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Adventures of a Shy Cat

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Update from home 10 days

September 16th 2013 8:16 am
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Hi all, I am doing really well! I am just about back to normal, playing with my lil bro Whitey. I haven't run any laps around the house really but no one seems to be worried about that it seems. When I got home I had to take meds 6X a day but now I am just down to 2X a day luckily, but it's nasty liquid, hopefully I get my pills soon!

I'm on an all wet food diet now, but I'm always hungry! From her research, mommy decided I can have 6-9 oz/day so I am on 6 with just a lil kibble with it in AM. But I am bugging mommy for more food by 9 AM which is new, so she is wondering if maybe I should be on more?? I love the wet food but it's almost like I am still on a diet!!

I got made a few DOTD while I was sick (thank you! Thank you!) I got sent a few pics with that too, I am still trying how to figure out how to get them into my info like mommy had seen on other profiles (not as a pic, but somehow in their "about me") ?

I have a follow up apt due with my cardio at Angell (read: $$$) I need blood, and echocardiogram and xray so today mommy applied at big hearts fund, fingers crossed!




September 5th 2013 3:21 pm
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Last day in CCU

September 5th 2013 9:43 am
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Well, mommy didn't visit me yesterday. The vet told her it was Ok to take a day off, and that since I am feeling better, it might depress me too, to see her and not go home. She saw me the day before though, and I looked so good she cried! Well, I didn't look great, still hadn't been eating but I GOT UP! I recognized her and came over to cuddle and they let her open the door to my oxygen cage. I also got my cardio results and I have Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which caused congestive heart failure :( the worst case the Dr said he has seen in years, oh my!

She was hoping to take me home lastnight but since they reduced my lasix (diuretic) there was no change in the fluid for my lungs. They strong armed her into another 24 hours in CCU with another X-ray and blood work. She begrudgingly agreed since I was still in oxygen. My lasix dose went back up and I finally ate something (after days!! They gave me something to make me hungry).

Mommy is really worried about $$ . My current bill (at scheduled check out of 36 hr) had already gone over the estimated high by 400 and another day cost another 700. Daddy basically said (he's paid for everything) that this is it. I think ... I hope, I don't get sick again.... Because there will be no more money spent on me (besides meds and regular checkups).



September 3rd 2013 7:39 am
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Thanks for everyone's purrs. They mean a lot.


Day #2 in hospital

September 3rd 2013 6:58 am
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Tonight will be 48 hrs in the hospital and on oxygen. I got my chest X-rays yesterday and there is a bit of fluid. They had just gotten back when mommy got there to visit so a radiologist had not seen them yet. The daytime Dr was much less concerned (compared to lastnight) my temp and heartbeat had shown *slight* improvement but both were still low. She just got lastnight/this am update and I am still in oxygen. But was what they called "comfortable" over night .. She found that hard to imagine. I am supposed to see a cardiologist today but I don't know how that will happen if they can't take me out of my cage :( theyve already delayed it once today because of that. I'm afraid mommy may be having a frank discussion of how long can kitties actually live on O2. What will happen if I never get in to see a cardiologist? What if I'm dying? I've heard my lil bro has been sleeping in the bed at home and I just want to get out of here and kick his butt!


In the hospital

September 2nd 2013 8:09 am
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Yesterday, I had a good check up. I got more fluids and my heartbeat was still low but my lungs were clear. I don't know what happened though, a few hours later I could not breathe at all! I was panting like a dog. After a few minutes of this off I was to the hospital. I made sounds in the car mommy didn't know we're possible. I wasn't happy. I got to the hospital and went into an oxygen cage. It wasn't helping much, I couldn't even get weighed. It got bad over night, but mom declined to put me on a respirator (she was cared I wouldn't wake up because of my low heart beat) she also declined to put me down. This morning I have shown slight improvement, so I feel as yucky when I came in. Not much of an improvement if you ask me! Im not responding to heart failure meds but one was just switched to an IV from in the muscle. They're hoping to get me into X-ray soon! They also said mommy is on her way in to visit. I just want to go home......


I am sick :(

September 1st 2013 6:30 am
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Mommy took me to the vet yesterday after 48 hrs of not eating. I got TWO enemas yuk gross!! I guess I was prettty plugged up and a lot came out! I also got fluids under my skin and I have a UTI the medicine is nasty!!!!! I'm home now but still not eating. Mommy has started forcing this liquid on me, it smells like cat food... I think it is but it's super watery and I get it like my medicine. The vet is coming over today to give me more fluids. Mommy is worried but I haven't puked which I guess is a good thing, I have been advised to see a cardiologist cause I have a low heart beat.100!! The vet is still waiting for the record from my old hospital to see if this is something I've had for a while. The only thing I like right now is water :(


New Cat!

March 19th 2013 8:15 am
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Check out what mom brought home lastnight! Oh yeah, a new cat too! We're getting along pretty good but mom hid him overnight for some reason. Said she didn't want us all alone quite yet. Anyways we couldnt wait to meet each other and were already running around the house playing like crazy. The humans said something about me needing more exercise? I don't know what that is! Anywyas, check out this pic of us playing this morning :)


"stray" (?) miss kitten update

November 13th 2012 8:39 pm
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This is an update in regard to a kitten/small cat which was potentially stray in my yard. I had left her outside because I suspected she had kittens. After another day she stopped coming around and I was so worried, since we had "Hurricane" Sandy followed a week later by 4" of snow.

My local animal control posted a picture of a "kitten" found on 11/8 in my neighborhood. The picture looks to match her but I wrote expressing my interest and asking to confirm if it was her by 2 small white marks in the grey fur.

Hopefully whoever found her doesn't want to take her in, so I can and hopefully it's her. There was no mention of kittens...


Hi, long time no see. I am here because I am looking for advice on how to positively identify a stray.
I had to rewrite this because I ran out of characters. While trying to lure another cat into my yard (he's been abandoned and I got him a spot in the shelter) I have been putting out a little food. Well, he hasn't been eating it (like I thought) but a tiny female. (this was the 3rd night feeding). She is 7-10 month kitten, or could be full grown, I cant tell. Light, 5-7 lb. Spine easily felt and ribs too. Hips stick out, dirty feet, small cut, could not identify flea dirt, too squirmy. doubtful of her stray status since she is SO AFFECTIONATE & purrs. I would have kept her inside but she either has kittens or is about to, nipples large and showing. I am wondering how to identify a stray with certainty. I have written the shelter but no reply yet. If she is a stray I will be hopefully, taking her in. (we weren't "planning" on a 2nd cat for 6 more months, but she does match criteria).


The VET?!

May 27th 2012 8:46 pm
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Well, two days ago my human noticed I had some poo stuck in my fur. Since it was the first time she noticed it, and my fur seems to be getting longer, and my butt wasn't swollen, I think she brushed it off as poor grooming >.<

Well tonight after I went to the litterbox she was horrified to see me drag my butt on the ground after. She looked again and there was poop!! She washed it the best she could and noticed sadly the old poo was still there too and now my butt is swollen. She tried to clean me up well but I was pretty feisty.

She had been putting off going to the vet until I was fully acclimated but I heard her telling someone she had gotten a referral to one from the shelter woman.

I'm still very active and affectionate and after 5 minutes I forgot the misery she had just put me through but she's still feeling worried and guilty. I hope I'm Ok.

Could it be from the new dry food I just started?


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