)

I am spending lots more time in the main part of the house with Perri. Perri doesn't seem to be as thrilled as I am about it, but I keep working on her. I really need to teach her that I MUST PLAY and that I love to play-chase her and that I really don't mean anything bad by it.

Mommy is helping a little bit, she sometimes calls Perri to her, when she's about to really swat at me and she's all defensive and stuff. Shee whizz I see the love between her and Mommy, and I get it - and if I were lucky enough to have this spacious place to myself, I may not want to share it, either. No, wait, I would. I just LOVE having someone to PLAY with!!

We get to have dinner together and also, we get TREATS together. That all goes very well without incident. Sometimes I get all this energy and I just runn and runn around the place, and Perri just lays there watching me. She can be such a weird sister!

Hugs and Purrs, my Furrends!

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