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The Poco Press (all the news fit for a kitten)

Good News!

May 29th 2012 4:57 pm
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Hi Friends,
My feline leukemia antigen test came back negative! And my two sisters have tested negative also. Mom is confident that I am negative, although they want me to retest in 30 and 60 days.
I have icky things on my skin, and I have to stay in the bathroom. That ickyness will probably mean I am in here for awhile. My siblings all have to get baths too. They are not happy about this.
Dad takes me out on a leash every day so I can get some exercise. My room is small and not big enough for a growing baby like me!
Mom says she thinks I have some very special guardian angels, Angels Cats Taz and his heavenly wife Catsy. I sure hope so!
Purrs of Mom never thought she would think ringworm the lesser evil,
Poco Taz


Bad News

May 25th 2012 6:07 pm
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Hi Friends,
I went to the vet today and my doctor thinks I have ringworm. This means I must be locked away for a time and me and everyone in my house will have to get special baths. But what is even worse is that I tested positive for feline leukemia. They are sending out a second test and we hope this is a false positive.
Please purr for me and my family, my friends. We may not be on catster much for a while.
Kitten purrs of sadness and disbelief,
Poco Taz


New Life!

May 20th 2012 7:55 am
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My name is Poco, or Taz, or The Baby, or Mr. Baby. The people in this house call me all of these things!
I am from a house with lots of cats like me in a place called Sylvania, Ohio. I grew up with my Mom and my sisters and a nice lady to feed us. A week ago, my new Mom and Dad came to get me and we went for a trip in Dad's truck to my new home.
I was surprised to see how many different cats my new family has! There are fat ones, skinny ones, old ones and young ones! There is even a cat that speaks in a different language. The long haired lady looks like the cats in my home. I am following her around as I think she might like to be my cat mom.
There is lots of food and lots of soft place to sleep, and toys to play with. I just wish one of my new family would play with me. I don't think they know what to do with me. The one that speaks with an accent wanted to give me hot water all last week!!! MOL!!
I will let you know about my life as I get to know everything and everyone better.
Kitten purrs,
Poco Taz

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