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Musings from an Aussie Kitty

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Start Your Day the Aussie Way!

December 4th 2012 7:38 pm
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G'day my good, long-suffering pals!

First, thank you all fur celebrating my DDP today and DOTD a few days ago. It's really great to have furiends to make things that little bit more special. :D

Now, Some furs have asked me about some Aussie slang terms I sometimes use without really realising. So, pawtly because of that and pawtly because I find the subject fun and interesting, I thought I'd put together a guide fur you on How to Be Aussie. Here goes...

First, you need an Aussie name. Any name will do really, but to make it sound Aussie, you should abbreviate the snot out of it. Barry becomes Bazza, Baz, Baz-Baz, "The Bazster". Sharon is Shazza or Shaz. Sheila is a good Aussie name, as it is also slang fur a girl or woman. You can also put an O on the end of most words and names - just ask any Thommo, Dicko, or Harry. :)

To enhance the authenticity of their Aussie purrfurmance, your human should wear a singlet (sleeveless top), shorts, and thongs (flip-flops) or volleyball shoes. Fafurite Aussie foods include rissoles, sausage rolls, meat pies, snaggers (sausages) and good old Vegemite. :D

And then we get to the small matter of talking like an Aussie. I suggest you see the YouTube video I posted in my last diary entry with the smorgasbord of Aussie slang. Just rememfur a few things: *You can add an O to the end of most words. ("Good-o", "Right-o", and of course "Cheerio" [meaning "goodbye"]) *End sentences frequently with the word "but". A British purrson once observed that they can tell the difference between Aussie and Kiwi accents (which, incidentally, sound nothing alike to an Aussie or a New Zealander!) because Aussies tend to end sentences with the word but. We don't do it intentionally, but. I nefur noticed how often Meowmy does it until I heard that, but. It's not really that annoying but. Is it? :D

Make sure you pronounce your words right. Say after me: or-e-GARN-o (NOT "o-REG-a-no"), and al-yoo-MIN-ee-um (NOT "al-OO-min-um"). Do a YouTube search on Aussie accents. There are a few good videos fur that.

When Aussies say they are "pissed", they mean they are drunk, not mad. Thongs are flip-flop sandals, and a jumper is a warm sweater, not a sleeveless dress. Mozzies are those annoying little insects called mosquitoes and they are killed by handy little plug-in diffusers called "mozzie zappers". If someone invites you fur a barbie, you're likely to be having snaggers (or bangers - named thus fur fairly obvious reasons!). And if someone offers you a chokkie or a bikkie (or better yet, a chokkie bikkie), say yes! And make sure you brush your ivories (or pearly-whites) well after drinking Lollywater (better known as soft drink!).

Blimey, I hope you're not too nackered after that long list I gave you! I can do more entries with more Aussie slang and facts, as I find linguistic subjects fascinating, especially as regards slang and cultural differences. Tell me, do you have interesting slang terms where you live? When you go to the beach, do you wear bathers or swimsuits? Do you eat morning tea or Elevenses? Give me a bell to let me know! Beauty, mate!

Your Ripper Aussie Mate,
Sammo :D (See, I got an Aussie name!)



December 25th 2012 1:11 am
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*does Happy Dance* Meowmy says she doesn't like Christmas because there's a lot of hustle and bustle and noise and lots of stuff Meowmy doesn't like, but I like this Christmas because I got FANCY FEAST! Meowmy got a tin of FF just fur me! She also got a tin fur Yogi and Booboo (most of you know who they are), and she got a packet of Schmackos fur Mikey and Goldie. Fur the non-Aussies, Schmackos are dog treats that dogs love. Both dogs love it. :D

Dogs Go Wacko for Schmackos!

Knowing how much Meowmy likes cats, somebody got her a board game of Monopoly, only it's a cat fursion - it's called "Cat-Opoly". Kewl, huh? Meowmy was actually looking at it on an online shop thinking she'd like that, but she didn't say anything to anyone, yet they knew she'd like it! She's pawlayed it already with some furiends and won the first game. :D

How was your Christmasses, my furiends? What did your pawrents do? Did you get anything? All Meowmy's been doing much is sitting near the A/C. It's so hot here!

Anyways, Meowmy doesn't have much time right now, so furom the whole furmily, we wish you a very Mewwy Christmas and a Yappy New Year!

Purrs and Woofs,
Samson T. and the Gang Down Under


The Jolly Outback

December 29th 2012 1:58 am
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I decided to share some of my outback home with you poor Americans huddled in front of your firepawlaces waiting fur winter to end. (Admittedly, right now that's looking better than the weather here, but you didn't hear that furom me, alright?^) My solution - (besides the obvious answer of my Catster Diary) I decided to start a blog like some of my furiends have. On there, Meowmy and I will have lots of fun sharing pictures of our lovely weather and the flora and fauna (we might even find a Kangarooster fur you!) and Goldie has agreed to share pictures taken on her walks, infrequent though those are. Here is a link to my brand-new blog:

I'm still getting it set up, but you're welcome to stop by, read my latest adventures and peruse Meowmy's pictures, and maybe drop me a line in the comments box to let me know what you think. :D

Hope you all had a furtastic Chrissymas and are looking furward to the New Years!



What? I can take the hat off now??

February 2nd 2013 11:08 pm
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Christmas and New Year's are ofur already, and Australia Day has come and gone! I have nothing left to celebrate. *sigh* Well, I went and updated my blog. That's good. And we are safe furom the fires that have been rampaging around Australia - that's good as well. And Meowmy's finally getting into this next music vid, so that's really good.

Fur those who don't know, I have started a blog called - pawlease don't laugh - "The Jolly Outback". (Okay, maybe you can chuckle a LITTLE!) ;) That's - pawlease check it out if you haven't done so already (or even if you have - I love to get comments!)

Just fur fun, I have also given some of you a link to the national Lambnesia quiz. That's at and youjust look at the pictures and decide whether that picture is Australian or UnAustralian. You get a score at the end to tell how Australian you are. (Meowmy is 48% UnAustralian) I would love to find out how Australian you all are. :)

Our weather here leaves a lot to be desired. It is hot and muggy most of the time. It's too hot to cook that much so there's a lot of roasts in the slow cooker or pre-roasted chicken from Woolies supermarket. They're predicting 30 degree temperatures fur this week.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Meowmy's hoping to get a lot more photos fur my blog and of course do some more work on the music vid. She's also thinking she'll have to take pics of some Aussie recipes she makes here in our corner of the Jolly Outback... :))

Keep warm this winter, to my American buddies, and make sure to chill out to my Aussie mates!




Off to see the Wizard, or at least the Land of Oz!

March 10th 2013 1:13 am
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Meowmy's off to see the world! Or, at least Adelaide. ;) She's going from where we live in Bendigo, Victoria, to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and she's taking pictures fur us!

Go check out my blog at to see the latest pics and read what she's been seeing. There is some interesting info about the gold mining in Victoria and even the discovery of El Dorado in South America.

I'll be updating as often as Meowmy will let me. ;) Let me know what you think in the comments on the blog. Hope to see you there!


Samson T. Hunter - The Aussie Kitty


Tagged by Dashy

April 12th 2013 4:21 am
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I have been tagged fur this kewl game by my furiend Dashy. I must answer these questions and then tag five of my friends to play too. So...

1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.
Hm... I like it when Meowmy lets me curl up on her lap and she scritches behind my ears and rubs my belly, if I let her reach it.

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.
What?? Just ONE thing?!? I hate the way Meowmy tries to dress me up and take pictures of me. (Christmas hats are itchy.)

I am tagging these friends:
rookie detective Indy (Catster #242020)
the gorgeous Reanan (Catster #675562)
Mietzi Katze with the kewl name ;) (Catster #937054)
Marley the doggie dandy (Dogster #927634)
and Zander the... dog (Dogster #1155291) ;)

Have fun, my furiends! Hope everyfur had a great Easter and is having a great week!


=^..^= Samson T. Hunter - the Aussie Kitty =^..^=



June 21st 2013 10:52 pm
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Greetings to all my long-suffering furiends on Catster!

Firstly I would like to explain why I have not been seen around in a while. That is in part because... we have bought a new house!! (cue the wild cheers... no? okay...) We are now madly packing to have everything ready fur the move in a few weeks. (And actually, the new house is only 15 minutes away, so it seems a waste to have to pack everything up just to move it 15 minutes down the long road and unpack it again.) This new house is closer into town, although it's older, so it will require a bit of fixing-up when we move in.

Another thing I'm blaming my absence from Catster on is the patchy internet connection lately, but that's another story and far too boring right now.

I will do a round of some of the groups today and try to get to some others later, so just bear with me pawlease. I will also need to temporarily paw-off some of my group responsibilities to somefur(s) else fur a while, so I will let respective furs know about that.

Other than that, there's not really much else to tell. Meowmy has opened a YouTube account and has uploaded my "Mahna Mahna" music video (in my Catster video book) and is currently editing my "Home Among the Gum Trees" music video (on my Catster profile page). She also found a video slideshow with pictures of Uncle Felix so she's uploaded that fur a few furiends. That's in the moments when the internet is holding out long enough to actually upload anything. If you're interested, the video (if it efur finishes uploading!) can be found at . Meowmy may upload it to Felix's Catster page so it can be found easier, but that's if the internet works fur long enough.

In case you're interested, Meowmy's YouTube account can be found at (cause she likes coffee and she likes cats, probably in that order).

I have also taken a look at my Google+ page, which I haven't actually really looked at before, and if you're interested in little tidbits of what I'm doing, pictures of me, when I'm likely to be back, and just how busy I am, go to my Google+ page at . If I have anything to share from now on, I'll probably be posting a quick note on there, or on the ShoutBox on my Catster page.

Enjoy your summer weather, my furiends, and think of your poor pal Down Here who is freezing his paws off. (This is why I spend so much time on Meowmy's catputer... literally!)

Samson T. "Stay-Home-Cause-It's-Too-Cold-To-Be-A" Hunter


My Gotcha Day already??

July 8th 2013 7:10 pm
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Thank you to all my wonderpurr furiends fur rememfuring my Gotcha Day when I furgot it! *embarrassed grin* Thanks fur all the rosies and wishes. Hard to believe that I've been on Catster fur ofur a year now! I haven't been around much lately, but as you know we've been packing to move. The people we're buying the house from were having a garage sale to get rid of some of their stuff, and we went and bought a few of their things, including their ride-on lawn mower which w're going to need to keep the grass down at this new place. It's got almost 2 acres of land, including a dam (which is dry at the moment - maybe we should call it "Lake Air"?) and an orchard with a few fruit trees, to which we'll be adding more when we move in. The packing is going slowly but surely, so hopefully we'll have it done in time fur Moving Day.

Guess what? Meowmy was talking to her mum and her mum's furiend the other day and they were talking about the stories and poems Meowmy likes to write sometimes, and Meomwy jokingly suggested that maybe she should put them all on a blog or something. That suggestion, joke though it was, was met enthusiastically and they all encouraged her to do just that. So... she's put most of her writings up on a website now and if you're interested, you can read it here: ** (She's a Star Trek fan, as you might notice on the site. *grin*) Some of her stories are Star Trek fanfiction, but most of the stuff on there is poems about cats. So if you want to read it, you know now where to find it.

That's about all that's "new" here, except fur Meomwy's constant complaining about the matted fur and multitude of burrs that she's always finding in my thick winter coat. They're a pain to get out (literally!).

Have a great day, my furiends!

Samson T. Hunter

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